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Allen County Courthouse
301 N. Main Street
Lima, Ohio 45802


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1243
Lima, Ohio 45802

Hours of Operation
8:00am to 4:30am

Unclaimed Funds

Name Search:
Name Amount Check # Date Check Type
00-INF-665 00-INF-665 6.0051405010/04/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
00-INF-680 00-INF-680 6.0051598210/20/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
0LSON JOANN L 6.0055043208/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
360 COMMUNICATIONS 23.6273279010/03/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
5 POINT CLOGGERS 100.0069048310/04/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
87 INF 630 6.0043855601/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
87-INF-318 6.0061317510/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
89-INF-390 6.0041680703/19/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
92-INF-502 6.0055536304/29/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
924436 111694 74.5092443611/16/1994Allen County CSEA
95-INF=584 6.0070441202/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
96-INF=604 6.0070441302/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
97 INF 611 6.0072734008/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
98 INF 604 6.0043855701/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
98 INF 634 6.0043855801/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
98-INF-635 6.0047295210/26/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
98-INF-638 6.0042186608/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
98-INF-638 98-INF-638 6.0053475704/04/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
98-INF-641 6.0047295410/26/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
98-INF-647 6.0043684712/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
98-ING=646 6.0047295310/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
99-INF-656 6.0046072207/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
99-INF-663 99-INF=663 6.0052532001/17/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
A T & T A T & T 3.62896602/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
A T & T A T & T 40.5152484212/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
A T & T A T & T 21.5152483012/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
A T & T CORPORATION 14.5262566305/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
A T & T CORPORATION 14.5261818203/06/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
A t & T CORPORATION 14.5261816603/06/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
A T & T CORPORATION A T & T CORPORATION 60.2833923610/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
A-1 DOOR SPECIALITIE A-1 DOOR SPECIALITI 212.1052767102/01/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
A.RAY FRANK 15.005455303/10/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
AAB CHRISTY 6.0041053505/15/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
AAB RUSSELL 13.40252702/14/1992Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ABDULLAH AKIL 4.40585303/24/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ABDULLAH AKIL NMN 53.39944502/11/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ABERS HONESTY M 85.505672101/18/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENT 5.17329403/09/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ACCU-CUT CONSTRUCTIO 1000.0045250410/10/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ACHESON JOSEPH 8.5084726804/04/1994Allen County CSEA
ACKLES LASHONDA ET AL 7.750Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ACKLES MINNIE BELLE 1.12320105/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ACKLES MINNIE BELLE 1.01197908/19/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ACKLES QUENTIN ETAL QUENTIN ETAL 23.171138107/30/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ACORD HAROLD 11.2550809308/16/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
ACSOTA STEVEN 6.0063801606/15/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
ADAMS ANTWAIN LINK 36.61519910/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ADAMS BARRY LEE 39.14134912/18/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADAMS BRIAN B 6.0030426712/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
ADAMS BRIAN B 2.0046331003/28/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
ADAMS DAJUAN ET AL 4.83473005/31/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADAMS DAVID A 27.00189001/17/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ADAMS DEJUAN KELANI 14.14267208/12/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADAMS DEXTER 12.0043276507/20/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
ADAMS DIXIE 6.002277003/23/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ADAMS DOUGLAS JAMES 16.37572202/24/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADAMS DUSHUM R 10.58102208/15/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADAMS ERIC V 4.22338904/06/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADAMS JASON 6.0053825612/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
ADAMS RUBY 152.0098512305/05/1995Allen County CSEA
ADAMS SHIRLEY 4.06930207/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ADAMS TAMMY 6.0041207208/27/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ADKINS APRIL LYNN 1.83871506/04/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADKINS DAVID ETAL 8.08958203/31/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADKINS JOSHUA THOMAS 3.91148702/26/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ADKINS SAMANTHA 6.0053435002/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ADKINS TODD ET AL 10.33518009/30/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AFFINITY INSURANCE S 89.0060455710/29/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
AFLAC AFLAC 10.002902704/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
AFLAC AFLAC 10.002789810/01/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
AGIN MICHAEL J 6.7548760202/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
AGIN ROSANNE C 5.0050418507/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
AGIN ROSANNE C 12.3317228607/19/2000Allen County Payroll
AGLER CURTIS ANTHONY 15.49215512/09/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AGLER JAMIE 10.0043286103/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
AGLER JAMIE 6.0043651804/26/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
AGNER MITCH 6.0050753704/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
AGNEW KYLA 6.0036214304/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
AGOZZINO WENDY 25.004576310/04/1995Allen County CSEA
AGUIRRE TIM 6.0043121203/08/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
AHMAD ANOUTI 276.5147973007/18/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
AIRTOUCH CELLULAR/GR 91.0045550106/02/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
AKERS NOAH 6.0061654511/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ALAMEDA ROXANNE 4.33880608/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ALBERTS CHRISTOPHER 22.83828901/17/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALBERTS CHRISTOPHER A 14.29932412/12/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALBRIGHT MARGARET 26.7758913403/11/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ALDRICH CARL ANTHONY 1.21120602/26/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALDUCIN-TRUJILLO CORNELIO 4.00833802/01/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALEJO MIGUEL ET AL 4.69599504/28/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALESHIRE RENA 60.0043400803/30/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
ALEXANDER BARBARA 140.0050479904/02/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
ALEXANDER ERIC 6.0058816506/11/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
ALEXANDER HATTIE 200.0012456204/30/1996Allen County CSEA
ALEXANDER JAMIE 6.0055914510/11/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
ALEXANDER KARL 6.0045993707/09/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ALEXANDER KARL 6.0046573608/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ALEXANDER ROSE II 2.35287403/06/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALEXANDER SAUNDRA S 278.0034972910/31/1997Allen County CSEA
ALEXANDER SAUNDRA S 30.0034127503/15/1989Allen County CSEA
ALEXANDER SAUNDRA S. 29.4122744010/21/1987Allen County CSEA
ALEXANDER SHANE L 1.40161105/26/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALEXANDRA SAUNDRA S 30.0041040512/20/1989Allen County CSEA
ALFORD CHRIS ALLEN 6.0070863603/18/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
ALI MOHAMMAD 27.0037719608/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ALI MOHAMMED 26.0037843509/12/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ALL STATE INSURANCE CO. 55.35574008/24/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ALLEN ALICE 6.0073401310/17/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN CO BAR ASSOCIA ALLEN CO BAR ASSOCI 50.0037316707/27/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN CO DEM EX COMM ALLEN CO DEM EX COM 70.0054034804/26/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN CO DEM EX COMM ALLEN CO DEM EX COM 85.0038483911/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN CO REP EX COMM ALLEN CO REP EX COM 244.6951113206/09/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN CO SHERIFF 13.010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN CO SHERIFF ALLEN CO SHERIFF 6.44374011/30/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN CO SHERIFF OFF 25.160Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN CO TREASURER ALLEN CO TREASURER 0.0446424902/14/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN COUNTY CHILDREN SERVICES 27.2397977904/20/1995Allen County CSEA
ALLEN DERRY ETAL 50.811223903/29/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN EVELYN 17.9652893912/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN JEREMY 6.0034625712/06/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN JILL 6.0045687806/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN KENNETH MICHAEL 2.881017509/08/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN KRYSTAL 6.0041211208/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN LT 6.0055657005/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN PAULA 6.0073439910/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN PAULA 6.0073672911/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN PAULA 6.0073125409/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLEN PEGGY 6.003707204/30/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ALLEN RANDALL DUANE 8.54570002/21/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN RANDALL DUANE 40.001214310/19/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ALLEN SEAN ET AL 5.70541012/01/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLEN TIRE SERVICE ALLEN TIRE SERVICE 8.5055090807/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLOWAY TESTING INC ALLOWAY TESTING INC 35.0038328611/17/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLSUP AMANDA 6.0047243510/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLSUP WAYNE ETAL 8.09282910/01/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALLTEL ALLTEL 26.3653339103/15/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLTEL ALLTEL 35.5735862303/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ALLTEL CORP ALLTEL CORP 51.00945902/15/2008Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ALLTELL ALLTELL 11.98898402/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ALMARAZ-RUDOLFO JOSE 58.20452503/30/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ALTENBACH TERRY 6.0058893006/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
AMBROZA LORA 5.8862878505/23/2001Allen County CSEA
AMER ESCROW 41.57771407/09/2004Allen County Treasurers Warrant
AMERICA RICHO 63.44936311/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIA AMERICAN BAR ASSOCI 219.0049477012/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
AMERICAN ELECTRIC PO AMERICAN ELECTRIC P 156.7253866802/08/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
AMERICAN ESCROW AMERICAN ESCROW 28.05617107/24/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
AMERICAN MESSAGING AMERICAN MESSAGING 734.3337714908/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
AMERICAN MESSAGING AMERICAN MESSAGING 113.2938483211/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
AMERICAN MORTGAGE & INVESTMENT CO 63.10345107/12/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
AMERICAN TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH 16.98136107/21/1987Allen County Treasurers Warrant
AMERSON KEITH ETAL 16.60969904/30/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AMERSON KEITH LAMAR 1.301028310/07/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AMERSON ROSETTA 6.0061722502/26/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
AMIN SHAMA MD 6.0046327902/07/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
AMNSTRONG KEVIN 19.50409411/15/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AMSLER ADAM ET AL 3.66433201/31/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AMSLER AUSTIN 6.0062059903/20/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
AMSLER ET AL AUSTIN 2.36948902/27/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AMSTUTZ DENNIS DEAN 5.0030021211/21/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
AMSTUTZ GREG 12.0061875312/21/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON BETTY 6.0048430609/18/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON CALEB 6.0053774903/26/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON CURTIS L 6.0047615511/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON CURTR 6.0047243410/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON JARRET 6.0043244011/18/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON JARRETT JR 6.0043867901/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON JEWELL ETAL 3.87453003/31/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDERSON JEWELL ROBERT 25.51453604/04/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDERSON LOU ANN 108.00288603/07/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDERSON PERRY L 15.0054734407/02/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON ROBERT K 15.0035573903/08/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON ROSS 6.0047714406/24/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON ROSS ELLIOTE 3.00257407/02/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDERSON TONY 6.0042422205/17/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDERSON TONYA 6.0059852906/10/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDESON TIMOTHY 6.0051838911/13/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDREASIK JANE 6.0045268910/11/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ANDREWS JOANNE 6.0050058002/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDREWS RALPH H 25.0053294103/14/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
ANDREWS RODERICK ARVE 5.00648109/06/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDREWS TERRANCE EUGENE 1.11198809/27/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDREWS TERRENCE EUGENE 1.17623507/05/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANDREWS WOODROW 1.0665325206/29/1992Allen County CSEA
ANESTHESIA ASSOC OF 350.0044132702/05/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ANGEL DANIEL 6.0039507603/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ANGEL DANNY 6.0053435302/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ANGEL JOHN 6.0039125902/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ANGEL STEVEN 6.001626202/16/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ANGEL STEVEN ALLEN SR 41.591077602/17/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANGELES ANNIE 6.0060186710/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
ANGUIANO PEDRO BEDOLLA 16.00458404/19/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ANIGBIGU NIKOLI 2.50834910/18/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ANIGBOGU NIKOLI 39.10864804/07/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ANIGBOGU NIKOLI 6.00885309/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ANSPACH CATHY L 3.2411446908/19/1998Allen County Payroll
ANSPACH CATHY L 4.0917378108/02/2000Allen County Payroll
ANSWER OHIO INC ANSWER OHIO INC 44.1331032802/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ANSWER OHIO INC ANSWER OHIO INC 25.8831036302/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ANSWER OHIO INC ANSWER OHIO INC 84.83302/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ANTALIS GREG 82.50892901/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ANTALIS GREGORY M. 18.001030209/18/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ANTALIS GREGORY M. 75.00119906/19/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ANTHONY CHRIS G 6.0066108901/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
APKING STEVEN GREGOR 1.08499908/12/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
APPLE TERRY J 18.0042343805/10/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
APPRAISAL INST 99.5045639502/06/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
ARCHER CHASE 6.003962301/16/2003Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ARCHER CHASE PHILLIP 7.001076302/12/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARCHER GARY 6.0067070504/05/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
ARCHER SUZANNE 5.0043129311/10/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
ARDNER DONNY 6.0063156604/25/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
ARGUETA FERNANDO GARCIA 40.15373707/19/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARMENTROUT BILL 6.0056427507/14/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
ARMENTROUT SHANNA 12.5016621908/14/1996Allen County CSEA
ARMENTROUT SHANNA 25.0013582605/29/1996Allen County CSEA
ARMENTROUT STEVE 6.0058451001/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ARMSTEAD ERIC 6.0054897707/20/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ARMSTEAD FELICIA 5.22679311/30/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARMSTEAD FELICIA RENE 12.61244411/30/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARMSTEAD JUANITA 105.4635514102/18/1998Allen County Payroll
ARMSTRONG BRIAN ETAL 7.81378807/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARMSTRONG CHARLES 4.30140601/15/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARMSTRONG DAVID 4.602072008/05/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ARMSTRONG DENISE 20.6595967202/24/1995Allen County CSEA
ARMSTRONG DENISE 49.0092070211/04/1994Allen County CSEA
ARMSTRONG DENISE ARL 25.25556101/17/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARMSTRONG GINGER 6.0042184208/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
ARMSTRONG R W 50.0045095712/14/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
ARNETT CALVIN 6.0047793406/27/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ARNOLD A V 3.00561106/15/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ARNOLD CAMMIE 6.0041598310/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ARNOLD JASON ET AL 6.61574102/28/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ARNOLD JUNE 1.00182807/06/1989Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ARNOLD NICOLE 170.0087729707/01/1994Allen County CSEA
ARNOLD NICOLE 21.6488141107/14/1994Allen County CSEA
ARRICK CHARLES 6.0030382212/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
ARRICK JASMINE 6.0041632410/12/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ARRICK JASMINE 6.0051963309/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
ART TRISHA L 60.0038660109/20/1989Allen County CSEA
ART TRISHA L 60.0039002010/04/1989Allen County CSEA
ARTHUR CONNIE 98.2849091811/12/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ARTHUR GEORGE 15.00732712/05/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
ARTHUR GREGORY LYNN 15.0038655012/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ARTHUR JOSEPH 6.0043119203/08/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
ARTIS SYLVIA 64.506085911/14/1995Allen County CSEA
ARTIS SYLVIA 64.506388711/22/1995Allen County CSEA
ASH DEBRA 1.6621922112/26/1996Allen County CSEA
ASH DEBRA 0.2391419610/17/1994Allen County CSEA
ASHFORD NAWAKA M 60.0050482504/02/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
ASIS INTERNATIONAL ASIS INTERNATIONAL 20.0046715703/17/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ASKINS AMY 6.0050943005/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
ASKINS ET AL JOSHUA 4.46933312/31/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ASKINS JOSHUA DAN 1.23904509/17/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ATHEY ROBERT 6.0040700704/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
ATKESON CHERYL 6.0052324812/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
ATKINS DWAYNE GLEN 1.481068301/25/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ATKINS JAMES LEE 42.54340504/14/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ATKINS KAREN 127.9662258502/03/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
ATKINSON BRYCE W 10.0060776509/09/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ATKINSON BRYCE W 15.0062184304/01/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
AUCKER LOIS 112.0075390006/08/1993Allen County CSEA
AUCKER LOIS 56.0074948905/25/1993Allen County CSEA
AUCKER LOIS 84.0074251005/03/1993Allen County CSEA
AUCKER LOIS 56.0071642802/04/1993Allen County CSEA
AUGLAIZE CO SHERIFF 6.1055887410/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
AUGLAIZE CO SHERIFF AUGLAIZE CO SHERIFF 16.7052454912/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
AUGLAZE CCSEA 39.2225913103/16/1988Allen County CSEA
AUGSBURGER JOSH PTL 6.0031596003/30/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
AUGSBURGER JOSH PTL 6.0031597103/30/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
AULT BETH 4.8255495809/06/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
AUSTGEN CATHERINE 1591.470Allen County Probate Court
AUSTIN AMBER 6.0040649507/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
AUSTIN BERNARD ANTHONY 2.501008808/14/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN CASTSONOVA 6.0061285401/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
AUSTIN DORTHY MAE 4.61770008/14/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN ETAL IVORY 27.901093804/12/1010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN IVORY LEE 1.09505208/31/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN JEFF ET AL 5.670Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN QUENTIN ETAL 2.70442602/28/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN ROBERT 6.0058450101/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
AUSTIN RONALD LAMONT 145.85725106/02/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
AUSTIN STEVE 6.0052373Allen County Clerk Of Courts
AUSTIN STEVEN 6.0060417408/03/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
AUSTIN VICTOR HENRY 2.00880206/30/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUSTIN VISTOR HENRY 2.00727504/19/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AUTO DISPOSAL SYSTEMS INC 8.0240061412/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
AUTOBODY BY SCHUMAKER 88.2746265303/22/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
AVERETT KATRELA NICOL 1.05136212/26/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AVERY BARBAE 75.0076074006/30/1993Allen County CSEA
AVERY GIAN 5.75776708/31/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AVERY MATTHEW ETAL 8.03256507/01/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AVERY TOM 6.0045820006/25/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
AVILA CONSTANCE W 27.0051898506/18/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
AWAD HEIDRUN 50.0042725010/07/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
AYERS JACLYNN MAY 1.121091103/24/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
AZZEZ KAYODE 6.00602564Allen County Accounts Payable
B P OIL CO B P OIL CO 594.302957503/22/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BABCOCK RANDY 6.0063610707/29/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BABER REBECCA S 1.2946934309/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BACOME JACQUELINE 80.0046893609/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BACOME THOMAS 10.79397309/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BADER GREGORY E 15.0040686107/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BADER LARRY 6.0060672608/26/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BADER LARRY 6.0061015809/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BADER LARRY 6.0060311910/22/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BADER LARRY 6.002884702/29/2008Allen County Probate Court
BADER LARRY GENE JR 2.75967804/24/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BADERTSCHER TIMOTHY ET AL 7.34213112/02/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAGLEY ANTHONY ONEAL 12.15456404/12/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAGLEY ANTHONY ONEIL 9.50914810/27/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAGLEY BRUCE ANTHONY 1.36489607/14/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAGLEY MONTRESE 41.0054864Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BAGLEY MONTRESE LAMAR 1.951092503/29/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAGLEY QUINNTEL 3.87357505/28/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAGLEY SHAWNDALE ET AL 7.63484806/30/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAILEY CORRIE E 15.0051203006/17/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BAILEY DARIN D 15.0042512709/18/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BAILEY DEBORAH 6.0049436004/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BAILEY JESSICA 6.0044247706/21/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BAILEY MARK WARD 1.68482006/27/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAILEY PAULA 60.0032369012/30/1988Allen County CSEA
BAILEY PAULA 75.0033389002/15/1989Allen County CSEA
BAILEY ROBERT ERVIN 47.69129311/28/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAILEY STEVEN LEWIS 3.49366106/25/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAINTREASE ANGELICA 6.0049378312/01/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BAJWA RAJBIR MD 6.0050274803/12/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER ANTHONY 35.9126113904/09/1997Allen County CSEA
BAKER ANTHONY 35.9125832804/02/1997Allen County CSEA
BAKER ANTHONY 35.2125583403/27/1997Allen County CSEA
BAKER BRANDON 6.0043651104/26/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER CAROLE 25.0011575704/08/1996Allen County CSEA
BAKER CONNIE 6.92724008/11/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER DANIEL L 10.0070170301/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER DONNIE 6.0066393402/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER FRANK E 6.0068719009/06/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER IVAN 4.09244111/29/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAKER IZEL 6.0073920211/25/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER JEREMY 6.0030998502/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER JEREMY 6.0031626904/02/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER JOHN ETAL 21.011115606/17/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAKER JOSHUA JAMES 1.90143904/20/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAKER JUSTIN 6.0045271210/11/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BAKER JUSTIN 6.0045478510/31/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BAKER JUSTIN 6.0047458305/27/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER LORETTA KAY 13.001861112/03/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BAKER MARTHA 21.0038622312/13/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER MISTY ETAL 21.321162509/30/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAKER NEAL D. 22.60131511/18/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BAKER PAUL DAVID 54.26626307/11/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAKER TERRA 6.0050430502/27/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER TIMOTHY A 9.31297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAKER WARREN 6.0071759405/29/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BAKER WILLIAM T 15.0041587010/05/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BALDRIDGE FREDA 4.00193801/17/1990Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BALDRIDGE FREDA 80.0049088809/08/1998Allen County CSEA
BALL BRANDIS ET AL 5.03505708/31/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BALL BRANDIS ETAL 4.71529810/31/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BALL DARRELL PTL 6.0048302008/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BALL JASHAWN 6.0055126208/03/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BALL JASON 6.0047596406/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BALL JASON ETAL 31.191026410/01/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BALL MICHAEL 1.57912904/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BALL MICHAEL D 10.0055216903/30/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BALL NICOLE M 5.003895511/06/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BALL SUSAN 6.0053828503/31/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BALLEW ANDREA 6.0040651207/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BALLINGER GARRETT 6.0050398507/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BALLINGER GARRETTE 9.4320127709/01/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BALYEAT ANDREW C. 31.00869505/25/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BALYEAT ROBERT 10.005459103/13/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BALYEAT WILLIAM B 6.002266403/12/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BAME JASON 6.0057853703/22/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BANC ONE MORTGAGE 7.89343207/06/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BANISTER JOSHUA 6.0054389505/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BANK OF AMERICA BANK OF AMERICA 16.44545702/04/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BANKERT SAMUEL 4.57483602/17/1999Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BANKS BALDWIN LAW PUBL CO 174.5153968212/11/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BANKS BESSIE 1.16690202/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BANKS CHARLES 30.0040738412/08/1989Allen County CSEA
BANKS CHARLES 9.2235583805/17/1989Allen County CSEA
BANKS FARLEY K 44.0054020Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BANKS JOHNNIE 6.0052072007/06/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BANKS KIM 3.15668507/22/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BANKS MIMJA 6.0038838712/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BANKS NICOLE 13.8452148511/09/1998Allen County CSEA
BANKS NICOLE VERNELL 240.00105608/23/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BANKS NOEL 45.0062907909/19/2002Allen County CSEA
BANKS NOEL MATHEW 2.75843503/05/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BANKS ROGER N SR 5.751991905/08/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BANKS TENNILE CHAVON 36.00501008/18/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BANKS-WEAVER REW A 6.0041050708/16/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BANNER II JOHN EDWIN 27.30170705/21/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARAN MARK L 150.716469409/16/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BARBARA SPAULDING L 9.0043830508/29/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BARBER TRACY 72.003680011/01/2008Allen County Juvenile Court
BARDO JOEY ALLEN 3.00588503/31/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARDO JOHN RICHARD 3.45574403/01/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARGAINNIER KELLY 6.0052086509/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BARGEN INC. 5.00322807/29/1994Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BARHORST SHAWNA ELAINE 5.37144602/05/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARKER MARY L ETAL 19.330Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARKER NICOLE 5.9612620405/18/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BARKER NICOLE L 3.4813577009/07/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BARKER THERESA M 36.0046271901/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BARKSDALE AARON 6.0042214911/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNES AMBER 6.0054797307/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNES MICHELLE 6.0039795104/14/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNES OMAR 10.491003807/31/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARNES TONNY ST 15.001107305/12/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARNETT ALICE 2.201106505/10/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARNETT ANTHONY 5.980Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARNETT ARTHUR 13.36223102/08/1991Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BARNETT BILLIE RAY 1.99373207/16/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARNETT BRUCE DR 6.0054807407/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNETT CARLA 6.0060493008/12/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNETT CARLA 6.0031473403/19/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNETT CARLA 6.0060603708/19/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNETT JOHN 6.0057888011/29/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNETT NICOLE 71.0561932703/13/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNETTE ANDREA LATRICE 2.121066801/20/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARNEY CHAD 6.0049491212/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNEY STEPHANIE 6.0049490712/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BARNHORST SHAWNA ELAINE 5.37144602/05/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BARRETT JANET 340.60140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
BARRETT MARCHALLO 6.0039883304/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BARRETT TPR 6.0055077503/24/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BARRETT VALERIE 6.0064462108/16/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BARRETT VERA 85.15140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
BARRY CHRISTOPHER C 25.0728309607/26/1995Allen County Payroll
BARRY DAVE 6.0052066207/06/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BARRY PTL CHRIS 6.0036285505/05/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BARTELS N SHANNON 18.005984509/10/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BARTELS N SHANNON 22.003625802/08/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BARTELS N SHANNON 34.902124610/07/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BARTELS SUSAN 5.00730011/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BARTH JOSEPH T 24.0042657505/30/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BARTLEY BRENDA 6.0044710703/26/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BARTLEY BRENDA S 6.0045022804/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BARTLEY MICHELLE 6.0040647407/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BASINGER BETH 6.0066773103/18/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BASINGER BRANDON J 3.03541112/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BASINGER JAMIE 6.0049455112/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BASINGER JAMIE DAVID 5.56256212/27/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BASINGER LYNN 9.4046174807/23/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BASINGER PAUL 0.3662886905/30/2001Allen County CSEA
BASINGER TIFFANY A 59.5121019209/12/2001Allen County Payroll
BASS PENNIE 15.0097425404/05/1995Allen County CSEA
BASS PENNIE DELORIS 10.0054293805/14/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BASSITT SAM D 7.3838013809/20/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BATES AMY 6.0061250110/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BATES CLINTON ETAL 5.60656709/29/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BATES DAVID D 5.17235311/10/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BATES JAMES 6.0062825303/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BATES JAMES R 19.3019769109/09/1992Allen County Payroll
BATES LARRY 11.00387408/31/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BATES RYAN 6.0069393511/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BATH FOOTBALL MOMS 35.0065218010/27/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BATTLE JAMES E 782.482254903/04/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BATTLE LISA 9.99879107/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BATTLE TAMMY 6.0053801103/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BATTLES DENISE 6.0055125108/03/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BATTY MARK 6.0057013709/03/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BAUER MARGARET 156.865972111/21/1984Allen County CSEA
BAUGH CHRISTOPHER S 1.003455809/04/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BAUGHMAN AMI 6.00863503/28/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BAUGHMAN LIMDA 6.0061520002/12/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BAUMAN DEBORAH KAY 2.6644343802/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BAUMGARTE CAROL 6.0032492106/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BAXTER COREY ALAN 8.00927512/08/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAYES CECIL 6.0042780502/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BAYES CHARLES 6.0067524705/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BAYES TIMMY NMN 2.00934401/05/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BAZELL KELLY 52.4661340402/06/1992Allen County CSEA
BEACH RHONDA D 60.0063297707/01/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BEAM SUSAN E 30.0052514001/16/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BEAN MICHAEL L 1.8012853106/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BEAN MICHAEL LYNN JR 3.001036410/27/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEAR JASON ETAL 7.99266308/03/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEAR SARAH M 10.0068603908/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BEASLEY CORY R 61.5824544910/09/2002Allen County Payroll
BEAUFORD BRENDA 6.0066053801/17/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BEAUPRE MARILYN. 6.0060224810/10/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BECK MICHAEL J 15.053025905/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BECK VALERIE 6.0045892006/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BECK VALERIE 2.95362402/09/1996Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BECKER JOHN A 45.0054228Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BECKER JOHN AUSTIN 1.47477306/10/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BECKER STEPHEN L 18.002422008/28/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BECKER STEPHEN L 24.003209612/06/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BECKETT JOHN 6.005112309/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BECKMAN BARRY 6.0033355408/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BEEBE JUDITH R 15.0056252211/08/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BEELER BRANDON 6.0051029705/27/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BEEMER DEBRA 6.0073932211/25/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BEERS BRENT JASON 106.00194309/04/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEERS BRENT JASON 3.51333503/22/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEGG JAY 6.0048556902/15/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BEGGIN M A 12.64719807/11/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BEGLEY NANCY 6.0054176105/07/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BEIDLESCHEIS CINDY 6.0042001311/15/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BEILHARZ ANN 42.0045806606/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BEILHARZ VIRGINIA 6.0068947409/25/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BEILHARZ VIRGINIA 6.0041292606/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BEINING CHARLES 6.0034274111/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BEINING MATT 6.0059964706/22/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BEINSHEIN KELLY 5.58319001/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BELL CARMEN R 28.00869210/21/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BELL CO DIST CLERKS OFF 7.506060211/28/1984Allen County CSEA
BELL DAVID 6.0044427003/05/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BELL DAVID 6.0044797008/21/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BELL EDWARD JERMAINE 1.05315701/21/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BELL EDWARD JERMAINE 1.41280809/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BELL FEADORA 2.002095509/04/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BELL JOHN P II 6.0054959207/20/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BELL MICHAEL 6.0030440112/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BELLAMY BRYAN R 6.0059505008/13/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BELLMAN RODNEY 6.0070162101/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BELTON LINDSAY ET AL 11.000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BENDELE LISA 6.0052070407/06/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BENDELE LISA 21.6718989204/08/1987Allen County CSEA
BENDER R0BERT PTL 6.0057171302/04/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BENDER ROB 6.0042131508/14/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BENHAM ANGELA 518433 6.0051843308/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BENJAMIN BONNIE 1.0038609712/13/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BENJAMIN ERIC D 45.0039243303/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BENJAMIN JESSICA 6.0061268601/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BENJAMIN MUZETTE 6.0047018405/24/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
BENNET ARVID LUCIUS 4.00406911/02/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BENNETT BRETT 6.0058675505/23/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BENNETT HEATHER RENEE 15.60220601/07/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BENNETT SHERYL 6.0054002404/22/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BENNINGTON STEVEN 75.0095408402/08/1995Allen County CSEA
BENROTH SCOTT A 44.006386507/15/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BENSHOFF 120.970Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BENSHOFF 120.980Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BENSON MICHAEL 6.0046939404/01/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BENSON TINA 6.0049456612/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTLEY LANCE 6.0039849904/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTLEY LANCE STE 8.37747406/11/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BENTLEY RANDY 30.6088191107/15/1994Allen County CSEA
BENTON CECIL 6.0070005912/27/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0034938912/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0041843710/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0033974010/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0032962307/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0031705604/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0030998402/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0030893002/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0030884102/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0030605601/27/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0030494612/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0050692508/04/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN 6.0046985909/28/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTON KEVIN AGENT 6.0051848111/13/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTWOOD RESTAURANT 4.2572798708/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BENTZ RONALD SCOTT 1.72998507/21/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERENDSEN AUBRY 6.0042773106/11/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BERENDSEN MELANIE 86.6781450712/20/1993Allen County CSEA
BERG MATTHEW ALLEN 1.47168105/10/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERG MATTHEW ALLEN 1.47168105/10/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERG MATTHEW ALLEN 1.63221601/13/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERGDALL TIFFANY 6.0030380412/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BERGDALL TIFFANY 6.0030147812/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BERGDORF MICHAEL A 20.0068812709/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BERGER DIANE 6.0071431405/07/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BERGER DO MARK 45.0045077809/20/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BERGER KAKRI 6.0051602710/20/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BERNA STEPHANIE 6.0039837704/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BERNARDINO THOMAS 9.00883609/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BERNING AMBER M 31.5721387510/24/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BERNNEMAN RYAN J 60.0050279206/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BERRY CHRIS 6.0038829112/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BERRY CHRIS RANGER 6.0063987508/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BERRY JOHN STEVEN 48.05198308/23/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERRY LARRY L 6.0040702304/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BERRY WALTER 25.20268501/24/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERRYMAN ELIZABETH 94.190Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BERTSCH JOHN 24.0044695508/13/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BESS JAMES ROLAND 3.07469105/17/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BESS MOLLIE 6.0057967804/02/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BEST EUGENE L 10.0070390902/07/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BEST MICHAEL 6.0030660601/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BEST TAMMY 4.50720703/30/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEST TIFFANY 6.0054729507/01/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BETSCHER LAURIE 6.0048318101/27/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BETTINA MARSHALL 25.7511237012/06/1989Allen County Payroll
BETTINGER AMANDA KAY 6.0048210001/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BETTS KENT M 10.0063353005/04/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BETTS MICHAEL C O 6.0053768404/24/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BETZ JANE S 10.0074752502/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BETZ LARRY EUGENE 10.0067716706/05/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BEUHLER BRANDON 6.0044344706/29/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BEUTLER STEVEN PTL 6.0045180610/02/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BEUTLER STEVEN PTL 6.0045178910/02/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BEVERLY DANAESHA S 6.00678911/30/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEVIS ANDREA 6.0044812204/07/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BEVIS ASIA 6.0044812304/07/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BEVIS VICTOR 6.0044812104/07/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BEZEAU MICHAEL JAAMES 7.34559201/24/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BEZEAU MICHAL JAAMES 1.16572602/27/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BHLACK AMBER 6.005867806/08/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BI MONITORING CORP 757.0071073104/03/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BIBLE R. J. 2.12303401/27/1994Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BIBLE ROBERTA 1.24348207/14/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BIBLE TIMOTHY 1.47283705/13/1993Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BICE JUDITH LEE 6.9564868309/22/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BICE SUZANNE H 21.4118623305/20/1992Allen County Payroll
BICKEL JAMES ET AL 7.950Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BICKHAM ROBERTA 40.6283663902/28/1994Allen County CSEA
BICKNELL CINDY JAN 15.003026305/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BICKNELL VIOLA 17.803026705/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BIEDERMAN DALE JR 25.0050709508/04/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BIEDERSTEDT ED S/A 18.0030370812/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BIG A AUTO PARTS 440.004097305/29/2003Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BIG A AUTO PARTS BIG A AUTO PARTS 250.003574812/14/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BIG A AUTO PARTS BIG A AUTO PARTS 325.004593307/20/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BIG A AUTO PARTS BIG A AUTO PARTS 300.005046508/22/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BIG A AUTO PARTS BIG A AUTO PARTS 300.003208712/06/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BIG OAK FARMS BIG OAK FARMS 2.00566907/14/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BINGHAM OLIVIA M 15.0039240503/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BINGMON CARLA 6.0058671805/23/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BINKLEY ANGELA 110.5512539405/02/1996Allen County CSEA
BINKLEY BRENDA 6.00969808/02/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BINKLEY BRIAN T 30.0057519702/26/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BINKLEY CATHIE A 20.0060780309/09/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BINKLEY JUSTIN 17.531102004/26/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BINKLEY LEIGHANA 6.0043867001/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BINKLEY SUSAN 120.0085643505/02/1994Allen County CSEA
BIRD SALLY 23.0817687709/10/1996Allen County CSEA
BIRKEL MARY 10.0012881005/10/1996Allen County CSEA
BIRKEMEIER C MICHAEL 19.87689102/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BIRMINGHAM BARBARA 6.0040963808/09/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BIRT SHANE 6.0041852110/31/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BISCHOFF JULIE 6.0030429912/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BISH WALT 6.0061609311/23/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BISH WALTER 12.0072227207/10/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BISH WALTER 6.0048190301/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP HARLEY LEROY 4125.720Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BISHOP HEATHER L 6.0049817805/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP KURT 1.88556804/12/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BISHOP MARK 6.0047297510/26/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP MARK 6.0045023304/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP MARK PTL 6.0052685701/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP MARK PTL 6.0046073807/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP STEPHANIE 6.0042567012/27/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BISHOP TYLER WADE 20.871089503/19/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BISHOP WES 6.0047298206/14/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
BISS JOHN 30.0042811202/12/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BISS SUSAN 23.9042770102/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BISS SUSAN 30.0042815302/12/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BISS SUSAN 135.4844501207/19/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BISSON PATRICK ROBERT 2.65622706/30/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BITTINGS THERESA 5.7560270605/07/1999Allen County CSEA
BITTINGS THERESA 1.9259831704/27/1999Allen County CSEA
BITTINGS THERESA 1.9254533801/04/1999Allen County CSEA
BITTINGS THERESA 5.7553635012/14/1998Allen County CSEA
BITTINGS THERESA 5.9353442012/08/1998Allen County CSEA
BITTINGS THERESA 11.8652343011/16/1998Allen County CSEA
BIVENS DEMETRIUS 6.0040646207/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BLACK ALMARINA MARIE 15.0049874101/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BLACK MITCH 6.0048496309/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BLACK WILLIAM 6.0074126112/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BLACKBURN JANET RAE 10.0041284206/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BLACKBURN WADE T 2.87297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BLACKMON ANNIE CORINE 50.006082212/03/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BLACKWELL DELILAH 6.0046219207/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BLADEN CAYNE ERIC 2.70925012/02/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BLADEN JOHN JOSEPH 10.00492607/25/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BLAIR JAMES F. 7.35106110/28/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BLAIR JAMES F. 69.301135111/27/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BLAIR MELANIE 6.0034083610/26/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKE DONNA 6.0054450606/01/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKE DONNA 6.0039527103/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKE DONNA 6.0037959909/19/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKE DONNA 6.0035391502/22/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKE DONNA 6.0045342905/14/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKE R BARRY 4.5974638202/06/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BLAKENSHIP ARTHUR 6.0063217604/27/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BLANCHARD VALLEY HEA 38.3445485705/21/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BLANCHARD VALLEY HOS 74.5862332304/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BLANCHARD VALLEY HOS 372.9063201806/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BLANCHARD VALLEY HOS 149.1664094703/20/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BLANCHARD VALLEY HOS 138.4656932912/21/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BLANKENSHIP KENN 5.00297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BLANKENSHIP KENNETH DALE 1.30297111/12/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BLANTON JAMES 70.0088435807/25/1994Allen County CSEA
BLATZ JUSTIN 6.0046787203/24/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BLEVINS MARION S 10.0045565602/05/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
BLOCKER FRANK 1.80608407/03/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BLOUGH RICHARD 6.0040078605/11/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BLUE CROSS & BLUE SHIELD 407.20511507/06/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BLY JOSHUA 6.0039906804/24/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BLY TIM 6.0043420504/03/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BLYE BRANDONIA 3.001012708/26/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOB BARKER COMPANY I BOB BARKER COMPANY 89.1048509809/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOB BARKER COMPANY I BOB BARKER COMPANY 25.1248509709/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BOCOOK STEPHEN 6.0032106305/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOCOOK STEPHEN 6.0030686201/30/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOCOOK STEPHEN 6.0030665101/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOCOOK STEPHEN M 190.70724506/02/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BODAY DEBRA 6.0064565910/22/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BODDIE SOLENTO 6.0065676311/29/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BODINE JOHN 6.0074236812/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BODINE WILLIAM 4.79824907/18/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BODING BILL 6.0038079009/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BOEDECKER TIMOTHY ED 11.32707102/27/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOEDICKER MELLINDA 6.0069019710/04/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BOEDICKER RONNIE JAY 15.0036309405/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BOEHM JASON FREDRICK 3.91765508/01/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOERGER RAE 50.0031198011/09/1988Allen County CSEA
BOGART CHAD 6.0048296908/20/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOGART JAMES WADE 64.61227011/02/5199Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOGGS 6.0059571205/13/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BOGGS DEBORAH 6.0050055502/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BOGGS KANDY L 15.0048207301/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BOGGS PENNY K 10.0066389702/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BOGLE JAMES ROBERT JR 10.321060501/05/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOHLE KELLY 6.0069700712/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BOHMER JANET K 6.0031434603/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOK JOAL M 40.0025461502/24/1988Allen County CSEA
BOK JOAL M 40.0025918203/16/1988Allen County CSEA
BOLDEN GREGORY A 3.00251312/14/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOLDEN JAMES LEE 12.70178807/01/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOLDEN MICHAEL 84.0053503611/05/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BOLDEN MICHAEL 20.0053643511/17/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BOLLING PAT 6.0060707008/30/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BOLLINGER JASON 6.0033973510/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOLOTIN SAMUEL G 150.003788107/17/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOLTIN SAMUEL G. 20.0097310/22/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOLTZ ALICE 49.024564910/04/1995Allen County CSEA
BONANNO AARON ANTHONY 6.80362706/16/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BONIEAS HELEN T 10.0042675006/05/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BONIFAS WILLIAMS LAURA 36.0046216901/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BONITO KELLY 6.0056749608/10/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BONNER ORENTHAL 6.0035017601/24/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BONVILLIAN BEN 6.0044838708/27/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BOONE JESSICA 6.0059476908/09/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOONE JESSICA 6.0059479608/09/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOP ANN 37.0099585406/02/1995Allen County CSEA
BOOP JAMIE 5.00675511/04/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOP JENNIFER R 4.1732907404/02/1997Allen County Payroll
BOOP JOE OFF 6.0053775603/26/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOTH BARBARA 6.0040888812/26/1989Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOTH CARYN 6.0031987105/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOTH CARYN 6.0046408502/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOTH JASON 6.0060184010/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOOTHBY MICHAEL 6.0055573805/05/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BORGER RODNEY 6.0063008404/12/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BORGER THERESA 6.0051340806/29/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BORGERDING DEBORAH L 6.002364806/25/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BORGERT JIM 6.0053652904/13/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BORN JOSEPHINE 1.42896908/13/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOROFF BETTY 6.0030852202/11/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF BETTY 6.0032100805/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF BETTY L 15.0046982903/26/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF BETTY L 15.0046412302/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF JAIMAY 6.0035390102/22/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF LESLIE 6.0061273510/26/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF LINDA 6.0074764602/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF MICHAEL 6.0054608006/18/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF STAN 6.0032960307/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF STAN 6.0030887102/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF STAN 6.0031711704/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF STANLEY JR ET AL 4.50248905/30/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOROFF TAMMY 6.0030376312/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF TAMMY 6.0030226712/09/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROFF TAMMY 6.0030893202/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOROSKI MARILEE C 10.003567512/10/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOROSKI MARILEE C 69.003169510/20/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOSHER DON 6.0055881410/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BOTKIN ROBYN 6.0037472308/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BOTT CHARLES ALLEN 3.13292603/14/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOTT LINDA 1.12581801/02/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BOURDAGE KYLE 6.0046147901/18/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOUTWELL HOWARD C. 20.001122811/17/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOUYER RICHARD DARRY 3.20846503/17/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOWDLE GERALDINE 4.0055714805/13/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWE BRANDI 6.0033829110/04/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWEN CINDY 6.00726606/03/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWEN DESHAWN LAMAR 1.56446303/11/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOWEN LAURA 35.00126706/06/1995Allen County CSEA
BOWENS DESHAWN 133.001121406/15/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOWERMAN ROBERT & BETTY A & A 1.0044529803/12/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS CAROL 6.0068185307/19/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS CHRIS 25.0051725106/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS DENNY 6.0062495904/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS DENNY LYNN 1.13632007/24/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOWERS DOUGLAS L 4.00537111/22/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS DUSTIN DOUGLAS 1.68382408/12/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOWERS JUDY 148.0039001502/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS LINDA 1.34642702/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS MARILUANN 6.0051297905/05/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERS MARY 11.5462881105/23/2001Allen County CSEA
BOWERSOCK BILL 6.30715705/28/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWERSOCK BILL 26.50715805/28/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWERSOCK BILL 4.00715905/28/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWERSOCK BILL 23.00716305/28/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWERSOCK GREG 6.0044767611/19/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERSOCK GREG PTL 6.0044659008/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERSOCK GREG PTL 6.0046517702/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERSOCK GREG PTL 6.0047806306/30/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERSOCK GREGORY PTL 6.0044740203/31/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWERSOCK WILLIAM L 77.006381107/09/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWERSOCK WILLIAM L 84.006481709/25/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BOWLER DOROTHY M 2.0057729011/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWMAN JOHN CHRISTOPHER 16.00564202/06/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOWMAN KATHLEEN 6.0037040307/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWMAN MIKE 6.0052041606/29/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWMAN PAUL 6.0044344106/29/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWSERSOCK ED 6.0057155909/17/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWSHER CURTIS 6.0041344809/14/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWSHER CURTIS A 15.0032025805/07/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWSHER ROBERT 6.0057855203/22/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWSHER SHARI 6.0052263810/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWSHER STEVEN A 1519.556568412/09/2004Allen County Probate Court
BOWYER HOPE 6.0063434405/12/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BOWYER HOPE 6.0063431405/12/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYCE REGINA R 6.0067992307/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYD ANTHONY 6.0074676102/11/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYD DENISE E 4.7574625102/06/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYD KYMBERLYNN 6.0056992801/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYED MARK 14.1711467501/03/1990Allen County Payroll
BOYED MARK 3.94337003/31/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BOYED STEPHEN 6.0053878304/06/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYED STEVE 6.0054744607/02/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BOYER JANICE 40.005068409/07/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BP AMACO CORPORATION 1544.1862323804/09/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BP AMACO CORPORATION 2861.7762169103/27/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BP AMOCO BP AMOCO 18.0136985106/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BP OIL CO 180.004102706/03/2003Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRABANT BRENDA 6.0050199802/11/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BRACY GREG 6.0072747608/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BRACY LUCILLE 1.00818307/08/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BRADFIELD MICA 6.0067415905/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFIELD SHAMEKA ROC 14.00583003/21/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRADFORD CHERYL 6.00969708/02/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRADFORD CRAIG 6.0054030905/11/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD CRAIG 6.0060409908/03/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD CRAIG ASST CHIEF 6.0031598503/30/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD CRAIG CAPT 6.0059924309/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD DAVID 6.0045953803/04/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD JAMES 6.0073617111/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD MARSHA M 12.0027248405/18/1988Allen County CSEA
BRADFORD TYLER 6.0057085801/28/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADFORD TYLER MATTH 12.59808611/27/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRADLEY DAVID 0.5468449308/09/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADLEY EDGAR F SR 23.001576212/08/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRADLEY EDGAR F SR 6.001759007/30/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRADLEY JAMES 2.18550912/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADLEY JEFF 6.0052292507/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADLEY JEFF 0.003380106/12/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRADLEY RACHEL 6.0041599310/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADLEY ROY C 6.001758907/30/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRADLEY SHERRY 6.0060259110/15/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BRADLEY SHERRY 6.0059807209/06/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BRANDEHOFF B J 6.0043869401/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BRANDT LISA 6.0032105905/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BRANHAM AMANDA 5.06349707/18/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BRANHAM WILLIAM EARL 4.65247312/03/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRANNON AARON GENE 1.48249406/02/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRANNON JERRY 6.0041596710/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BRANNON MISTY RENEA 1.93471705/26/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRAST STEVEN ROGER 17.00654909/27/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRATTON DENISE 6.0057366610/08/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BRATTON STEVE CHARWIN 7.36350705/12/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRATTON STEVEN CHARW 1.39560601/30/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRAVO PEST CONTROL I BRAVO PEST CONTROL 25.0051454307/13/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BRAZZALE CARLA MARIA 3.51151503/11/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRAZZALE CARLA MARIA 2.00353805/19/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BREECE BRANDON 6.0042540512/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BREECE BRANDON 6.0041596110/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BREEDEN MARK WAYNE 35.00500706/27/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BREEDING KATRINA L. 60.00978408/10/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BREITENWISCHER ANN 6.502884702/29/2008Allen County Probate Court
BRELAND SMEMIKA L 6.0048112307/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BREMMEYER GORDON 6.0038842012/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BRENEK STANLEY 6.0072228007/10/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BRENNAN DANIEL GEORG 59.56794410/22/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRENNEMAN CLIFF 39.256413308/04/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BRENNEMAN GERALD 6.0030605201/27/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BRENNEMAN GERALD 6.0039881204/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BRENNEMAN GERALD 64.0045059209/19/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BRENNEMAN ROBERT 6.0059315904/22/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BRENNEMAN SARA 6.0074384201/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BREWER LINDA 6.0069698912/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BREWER PAULA 80.0053890704/30/1991Allen County CSEA
BREWINGTON DIANE 15.3944411305/28/1998Allen County CSEA
BREWSTER CHARLES 6.0040692107/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BRICKNER BETSY 20.0078034409/02/1993Allen County CSEA
BRICKNER DEBBIE 2.50558205/15/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BRICKNER DENNIS 6.0060452310/29/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIDGEMON ESTELLA 6.0047107510/07/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIDGES GLEN RAY 10.00416812/02/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIDGES GLENN NMN 62.60228002/18/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIDGES JESSICA 6.0044350106/29/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIDGES LILLIE 6.0071906506/13/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIDGES LILLIE 50.006145712/05/1984Allen County CSEA
BRIDGES LILLIE 50.005976611/21/1984Allen County CSEA
BRIDGES MARVIN LENARD 3.3860206/08/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIDGES MELODY 6.0041562710/04/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIDGES TRALINA 6.0056954808/27/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIDGMON JAMES LESTER 1.991022409/22/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIDGMON JAMES LESTER 2.171044811/19/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIGGS CARLOS DEMA 10.00327305/24/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIGGS KELLY 18.49118010/10/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIGGS MICHAEL A 10.0052804409/03/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIGGS MICHAEL SCOTT 10.00951503/09/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRIGGS SHANTEY 6.0058623602/11/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BRILEY WILLIAM 6.0051644210/24/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BRILEY WILLIAM 6.0052099511/29/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BRIMA HINDOLO SOLOMON 8.49288403/07/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRINKER SHANE 6.0066706803/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BRINKMAN JOSH 6.0046118001/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BRINKMAN JOSHUA 6.0047981607/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BRINKMAN JOSHUA 6.0051335706/29/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BRINKMAN KATHRYN 6.0049667612/29/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BRINKMAN MARGARET ELLEN 30.0072193107/08/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BRINKNELL CINDY 6.0058590102/09/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BRISCO FRED 6.0055042508/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BRISTOLL JOHN MARCUS 3.81906409/23/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRITTON JERRY 6.73346804/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROCK MICHAEL LEE 3.0041768310/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROCK ROY OFF 6.0042340511/18/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BROCK ROY PTL 6.0074606002/06/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BROCKINGTON DEVON ETAL 3.93415712/01/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROCKINGTON DEVON TYREE 1.24293810/31/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROCKMAN DEBORAH 25.0044629106/01/1998Allen County CSEA
BROGAN NORMA J 93.1424764301/27/1988Allen County CSEA
BROGAN NORMA J. 93.1421915209/09/1987Allen County CSEA
BRONSON JOHN 6.0044911709/04/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BRONSON JOHN 6.0050136206/16/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BRONSON JOHN 6.0045697406/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BRONSON ROMA 6.0043873809/05/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BROOKE 6.0074394901/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BROOKES-HENDERSON SHIRLYNNE 6.0040656407/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROOKS ANDREW 10.0060639111/18/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BROOKS GENA 29.3921763509/02/1987Allen County CSEA
BROOKS GENA 50.0021763409/02/1987Allen County CSEA
BROOKS GENA 50.0022032509/16/1987Allen County CSEA
BROOKS JOSEPH 6.0045172411/01/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BROOKS ONTRA LAMAR 7.49598004/26/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROREIN BERNARD B. 6.00503906/28/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BROTHERWOOD DUSTIN 6.0047718306/24/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BROUGHTON JILL 6.0034622612/06/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN & SAMMET BROWN & SAMMET 851.0038306311/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN AMANDA 6.0042234808/26/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ANGELA F 6.0046612404/19/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ANNIE P 14.0035261702/09/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ANTHONY 5.26688712/29/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN ANTHONY ET AL 4.81495007/29/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN ANTHONY ETAL 4.14406410/29/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN ANTONIO 5.0033032801/27/1989Allen County CSEA
BROWN ANTONIO 29.3133032901/27/1989Allen County CSEA
BROWN ANTWAUYNE DEWANYNE 6.0044741703/31/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN BETTY 6.0053646304/13/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN BRENDA 6.0064873909/22/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN CARL 6.0044912104/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN CAROLYN 6.0045058404/30/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN CHARLES 6.0064738209/13/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN CHARLOTTE 5.0017155211/20/1991Allen County Payroll
BROWN CHRIS 6.0053011609/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN CINDY 90.004506310/03/1995Allen County CSEA
BROWN CRAIG 6.0054805107/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DAVID 6.0039845204/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DAVID 6.0042779602/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DAVID 6.0039843804/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DEANNA 6.0030426501/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DEBORAH 15.0080586811/22/1993Allen County CSEA
BROWN DENISE ANN 1.06207009/10/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN DERRICK 2.53424312/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN DON 6.0070010212/27/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DONNELL JR 6.0046941204/01/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DONNELL JR 6.0048118107/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DONNELL JR 6.0048111307/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN DONNELL NMN SR 1.07281809/29/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN ESTHER 5.80668611/01/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN JAMES 6.0042261205/02/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN JAMES 6.0065700912/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN JEFF 6.0064037807/06/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN JOHN 6.0063102704/18/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN JOHN 6.0032099905/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN JOHNNIE JR 3.003723903/09/2010Allen County Juvenile Court
BROWN KENDALL 6.0050566603/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN LAURIE 6.0039107902/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN LAURIE 6.0039908304/24/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN LISA 6.003352205/16/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BROWN MARCUS DEWAYNE 2.93434702/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN MICHAEL 6.0053830312/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN MICHELLE 6.0060496108/12/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN OMARI A 10.75311304/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN RAMANEY 37.07438702/16/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN RICKY 12.50929612/15/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN ROGER 6.0049786401/26/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0049863101/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0053772603/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0051435607/10/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0052256610/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0052086709/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0051337306/29/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0051238006/19/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0051012605/22/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0050937305/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0050526504/07/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0050225903/06/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROGER 6.0050212803/06/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN RON A 12.7257589403/01/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN RON A 17.4342933502/22/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN RONDA 6.0034240311/09/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROSALIND 6.0042672102/01/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN ROSALYND 6.0031000502/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN SAMELLA 59.7372461407/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN SANDY 6.0057366510/08/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN SHANE 6.0031199403/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN SHAWNTEL 6.0050226903/06/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN STACY J 175.006324305/27/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BROWN STACY J 175.006320605/21/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BROWN STEVE 6.0040960808/09/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN STUART 90.75836911/04/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BROWN SUPPLY CO BROWN SUPPLY CO 114.1448510109/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN TABBITHA EMILY 4.51778109/06/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN TIMOTHY JOSEPH 1.45418112/06/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN TITUS 6.0055018007/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN TYRONE LAWRENCE 1.81405310/26/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWN VERRONALD 6.0036208304/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN WENDY 6.0057565602/27/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWN WILKERSON 6.00492311/13/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BROWN WILLIE 1.41655906/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWNELL RICHARD A 132.5067809406/19/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWNLOW LATAVIA 6.0032680106/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWNLOW QUINCY LAMAR 11.40263207/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWNLOW QUINCY LAMAR 1.33464605/05/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BROWNLOW TIMOTHY 6.0057014909/03/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BROWNS CONST BROWNS CONST 1.19624311/15/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BRUCE ARLENE J 5.0056392811/15/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BRUMLEY DAWN 6.0072741808/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
BRUMLEY EDDIE LEE JR 13.00167405/07/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRUMLEY SHEILA 25.0076913607/28/1993Allen County CSEA
BRUMLEY SHEILA 15.0076305307/08/1993Allen County CSEA
BRUNK TERRY LYNN 14.31761507/18/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRUNO RAY 6.0040658007/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BRUNS WILLIAM III 6.0053774703/26/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BRYAN CHARLES D 3485.090Allen County Probate Court
BRYANT DAISY 30.0055163206/17/1991Allen County CSEA
BRYANT GEORGE MITCHELE 5.00372707/14/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRYANT IDA 6.0074475501/28/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BRYANT IDA 6.0040854405/06/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BRYANT JESSIE 15.0059139411/15/1991Allen County CSEA
BRYANT LAWRENCE E 11.03140401/15/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRYANT LAWRENCE ELLIOT 31.35261001/10/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BRYANT LLOYD 86.8052266210/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BRYANT ROBERT THOMAS 1.75713903/12/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUCHER ANGELA E 5.1930339212/16/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.0068301010/13/1992Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.0011383004/02/1996Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.0081376112/18/1993Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.0021506/05/1995Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.002852008/21/1995Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.003114908/28/1995Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 18.009136402/05/1996Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 20.0011008503/25/1996Allen County CSEA
BUCHER BEVERLY 2.0012219404/24/1996Allen County CSEA
BUCHOLTZ AMBER 6.0053626003/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCHOLTZ AMBER 6.0049328111/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCHOLTZ AMBER 6.0048433809/05/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCHOLTZ AMBER 6.0030846602/11/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCHOLTZ TRAVIS 6.0049328011/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCK LARRY 39.35217012/17/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUCK ROHRER 6.0042184008/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCKART DENNIS 50.00281712/21/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BUCKHOLTZ YVONNE 6.00895211/15/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BUCKMASTER ROBIN 6.0053951305/04/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BUCKMON GREGORY LARON 21.06661710/16/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUCKNER CARLA 25.007966701/05/1996Allen County CSEA
BUDD DARRELL I 32.00162806/01/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUDDELMEYER JOHN 6.0048236601/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BUERGER SANDRA A 4.6826002503/26/2003Allen County Payroll
BUFFALO TRACE ADD BD 24.515635110/24/1984Allen County CSEA
BUFORD JENNIFER 6.0061645411/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BULLS KENNETH RAY 1.97126303/09/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BULLS KENNETH RAY 10.00242711/24/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BULNDLEY SHANTELE L 94.004507605/05/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BUNDLEY NATHAN 458.020Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUNGER JOSEPH FRANK 5.15817012/18/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUNGER JOSEPH FRANK 2.33976105/15/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUNLEY JIMMY LEE 1.33320405/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUNLEY QUINTEN 6.0050564203/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
BURCHAS LORAINE 6.0044299902/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BURCHAS LORRAINE 6.0044302702/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BURCHETT JAMES 6.0051579707/27/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURCHNELL LEAH 6.0033572409/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BURCKY TAMMY 122.5522336809/30/1987Allen County CSEA
BURDEN BEVERLY 0.0132531909/08/1997Allen County CSEA
BURDEN CASSIE 6.0040068102/13/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BURDEN DAVID 1.08703804/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BURDEN DAVID T. 45.0018691503/25/1987Allen County CSEA
BURDEN KATHLEEN 5.00348808/15/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURDEN ROBIN 12.0047686407/17/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
BURDEN RODRIQUES JOSEPH 2.351055712/22/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURDEN RODRIQUEZ J 54.60965002/03/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BURDEN SARA 6.0044907308/31/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
BURDEN SARAH 16.0050787005/04/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURDEN SARAH 33.4252449111/03/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURDEN SHELBY 87.0043967605/19/1998Allen County CSEA
BUREAU OF CRIMINAL I BUREAU OF CRIMINAL 28.603768406/21/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BUREAU OF SUPPORT 149.5118266403/04/1987Allen County CSEA
BUREAU OF SUPPORT 30.006242612/12/1984Allen County CSEA
BUREAU OF WORKMANS C BUREAU OF WORKMANS 4.106467409/15/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BURELL JOHN 1.26423412/28/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURG PATRICIA 6.0041595610/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGE DAVID L 8.722608103/19/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BURGE LILLIE 6.0048110907/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGE PERQUENNA 6.0047771411/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGE WILLIAM 6.0061285501/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGE WILLIAM 40.0023498211/25/1987Allen County CSEA
BURGEI EVELYN 12.003179911/02/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
BURGER DIANA 100.0024363501/06/1988Allen County CSEA
BURGESS BETHANY 6.0052865612/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGESS BETHANY 6.0052865812/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGESS DEBBIE 6.0044913904/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGESS DEBRA 6.0052865712/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGESS ROSALIND M 10.0054250101/15/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
BURGOON GREGG ALAN 2.35164304/26/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURK SHAWN WILLIAM 5.37774008/22/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURKE CHANDRA K 6.0055123408/03/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKHOLDER DAVE 6.0054335805/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKHOLDER KEVIN R 10.0064333808/02/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKHOLDER RYAN M OF 6.0054749507/02/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKHOLDER RYAN OFCR 6.0051662308/11/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKHOLDER SANYA 6.0046172201/23/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKLO CYNTHIA 6.0041125608/24/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BURKLO MARTHA 6.0041125808/24/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BURLEY RANDOLPH 20.401296707/10/1995Allen County CSEA
BURLEY RANDOLPH 20.40760106/26/1995Allen County CSEA
BURLEY RANDOLPH 20.40236406/12/1995Allen County CSEA
BURLEY RANDOLPH 20.4099324405/30/1995Allen County CSEA
BURLEY RANDOLPH 9.6798805005/15/1995Allen County CSEA
BURNETT KENNETH 6.0063489007/17/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNETT MATT 6.0044912504/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNS ANGIE 6.0067000603/28/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNS CARLTON 5.351105105/04/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS DARZELL EVOY 19.43795310/23/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS DEBORAH ANN 1.05449303/21/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS DEMESTRION PER 5.00471505/25/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS DEMOND A 7.00265601/18/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS DEMOND ANDRE 4.93704202/15/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS DIANNA 60.0034460310/20/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0031125708/04/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0030811707/28/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0030545107/21/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0030236407/14/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0029924207/07/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0029651106/30/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0031417108/11/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0031727908/18/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0033821210/06/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0033503709/29/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0033206309/22/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0032901609/15/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0032584809/08/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0032318309/02/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0032008308/25/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS DIANNA 30.0034160110/14/1997Allen County CSEA
BURNS FELICIA 6.0066707703/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNS MARTRIVIS 3.251120406/11/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS MARTRIVIS LAMONT 2.651006808/11/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS NIKITA 6.0048185301/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNS NIKITA A 6.0057172802/04/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNS NIKITA APRIL 7.92491107/19/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS PAQUITA 6.0047779711/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BURNS PAUL ANTHONY 1.12119102/24/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURNS TERESA 12.5078258509/10/1993Allen County CSEA
BURR AARON 6.0032673006/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
BURRELL CYNTHIA 56.002878711/30/2007Allen County Probate Court
BURRELL DEAN 5.1063023604/30/2001Allen County CSEA
BURRIS CHARLES 6.0061425311/09/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BURTON BENJAMIN 6.0049087311/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
BURTON DIANE 20.00854902/10/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BURTON MICHAEL D 2.00275502/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURTON MICHAEL L 1.26155105/14/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURTON MICHAEL LAWRENCE 1.25201208/30/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BURWELL KAREN 7.50842212/01/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
BUSH BRECK DONVAN 5.431028210/07/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUSH JANE M. 9.46140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
BUSHONG BETTY G 10.0066044201/17/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BUSHONG JEREMY 6.0049790501/26/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BUSTAMONTE HUGO 6.0042535412/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BUSWELL VICKI LYNN 5.00690701/04/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUTCHER MICHAEL DAVI 107.62721504/03/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUTLER CHUCK DEP 6.0051361009/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
BUTLER JANICE I 100.0024898202/03/1988Allen County CSEA
BUTLER JONATHON L 1.00104608/17/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUTLER MARTIN DALE 1.20234103/18/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUTLER NANCY 6.0066353002/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
BUTLER TAMMY 6.0052847502/08/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
BUTLER TRACI 6.0045693806/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
BUTLER TROY 6.0061247710/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
BUTTERFIELD MICHAEL SCOTT 10.08283010/01/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
BUTTERMAN MATT 6.0040397103/25/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BUZARD SARAH 6.0041290006/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
BYLSMA JESSICA 6.0041467009/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
BYRD COREY 6.0051859408/31/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
BYRD TRACY M 30.0040074311/15/1989Allen County CSEA
C & P LANE 0.500Allen County Sheriff's Dept
C I 03-92-3 6.0050810603/27/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
C I 5-92-3 6.0052137407/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CAFFE LYNN 250.005164712/07/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CAHILL JOYCE 9.00582001/04/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CAIN ETHEL ROSETTA 277.15422506/13/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CAIN SHAMIKA 4.651118806/09/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CALDWELL AMANDA 6.0052100911/29/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CALDWELL MARC C 18.02297603/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CALGELAGE ROXANNE M 15.0039886404/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CALHOUN DONGAL LEE 11.71952803/16/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CALHOUN JOHN PAUL 29.49980105/26/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CALIM MICHAEL A 491.001813310/02/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CALLADINE MICHAEL 2.6420430201/31/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CALLAHAN TIM 6.0059753509/04/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
CALLICOAT JERRY RONA 5.00534111/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CALLIPARE DAVID 6.0047027209/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CALLIPARE LAVIDA 12.72710306/16/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CALOUN DONGAL LEE 14.20421212/20/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CALVELAGE ALAN 6.002480411/03/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CALVELAGE LYNN M. 60.0018862204/01/1987Allen County CSEA
CALVELAGE LYNNE M. 60.0020191606/03/1987Allen County CSEA
CALVELAGE LYNNE M. 60.0020298306/10/1987Allen County CSEA
CAMERON JORDAN 6.0055009107/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMERON RITA 49.0092248111/10/1994Allen County CSEA
CAMERON TRACY 6.0035518503/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL ALICIA 5.0015287007/10/1996Allen County CSEA
CAMPBELL AMANDA 6.0050356803/20/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL AMY 6.001184609/13/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CAMPBELL ANTHONY 6.0054929707/23/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL CHARLES 6.0053768703/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL CLIFFORD 7.57195808/16/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CAMPBELL DAVID B 10.0040550604/08/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL DWAYNE 250.00796303/22/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CAMPBELL HAZEL 25.0013976106/07/1996Allen County CSEA
CAMPBELL JAMIE L 6.0054622902/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL LOUIS 24.8616570308/12/1996Allen County CSEA
CAMPBELL MARK 6.0051340106/29/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL MARY A 4.0042656605/30/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL MARY HELEN 8694.6754683302/12/1993Allen County Probate Court
CAMPBELL MATTHEW 6.0048660609/29/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL MATTHEW 6.0052265010/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL MICHELE 303.3540777207/18/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL MICHELLE M 135.0061929212/23/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL NICHOLE 6.0042205911/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPBELL SERETTA 6.0061347511/02/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPER BARBARA 6.0070449002/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPER BARBARA 6.0071772805/29/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPER MICHAEL 6.0035519803/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPER THERESA 6.0041335209/14/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CAMPOS ALBERTO 2.00184007/22/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CANNELLA LINDA 6.0040803804/28/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CANNON BRIAN 6.0046851609/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CANNON SHERRI 4.0055203101/19/1999Allen County CSEA
CANNON SHERRI 7.0055513101/25/1999Allen County CSEA
CANNON TERRY 6.0053834212/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CANNON TREVA 6.0043857401/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CANNON TRINA 6.0061291401/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CAPPS GEORGE PTL 6.0055008007/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CAPRELLA BRENDA 8.23502507/21/1999Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CARBAUGH PAUL 5.00255704/21/1992Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CARDENOS FABIOLA 6.0046391702/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CARDER LARRY 10.0079465510/19/1993Allen County CSEA
CARDER LARRY 5.1079593710/25/1993Allen County CSEA
CARDUCCI DANIEL 35.00156208/05/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CAREY LIBBY 6.0074383801/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CARLISLE BIRGE MCNELLIE & RINI 278.93178403/21/1989Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CARMAN DENNIS L 14.14247612/06/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARNES DEBORAH 101.006610312/26/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CARNES DEBORAH 100.006347606/16/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CARPENTER BRUCE 2.00924207/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CARPENTER EDWARD 3.6296103203/01/1995Allen County CSEA
CARPENTER JOE ETAL 3.71301812/01/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARPENTER JOVOHN LEE 6.27914410/24/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARPENTER LEE 1.681127707/01/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARPENTER LEE ADAM 2.101049412/07/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARPENTER THELMA 10.0043024606/28/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CARROLL BERLIN II R 18.6912390504/20/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CARROLL BERLIN R 3.6013069203/17/1999Allen County Payroll
CARROLL GEORGE ROSEVELT 7.90277809/09/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARROLL JOHN CAPT 6.0045687206/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARROLL KHALILIAH 6.0052690101/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CARROLL MEGAN 6.0052688501/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CARROLL SCOTT 12.0063572105/24/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CARRON BRIAN 6.0046547308/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARRON BRIAN 6.0046547908/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARRON BRIAN 6.0046852209/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER ARTHUR LOUIS 2.22290310/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER CHRIS ROBERT 2.43889607/28/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER CRIS ROBERT 2.62312901/09/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER DEARIUS TYRAIL 6.97332003/16/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER DEWAYNE NMN JR 19.60355705/24/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER DONNA 6.0047146910/12/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER EMMA 25.0020481506/24/1987Allen County CSEA
CARTER ETAL WILLIAM 9.581070201/29/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER GARY D 28.0050978704/08/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER GARY LEE 11.92271308/19/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER HENRY LAVONNE 2.00271408/19/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER HENRY LAVONT 1.83896808/12/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER JANICE M 6.0032093805/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER JARMEL ANTON 4.30232603/11/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER JEANNETTE 8.5563032405/21/2001Allen County CSEA
CARTER JERRY 6.0049676805/10/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER JERRY 6.0050488507/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER JUAN DONTE 64.43521910/12/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER JULIES MARICE 9.75880806/30/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER JULIEUS 5.32982006/01/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER KEARUAY 6.0030376912/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER LATINA 60.0098635905/08/1995Allen County CSEA
CARTER LATINA 60.00986355Allen County CSEA
CARTER LEONA K 35.75136312/26/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER LUMBER COMPAN 31.9547345210/26/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER PRISCILLA 6.0030377012/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER RICKY 6.0073814411/19/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER RICKY L 6.0073617211/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER ROYAL 70.0072921303/22/1993Allen County CSEA
CARTER SHASHONNA 6.0048314101/27/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER STEPHEN 6.0048321301/27/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER STEVE 6.0058770402/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTER TERREZ LAMONT 1.04301403/28/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARTER WYNETTE 6.0062104603/25/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTWRIGHT LESLIE 6.0047946912/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTWRIGHT MILES 6.0041541510/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTWRIGHT MYLES SGT 6.0051861108/31/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CARTWRIGHT ROONEY 11.30951003/09/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CARY CAMERON 6.0067005303/28/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CASEBOLT KELLY 6.0049082311/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CASEY JOHN 6.0050134706/16/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CASH JAMES IRVIN 279.30651611/01/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CASH SHERRI JOSEPHINE 2.271041711/12/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CASH WILLIAM JR 20.0033921010/07/1997Allen County CSEA
CASH WILLIAM LEE 1.50105908/24/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CASSIDY CECELIA 17.462793411/30/2004Allen County Probate Court
CASTILLO JESUS MANUEL 15.20212209/21/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CASTILLO LUIS C 220.00297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CASTLE SHAWN 6.0060256610/15/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
CASTRO ILARIO M 19.82128011/20/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CASTRO JUAN FERNANDO 146.52574703/02/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CATLETT SCOTT 6.0053029412/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CATLETT STEVE 6.0061876403/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CATON KRISTA 6.0041958807/30/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CATON KRISTIE 6.0041292206/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CATON KRISTIE 6.0041447806/17/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CATTARENE SHONA 6.0062521004/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CAUDILL CHAD EDWARD 3.78457304/15/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CAUDILL LISA 46.001104407/03/1995Allen County CSEA
CAUDILL SHANE ALLEN 10.25120902/26/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CAUDILL TONY 0.4862900007/18/2001Allen County CSEA
CAVAHAUGH JEREMY 6.0052793212/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CAVINDER MAXINE 10.205315010/24/1995Allen County CSEA
CENTRAL PURCHASING L CENTRAL PURCHASING 79.9948276608/20/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CENTURY TAX CENTURY TAX 3.83903902/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CENTURY TAX CENTURY TAX 3.30904002/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CHAMBERLAIN DONNIE 6.0046495008/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CHAMBERLAIN JACQUELYN ANN 20.505760003/20/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHAMBERS BROWN 5.62326502/27/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHAMBERS CALVIN RAY 15.0049429804/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CHAMBERS JOHN 6.0052139707/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CHAMBERS SHARON 19.6125531803/02/1988Allen County CSEA
CHAMBERS YORK 207.7240814007/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANCE KENNETH 26.0030433712/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANCERY CLERK 50.002419801/11/1984Allen County CSEA
CHANCEY JOSEPH 1.80601204/24/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANDLER EVERETT A 7.001155608/03/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHANDLER FLORA 6.0042263805/02/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANDLER JACK LYNN 3.66731205/01/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHANDLER LISA 6.0036621905/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANEY ERMA 6.0042353709/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANEY M 1.55948402/26/2008Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CHANEY RICHARD 6.0042353609/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CHANG WILLIAM 6.0033197808/11/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CHAPITAL MARVIN 5.11311101/02/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHAPMAN BRIAN E 75.006196102/25/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHAPMAN NATHANIEL 3.90425101/05/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHAPMAN NATHANIEL 5.67994607/07/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHAVEZ HIPOLITO HERNANDEZ 11.001035410/26/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHEATOM DIANE 15.0041349406/09/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CHECK RHONDA 25.0038120608/25/1989Allen County CSEA
CHECK RHONDA 25.0038580109/13/1989Allen County CSEA
CHECK RHONDA 25.0038056108/23/1989Allen County CSEA
CHENEY DAVID A 50.005444702/26/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHENEY DAVID A 29.905449003/02/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHENEY DAVID A. 12.00880006/02/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHENEY DAVID A. 6.30542807/28/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHENEY HOME IMPROVEM 6.4442058508/07/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CHENEY LEWIS KENNETH 2.77672411/08/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHESTER LINDY MARIE 3.22316201/22/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHESTNUT ROBERT ALLEN 1.17994007/06/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHEUVRONT ELIZABETH 6.0043874509/05/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CHIEF KIMMETT 6.0058022812/10/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
CHIEF MACK SHEPARD 6.0072750008/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CHILD GUIDANCE CENTE 160.0056271111/08/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL MEDIC 631.5045073109/20/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CHILDRENS MEDICAL CENTER ER 110.0069831612/10/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CHILES AMY 6.0040655707/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CHILES ELIZABETH 6.001471208/02/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHILES JOHN 23.20974203/09/2009Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CHILES JOHN D 1.4527587210/08/2003Allen County Payroll
CHILES JOHN D 1.4527468409/24/2003Allen County Payroll
CHILES JOHN D 1.4527348309/10/2003Allen County Payroll
CHILES MICHAEL 5.52502107/20/1999Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CHILES NICHOLAS SCOT 4.00401/11/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CHILES NICHOLAS SCOTT 3.82174606/07/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHITMAN KEVIN ANDRE 5.18613506/07/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHITMAN KEVIN ANDRE 3.25496008/02/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHITMAN SHEILA 10.0070144601/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CHITMAN VELMA 6.0051105709/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CHOLLET HILLARY 329.004423203/03/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHOO CHOO FREDDY'S CHOO CHOO FREDDY'S 7.163926912/10/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CHRISMAN VIRGINIA 6.0037040207/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CHRISTMAN VICKI 6.0032098305/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324074408/28/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324199409/11/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324323409/25/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324445710/09/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324567510/23/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324688711/06/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8322908004/24/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324810911/20/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8324932612/04/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8323938008/14/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8323899807/31/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8323673207/17/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8322294202/13/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8322417002/27/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8322540603/13/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8322663303/27/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8322786004/10/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8323031705/08/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8323155105/22/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFF JOHN P 0.8323537607/03/2002Allen County Payroll
CHRISTOFFELSZ JAMES 60.003649110/01/2008Allen County Juvenile Court
CHRISTY JUSTIN OTRER 22.19784109/25/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHUKES CORNELIA 6.0068399408/07/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CHUKES MARKEY 6.0051334505/08/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CHURCH MICHAEL JAMES 1.131071002/01/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CHURCH OF CHRIST CHURCH OF CHRIST 1.10948002/26/2008Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CI #4-97-2 6.0072733908/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CI 98-002 6.0043855501/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CI 99-9241-001 6.0048726402/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CI-00-001-01 6.0051028409/05/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CI98 9598 0002 CI98 9598 0002 6.0042913810/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CIANCIOLO DAVID 6.0042307005/07/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CIMINILLO ZACH 6.0030498912/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CIMINILLO ZACK 6.0032873807/15/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CINCINNATI INSURANCE CO 79.65727406/03/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CINCINNATI INSURANCE CO 68.95727506/03/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CINCINNATI INSURANCE CO. 175.0014308/06/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CINGULAR INTERACTIVE CINGULAR INTERACTIV 174.8634957012/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CIRA AUGUSTINE 2.521119006/09/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CIRA JEFF P 20.0068712209/06/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CISCO CHRIS A 15.0042349809/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CISCO CRAIG SGT 6.0064421010/10/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CISCO CRAIG SGT 6.0064249309/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CISCO MELANIE 5.00832709/14/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CISTARO JUDY 30.0064998506/15/1992Allen County CSEA
CISTARO JUDY 30.0065198906/22/1992Allen County CSEA
CITI FINANCIAL CITI FINANCIAL 26.61645802/26/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
CITICORP CITICORP 51.06954203/21/2008Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CITIFINANCE CITIFINANCE 26.14954303/21/2008Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CITY CASH FEED STORE 11.5063079704/14/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CITY OF COMPASSION C CITY OF COMPASSION 190.4049295611/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CITY OF LIMA 150.0068696209/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CITY OF LIMA 25.0063924506/27/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CITY OF LIMA CITY OF LIMA 50.0050474604/02/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CITY OF LIMA CITY OF LIMA 50.0054101304/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CITY PARK RANGER HIL 6.0062805805/20/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CIVIC RESEARCH INSTI CIVIC RESEARCH INST 179.9550359103/20/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CLABAUGH PAUL 1.00351408/08/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CLAIR CORY DABON 1.70516909/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAIR CORY DAVON 4.99751906/25/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLAIR VON MARQUISE 6.84254406/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLAPPER CARIE A 5.003884310/30/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLAPPER JASON LEE 1.05105208/22/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK ALICIA 6.0050224903/06/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK AMY 6.0049060111/07/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK CAROL D 300.0033178502/03/1989Allen County CSEA
CLARK CHRISTA KAY 1602.784161503/11/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK CO. DISTRICT ATTY'S OFFICE 204.627721312/27/1995Allen County CSEA
CLARK GARY 1602.784161203/11/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK JASON ALLEN 2.50254706/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK JOE 1602.784161303/11/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK JOHN PTL 6.0047774811/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK JOLENE 6.0059804309/06/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK JOSEPH SCOTT 32.64782509/19/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK JOSEPH W 10.0055266504/09/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK KEVIN 6.0051112809/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK KIMBERLY 6.00753506/30/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLARK KRISTI L 15.005838605/16/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLARK MICHAEL 120.192974804/12/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLARK RODNEY 6.0031305903/10/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK RODNEY 6.0031921404/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK RODNEY 6.0032962507/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK RUBY 15.00315612Allen County CSEA
CLARK SANDRA RAE 5.00273008/25/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK SCOTT 6.0042774506/11/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK SHARON E 32.5044219605/26/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHARON E 32.5040901903/13/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHARON E 32.5040986403/16/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHARON E 32.5041414003/24/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHARON E 32.5041734903/31/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHARON E 32.5043989205/19/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHARON E 32.5044648906/02/1998Allen County CSEA
CLARK SHAWN D 6.0040963508/09/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK TAMMY 6.0042210504/27/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARK THOMAS 1602.784161403/11/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLARK VERLANDO L 70.501973804/23/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLARKE SHEILA 6.0039527403/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CLARKSON SCOTT 6.0040108703/03/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAWSON CASSANDRA 1.111115405/28/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLAWSON CASSANDRA E 11.981010008/18/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLAY ROCHELLE 6.0034886012/22/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAY TAVARES ANTWAYN 10.00740105/24/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLAY TRAVARES 6.0030961702/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAY VANESSA 1.4837541112/29/1997Allen County CSEA
CLAYBAUGH MICHELLE 6.0031434003/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAYBORNE WILLIE MAE 1005.14608809/23/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLAYPOOL CHRIS 4.8444342402/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAYTON BACON & BRAD CORE ETAL 1.0059972106/22/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAYTON BONITA 100.005723911/06/1995Allen County CSEA
CLAYTON BRUCE PTL 6.0051436807/10/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CLAYTON BRUCE PTL 6.0051843408/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEAVES STEVE 8.00402903/10/1997Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CLEAVES STEVEN 6.0044763311/19/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEMENT FRANK & CATHERINE 1.0045334010/18/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CLEMENTZ LEWIS 6.0058254901/14/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEMONS BOB 6.0052067107/06/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLERK OF COURT 2.8265023610/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CLERK OF SUPERIOR CT. 49.0223295411/11/1987Allen County CSEA
CLEVE JAMES TERRANCE 1.19224410/21/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLEVELAND MUNICIPAL CLEVELAND MUNICIPAL 100.0051744511/01/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER DAVID 32.5042885802/16/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER KAREN 6.0053009109/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER KAREN 6.0052891109/11/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER NICHOLE 6.0053008509/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER NICHOLE 6.0053009209/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER NICHOLE 6.0052891209/11/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLEVENGER NICOLE 6.0041852310/31/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CLIFFE DAVID W 327.005910707/17/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLIFFORD JEREMY T 9.81300603/28/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLIFFORD KELLY 12.3358785302/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CLIFFORD TERESA 6.0043372011/30/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CLK OF COMMON PLEAS COURT 02/2 15.0024877402/03/1988Allen County CSEA
CLOSSON STEPHANIE 6.0040693407/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CLOUD ALBERT 3.581018309/09/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLOUD JOHN LEWIS 17.00689101/02/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLOUD ROBERT WESLEY 1.47643408/24/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLOUD ROBERT WESLEY 1.35754006/28/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLOUD ROBERT WESLEY 1.35778809/07/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLOUD ROBERT WESLEY 3.851053412/17/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CLOW ALEX 6.0063514207/21/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CLOW ALEX 6.0032491106/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CLOW ALEX 6.0049087711/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CLOW ALEX S 6.0043683812/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CLOYD ROBERT 6.0051743606/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CLUCKEY TERRI 6.0030147712/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CLUM KATHLEEN 150.0097413704/05/1995Allen County CSEA
CLUM MRS NANCY 6.004703310/20/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS COUNTY MKT. 56.00392803/30/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS COUNTY MKT. 69.00402904/07/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS GROCERY 35.00293812/30/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS GROCERY 59.30381003/22/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS GROCERY 100.00381303/22/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS MARKET 65.00642910/24/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CLYDE EVANS MARKETS 66.70381103/22/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
COALITION OF OHIO RE COALITION OF OHIO R 150.0054498306/08/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
COATS CARRIE 12.5018203602/25/1987Allen County CSEA
COATS MARK CHARLES 1.20234211/08/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COBB DAZZMINE L 6.0042667901/31/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
COBB TOWNSEND 9.461130507/07/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COBURN ANVIE 7.50707005/15/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COBURN CARRIE 6.0059571105/13/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
COBURN DONALD 6.0048315601/27/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COBURN DONALD 6.0034239711/09/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COCA COLA BOTTLING COCA COLA BOTTLING 72.0055098Allen County Clerk Of Courts
COCA-COLA BOTTLING COCA-COLA BOTTLING 150.006285004/25/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
COCHRAN DICK 6.0055022507/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
COCKERELL SARA M 52.6427395809/10/2003Allen County Payroll
COCKERELL WILLIAM LLOYD 30.95182507/17/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COFFEY MICHAEL 6.0032282605/24/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COFFMAN REX 6.0071396505/02/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
COFFMAN REX 6.0051465807/13/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COL. LT. 85.15140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
COLBERT WILBURN OTIS 1.44231603/05/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLE DAVORAH R 6.0045022004/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COLE JIM 6.0072123006/27/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
COLE JUDY 6.0039890804/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COLE JUDY 6.0039914804/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COLE LISA 6.0034240611/09/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COLE VICTORIA 6.0047238010/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COLE VICTORIA 6.0042134011/29/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COLEMAN BRIAN J 6.0055654805/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
COLEMAN BRIAN KEITH 202.00391709/15/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLEMAN ELLEN ELIZABETH 22.26436102/09/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLEMAN ERIC 6.0040576704/10/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
COLEMAN JASON ETAL 7.42310712/31/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLEMAN MARY L 5.0013964311/21/1990Allen County Payroll
COLEMAN STANLEY CLYDE 1.26429401/20/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLEMAN STANLEY CLYDE 1.15865005/09/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLLEMON DEBORAH 2.87573508/09/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
COLLEY PAMELA 6.0065019310/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLEY SHANNON MARIE 2.44781209/18/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLLIER DASENDA NICO 1.46707802/28/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLLIN WILLIE 5.00911803/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
COLLINS JAMES 6.0032929707/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLINS JIM 6.0035131002/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLINS JONATHAN 6.0044605108/02/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLINS KIM 6.0044604208/02/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLINS MARLON 6.0040257103/17/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLINS MAXINE U 16.40520110/07/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COLLINS MICHAEL PAT 1.26922611/20/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLLINS RONALD WAYNE 1.75200408/25/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLLINS WILLIAM L 10.0066757703/18/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
COLVIN CHARLES EUGENE 12.00107608/29/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COLWELL INC COLWELL INC 1.00553403/15/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
COMBS RUTH 3.00637902/07/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
COMER AARON 6.0047977607/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
COMMODITY DISTRIBUTI COMMODITY DISTRIBUT 187.2045004804/23/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COMMONS JENNIFER 6.0038845612/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COMMONS JESSE L 8.30261301/10/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COMMONS SABRINA R 32.803026605/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
COMMONWEALTH IOTA 226.80986601/19/2010Allen County Treasurers Warrant
COMMUNICATION OPTION COMMUNICATION OPTIO 975.5733742809/27/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COMPSTON KEELY 40.002031304/20/2000Allen County Juvenile Court
COMPTON JAMIE 6.0049778501/26/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COMPTON JESSICA RN SANE 6.0054757307/06/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
COMSTOCK LOREN J 40.25724306/02/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CONF INF 33-90-3/ 6.0045222012/26/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT 6.0041580103/12/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
CONKLE RONALD LEE 37.53157104/02/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CONLEY ANDREW 6.0050526904/07/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CONLEY CURRIE 6.0047981407/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CONLEY CURRIE 6.0047870507/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CONLEY GERI 6.0040548504/08/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CONLEY JAMES GRADY 8.88408611/09/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CONLEY LEROY LAMONT 1.29723604/09/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CONLEY LEROY LAMONT JR 5.80231003/03/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CONLEY TABITHA 6.0040548404/08/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CONLEY TABITHA LYNN 2.30665610/24/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CONNECTICUT DEPT HEALTH SVCS 5.0070747303/06/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CONNELLY WILLIAM M 50.00999203/15/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CONNER CYNTHIA 6.0062893903/30/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CONNER ERNEST E 10.0065547711/22/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CONNER MATTHEW 6.0044603308/02/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
CONNER MATTHEW 6.0042612301/19/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
CONNER TIM 6.0064359408/04/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CONNLEY KRIS 12.0045535905/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CONRAD JACQUELINE 6.0054668006/27/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CONSECO FINANCIAL CONSECO FINANCIAL 51.89568807/20/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
CONSOLIDATED ELEC DI CONSOLIDATED ELEC D 80.6454074604/28/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CONTINENTAL BAKING CO INC 28.7949765512/26/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
CONVERSE DEBORAH 0.6963019804/30/2001Allen County CSEA
CONWAY AUSTIN BRANDON 30.161030310/13/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CONWAY AUSTIN BRANDON 1.011031110/14/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK DAMON E 49.1814808510/13/1999Allen County Payroll
COOK DARIN 6.0040657107/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK DARIN CHIEF 6.0051514607/20/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK DARIN PTL 6.0051842411/13/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK DARIN PTL 6.0045025804/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK DARLA KAY 23.18363906/21/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK DARNELL DEWAYNE 24.00565802/09/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK DEON ET AL 7.690Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK JENNIFER 6.0035011801/24/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK MARION TREMON 22.00207411/06/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK MARLON TREMON 72.95581203/16/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK PRENTICE 6.0061480402/10/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK RICK L 16.6347465605/28/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
COOK WALTER WILLIAM 12.10360306/08/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOK WILBUR LEROY 3.03915410/30/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOMES PHIL 6.0059475108/09/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
COON DEP WILLIAM 6.0032091405/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COONROD ANNAMARIE 6.0052980112/23/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COOPER CHRISTINA 11.53854906/26/1995Allen County CSEA
COOPER CHRISTINA 11.531122807/03/1995Allen County CSEA
COOPER CHRISTINA 11.532124007/31/1995Allen County CSEA
COOPER CHRISTINA 11.532376008/07/1995Allen County CSEA
COOPER DARNELL LAVAR 1.51188807/30/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOPER GARY D 120.6044899504/14/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COOPER RON 6.0063158704/25/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
COOPER SANDALY 6.0040274605/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COOPER SANDALY DENIS 8.27887307/21/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOPER SANDALY DENIS 3.42800911/05/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOPER TERESA 122.3062908810/02/2002Allen County CSEA
COOPER TIMOTHY JEROME 5.551022509/22/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COOPER VINCENT E 87.752831211/18/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
COPE CHERI 2.13140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
COPELAND KATHRYN 6.0052362810/27/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COPELAND MARK 6.0049642805/05/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COPELAND MARQUITA 6.0065674311/29/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
COPPENS DANIEL DEAN 29.90652009/18/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COPS R US POLICE SUP COPS R US POLICE SU 389.9543382811/30/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
COPUS TRACEY S 15.0040629506/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CORBIN DAENIESHA 6.0038830212/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CORBIN DAENIESHA 6.0038840712/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CORBIN DIONTE 6.0030372212/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CORE BRIAN 6.0044918809/05/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CORE JACK 10.0040146003/05/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CORE TRACY 12.0068461108/14/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CORE TRACY M 6.0062015403/18/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COREY LOUIS A 6.0059851506/10/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CORI CHET 6.0063610107/29/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CORNELIUS MICHAEL AND 2.00144402/05/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CORNETT ELIZA MARIE 3.26355805/24/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CORNWELL DIANA 6.0074471201/28/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CORNWELL DIANE 20.004746110/10/1995Allen County CSEA
CORNWELL TED E. 35.50923307/05/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CORODREY NEIL ALLEN 12.00212809/22/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CORTES VICTORINO COR 316.18567102/13/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CORTEXT 233.9456176710/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CORTEZ JOSE LOUIS 2.15375207/21/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CORWIN PENNY 16.4062881705/22/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COSART PHILLIP 68.4687630106/29/1994Allen County CSEA
COSART TODD PHILLIP 15.0038653112/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COTERO ARMANDO 6.0032390006/04/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COTNER AMY 6.0039529303/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COTRELL JOE 17.83485502/18/1999Allen County Treasurers Warrant
COTRELL TABITHA 6.0048546502/15/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COTTER PAMELA 1.991107205/12/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COTTERMAN SARAH 6.0050276303/12/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COTTON CHARLES 6.0042131108/14/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
COTTON ISAEL ETAL 3.85461804/29/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COTTON ISAEL JEROME 1.32354305/20/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COTTON NAKIA 6.0041855510/31/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COTTRELL CHRISTINA 6.0067104304/10/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
COUCH LESTER 6.0054729707/01/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
COULTER GARY 6.0051890209/04/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COULTER MARILYN 12.0049984706/02/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COULTER THOMAS 6.0034045110/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COULTER THOMAS 6.0032553306/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COURT FAMILY 10.002865802/22/1984Allen County CSEA
COURTNEY BRAD J JR 12.0064534810/20/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COURTNEY BRAD J JR 24.0064701610/29/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COURTNEY BRAD J JR 24.0030198012/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COURTNEY DEBORAH J 150.0030458110/12/1988Allen County CSEA
COURTNEY EVELYN 0.3376705507/21/1993Allen County CSEA
COURTNEY KEVIN 6.0052879812/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COURTNEY MICHELE 6.0054490906/07/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
COURTNEY MICHELE 6.0054491306/07/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
COUSIN SHAMIA 6.0070160901/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
COUSIN SHAMIA 6.0031985905/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COVER ANTHONY LUTHER 15.0045273805/11/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COWAN ANTOINE FYDELL 10.39614006/08/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COWAN JAMES 6.0053647904/13/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
COWAN TROY 6.0035130402/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COWAN TROY 6.0034075410/26/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
COWART DAVID LEON 1.45290510/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COWART MIHAEL 6.0050008106/06/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COWARTS JEANNETTE NICOLE 1.34129011/27/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COWDEN SHAWN W 6.0055043008/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
COWELL MELISSA 6.0049378712/01/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
COWEN LONESTER 6.0039538903/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COX CAROL 6.0041182008/29/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COX CHRISTA SUE 2.5846934509/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
COX CHRISTA SUE 2.2150374307/07/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
COX CHRISTOPHER LABARRON 1.84349105/06/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COX EMERY MICHAEL 156.93430601/27/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COX JULIE 6.0051336606/29/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
COX JULIE 4.13886209/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
COX MATTHEW JAMES 24.64372807/14/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
COX MISTI 6.0063569007/25/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
COX NANCY 49.0222592610/07/1987Allen County CSEA
COX NANCY 49.0233198802/03/1989Allen County CSEA
COX ROBERT 6.0059796506/03/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
COX SCHALET R 10.055893007/02/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
COX SHANE 6.0041126708/24/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
COX STEPHANIE 6.0036732806/09/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
COY BRENDA 25.0079674710/25/1993Allen County CSEA
CRABTREE EVAN 6.0062015603/18/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CRADDOCK ASHLEY NICOLE 6.0044370402/25/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAFT MICHAEL 6.0065843012/15/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAFT TIFFANY 6.0047004904/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAFT TIFFANY ANN 1.52945202/13/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRAIG AMANDA NICOLE 6.0031434103/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAIG BONNIE 12.0050863003/30/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAMER CHAD 6.005160312/06/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CRAMER CHAD 6.0042231111/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAMER DAVID JOHN 6.21289703/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRAMER ETAL STACEY 28.921248006/01/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRAMER IDELLA 60.0024845805/18/1994Allen County Payroll
CRANE CORRINA MAE 11.00812012/07/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRANSON NATE 6.0061451510/29/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
CRANSON NATE 6.0061267901/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAWFOED GLENN A 15.0054661206/27/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAWFORD DENTAL ASSOCIATES 1.28205803/19/1990Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CRAWFORD GOLDEN 2.00404304/08/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CRAWFORD JULIE A 140.0033224602/08/1989Allen County CSEA
CRAWFORD MICHAEL 10.40694002/19/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CRAWFORD RAE-MAE LADALE 1.061041011/10/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CREECH SUSAN 138.4523187211/11/1987Allen County CSEA
CREECH SUSAN 120.0023187111/11/1987Allen County CSEA
CREEKMORE LUKUS GREGGORY 29.061080902/24/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRIDER BARBARA J 150.0027459005/25/1988Allen County CSEA
CRIDER SEAN 6.0050860503/30/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CRIDER TAMMY R 15.0030995502/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CRIME PREVENTION ASS CRIME PREVENTION AS 60.0053899004/09/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CRIPPEN JOHN WARREN 18.36364306/22/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRISP DONALD RAY 5.00621706/28/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRISP GEORGE MAMUEL JR 12.34154203/25/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRISP MONJIELA 6.0070624002/26/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CRISP REGINALD TYRON 1.13814112/12/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRIST APRIL 6.0043628912/18/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CRIST BARBARA 6.0053272702/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CRIST BENNY RAY 7.251006908/11/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRIST BRITTANY 6.0037578608/18/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CRITCHFIELD RACHEL 6.0051893609/04/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CRITES NAKOA 6.0054758107/06/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CROCKETT AMANDA JUNE 27.98677511/27/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROCKETT JEROME LANI 26.07520610/07/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CROCKETT JEROME LANI 28.431013308/27/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROLEY BENJAMIN CARL 6.00835702/07/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROMITY DEMETRIUS SHARROD 4.00871406/03/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROOKS BRIAN 6.0051301405/05/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CROSS CINDY LEE 10.0064986410/03/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
CROSS KRYSTAL LYNN 13.60636008/04/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROSS KRYSTAL LYNN 27.30938101/26/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROUCH LORETTA 6.0034939412/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CROUCH RONNIE JR 1.851129607/07/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CROUSE CATHY ANN 2.8877171408/06/1993Allen County CSEA
CROUSE LUMBER CO 7.5761935503/14/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CROUSE LUMBER CO 60.3456279506/25/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW ADAM 6.0045396410/24/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CROW DAWN 6.0050754804/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW DAWN 6.0054792107/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW LARRY 6.0041761907/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW LISA 25.0041106308/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW LISA 25.0041347309/14/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW PHILIP 6.0042794210/16/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
CROW THOMAS 6.0054792007/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
CROWE ADAM 6.0034209911/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CROWE ALEX 6.0064657410/27/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CROWE ALEX 6.0030851002/11/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CROWE LISA 6.0040695307/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CROY LESLIE 6.0058318101/21/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CRUM BOBBI 39.2213167505/17/1996Allen County CSEA
CRUM BOBBI 27.6912768105/07/1996Allen County CSEA
CRUM BOBBI 19.2410651103/14/1996Allen County CSEA
CRUMM COLIN HERBERT 6.65562502/01/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CRUSON DELORIS 6.0060411008/03/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CRUTCHER BELINDA 15.0038650512/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CRUZ KATHERINE 6.0039837604/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CRYSTI PRICE ADM OF CRYSTI PRICE ADM OF 7.004537005/28/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CSX TRANSPORTATION CSX TRANSPORTATION 10.002887401/07/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CSX TRANSPORTATION I CSX TRANSPORTATION 9125.0047288605/09/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CUBBON FRANK W 100.002319005/05/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUFFY STEPHEN A 15.0033405008/25/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CULP ADAM 6.0059855606/10/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
CULP KERRIANN 6.0030144612/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CULP TRICIA ELIZABETH 1.47643108/23/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CULVER WILLIAM R. JR. 15.30387703/25/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUMMANS TRAVIS ALAN 6.311005608/06/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CUMMINGS RANDY LEE 5.03161304/23/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CUNNINGHAM BRANDON 2.00927112/08/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CUNNINGHAM JASON 6.0030435512/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
CUNNINGHAM PHYLLIS 6.0073763011/14/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CUNNINGHAM PRESTON 6.0049220611/17/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
CUNNINGHAM STEPHEN L 7.60739205/22/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CUNNINGHAM SUMMER 6.0040691807/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CUPP ROBERT R 23.3064409/23/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUPP ROBERT R 16.331240611/14/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUPP ROBERT R 25.001240711/14/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUPP ROBERT R 47.301240811/14/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUPPLES CHAD 6.0037919609/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CUPPLES CHAD 6.004971006/15/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CURL TRACY 6.0072846608/28/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CURLISS RYAN 6.0030664301/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
CURTIS DEDRIC L 6.0067991507/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
CURTIS GARRY 6.0051344305/08/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
CURTIS PAUL 6.0046058403/08/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
CURTIS TONY 6.0060988212/10/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
CUSTAR MIKE 6.00541407/27/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
CUSTER TRACEY 9.0040697407/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
CUSTER TRACY 6.0036732706/09/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
CUTHRELL SYLVESTER 1.05289307/15/1993Allen County Treasurers Warrant
CUTLIP PATRICIA ROSE 20.54687612/26/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
CUTLIP PAUL 6.0073928511/25/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
CUYAHOGA CO SHERIFF CUYAHOGA CO SHERIFF 7.0048239701/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
D & K AUTO SUPPLY 67.2058138612/22/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
D O C OPTICAL CENTER 283.5431459603/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
D'ARCA RICK 6.003005105/10/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DAHILL AARON 6.0041471009/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DAHILL DANIEL 6.0039302703/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DAHILL TERREL 5.2230829306/26/1996Allen County Payroll
DAILEY JASON 6.0042604901/19/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DALE TRAVIS 6.0064867809/22/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DALEY CONSTANCE 35.0071480502/01/1993Allen County CSEA
DALEY CONSTANCE 35.0085172604/18/1994Allen County CSEA
DALEY CONSTANCE 35.0040031511/13/1989Allen County CSEA
DALEY DOUG 58.90583401/16/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DALEY JOHN P 15.0052190210/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DALEY SHANE 6.0055271904/09/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
DALLY JOHN SCOTT 10.75275602/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DALTON RANDALL ELLIOTT DR 6.0048495909/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DAMERON SHANNON MARI 20.55508209/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DANCER LESTER 6.0051737210/30/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIEL CHEYENNA CHEM 3.31627107/13/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DANIEL CRYSTAL MARIE 1.25488707/13/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DANIEL HOLLIS 158.1257479809/16/1991Allen County CSEA
DANIEL HORACE 2.00174806/10/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DANIEL QUENTIN JEROM 3.50777409/05/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DANIEL RAY 6.0046116301/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIEL THERESA 1.1897518704/10/1995Allen County CSEA
DANIEL THERESA 3.11238106/12/1995Allen County CSEA
DANIEL THERESA 6.0037920109/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIEL WAYNE 6.0046116201/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIELS BRANDON 6.0051665808/11/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIELS DAVID 6.0065117610/25/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIELS DEAVERIELLE L 6.0072732808/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DANIELS MARK 6.0045085212/14/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
DANNER DOROTHY 65.0065383211/14/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DANNER DOROTHY 71.5069466311/12/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DANNER JOHN 5.68140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DANNER LEE ALLAN 11.35140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DANNER LOUIS 5.68140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DANNER MAX 17.03140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DANNER RAY 5.68140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DANSBY DANNY CRAY 1.18218012/23/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DANSBY MARVIN D. 2.74422608/29/1997Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DANSBY VONDA 6.0043481304/10/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DARBYSHIRE CRAIG 6.0048691409/30/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DARDEN CRYSTAL 6.0066763803/18/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DARDEN IDA MAE 53.345222109/19/1984Allen County CSEA
DARDIO MARK 6.0055127308/03/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DARDIO MARY 6.0048454102/09/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DAUGHTERY TAISHA 6.0036212904/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DAUGHTRY DOMINQUE 6.0043237003/15/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVENPORT JALISA 6.0057854803/22/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIE MITCHELL 6.0054637802/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIES STEPHEN 6.0049479604/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS ANGELA 6.0045576302/05/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS BARBARA 6.0041149205/21/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS BARBARA 56.77140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DAVIS BRENDA DENISE 2.00409211/12/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS CHAD M 6.0058159004/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS CHARITY 6.0065701001/25/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS CHRIS 4.00423310/09/1997Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DAVIS CHRISTINA 6.0074465801/28/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS CHRISTINA 6.0056996501/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS CRYSTAL DAWN 16.09164804/30/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS CYNTHIA 6.0047048510/01/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS DEANNA K 15.0044265106/22/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS DIANA 20.006742712/01/1995Allen County CSEA
DAVIS DOROTHY KIM 6.0031433903/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS FREIDA 6.0057085201/28/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS GEORGE E JR 15.0049636812/23/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS GLENN 2.691106605/10/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS GLENN E 64.314833902/24/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DAVIS GLORIA 6.0050440003/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS GREGORY LYNN 37.70673511/13/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS JAMES 6.0052522001/16/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS JARROD 6.0044042605/31/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS JASON NEIL 3.57386508/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS JEFF 9.40917006/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DAVIS JERMAINE BERNAR 3.65177407/01/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS JOHN F 15.0054056904/28/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS KATHRYN 10.0041557103/07/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS KEICHA 6.0048423409/18/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS LEAH 7.50753303/05/2004Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DAVIS LEAH M 32.005973508/31/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DAVIS MARION 6.0042943510/27/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS MARK E G 23.004689210/05/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DAVIS MARLO EUGENE 12.30332203/16/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS MARY J 2904.570Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS MELISSA 6.0041466909/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS MICHAEL 6.0069846412/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS MICHAEL ANTHONY 2.40545212/14/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS MONICA 6.0051302105/05/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS NEAL JAMES 5.76993407/02/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS QUENTRINA LANAE 193.67143501/31/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS RAYLON ARMANDE 7.00661210/13/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS RAYLON ARMANDE 2.35953203/16/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS RHONDA 86.6721230708/05/1987Allen County CSEA
DAVIS RICHARD E 6.0031433803/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS SAUNDRA KAY 12.6036252805/04/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS SHAUN MICHAEL 3.00683212/12/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS STEPHANIE 6.0032490406/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS STEPHEN 26.0042030108/07/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS TERESA 6.0031000302/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DAVIS TERESA LYNN 3.81917311/04/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAVIS TINA 78.0022749710/21/1987Allen County CSEA
DAWSON CHELSY 6.0037655308/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DAWSON CHRISTY 6.0046606403/05/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DAWSON CHRISTY 6.0045169210/01/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DAWSON CRYSTAL 6.0037784109/02/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DAWSON DONALD PTL 6.0053539904/06/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DAWSON JEFFREY JR 1.30350605/12/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DAWSON L. 5.131054207/03/1995Allen County CSEA
DAWSON RUBY 55.0020410306/17/1987Allen County CSEA
DAWSON TIMOTHY RYAN 15.0053550903/03/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DAWSON TONY A 6.0032553106/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DAY MATTHEW 6.0046287208/03/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DE LA CRUZ JOE FARIAS 2.35637208/09/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DE STEPHENS CLIFFORD W 33.505687201/30/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DEAL JON ETAL 10.561058712/31/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DEANE WYNTON MARSALI 15.00765007/31/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DEAR JANIS E 15.0050353103/20/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DEARBAUGH ASHLEY 6.0043987302/03/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DEARTH BRIAN PTL 6.0063986808/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DEARWESTER LAURA A 71.002954003/17/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DEATS JR DANIEL 6.0041642407/02/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DEATS SCOTT W 20.10287803/06/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DEBERRY ANDREW THOMPSON 1.50997507/17/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DEBERRY SHAWN M 30.0073805111/19/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DEBERRY VAUGHN 6.0039878204/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DEE KAREN 6.0056742212/13/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DEE STEVEN 6.0068175907/19/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DEEBLE DESMOND 6.0064241109/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DEEBLES AUGUSTUS 6.0060023509/24/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DEEDS ANGELA 6.0040269205/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DEEDS FLORA 6.0068942909/25/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DEER GREG 6.0052504012/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DEFIANCE COUNTY CLER DEFIANCE COUNTY CLE 21.003276002/22/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DEITLER JAMES 6.8468602710/22/1992Allen County CSEA
DEITLER LINDA MT 6.0052205207/15/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
DEITSCH LAURIE 6.0052523301/16/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DELASHMUTT JOSHUA LE 3.00470405/23/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DELASHMUTT JOSHUA LEE 1.34246112/01/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DELK ANNA 34.06140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
DELL ADAM 6.0054648606/23/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DELL RAESHOD AMON 3.24696901/25/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DELLENBAUGH JOYCE 80.0018788104/01/1987Allen County CSEA
DELLINGER TRISTA 6.0033829210/04/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DELONG DAVID C 31.00721106/01/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C 22.50718406/01/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C 18.30718306/01/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C 60.001440106/30/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C. 18.00637010/19/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C. 25.00341602/12/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C. 1.501167812/18/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DAVID C. 22.0061809/18/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DELONG DEBRA 11.5416666608/16/1996Allen County CSEA
DELONG KAREN 60.0018512603/11/1987Allen County CSEA
DELONG MICHAEL L 1.45172706/25/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DELWICHE SUSAN A 15.0039968904/27/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DENDINGER RHONDA AGENT 6.0061200712/26/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DENISON BRUCE WILBUR 1.75240911/22/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DENNIS MICHAEL 6.0050754004/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DENNIS MICHAEL ALLEN 4.00161604/23/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DENNIS MICHAEL ALLEN 32.17567502/14/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DENNIS ROBERT 6.0058769102/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
DENNIS ROBERT EUGENE 30.00949703/02/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DENSON C E 100.990Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DENSON MOSES 6.0052300407/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
DEP DEAN MCCOMBS 6.0071799106/04/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DEP J MCCOY 17.0041766803/23/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
DEPALMA FRANK 6.0035336402/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DEPALMA LIESL 1.20986001/04/2010Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DEPALMA MATTHEW 6.0062935605/29/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DEPPENMEIER RANDY 1.76263601/11/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DERASIA KENNETH HARROD 68.52346204/29/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DERRYBERRY GLENN 7.50637210/19/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DERRYBERRY GLENN H. 23.501144211/30/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DERRYBERRY QUENTIN II 1.32168712/06/1988Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DERSHEM DANA 116.2846356202/08/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DERSHEM MICHAEL 6.0071430205/07/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DESOTE GLADYS 6.0059785306/03/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R 75.0043875709/05/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R 27.506278104/17/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R 9.001856211/26/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R 26.002339605/27/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R 12.002537901/19/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R 23.003847109/23/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R. 12.35513607/08/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DESTEPHENS CLIFFORD R. 5.50275004/09/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DET TOM MYERS 6.0052794209/03/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
DETAILED CONSTRUCTIO DETAILED CONSTRUCTI 3.68652604/25/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DEVIBISS KURTIS JOH 7.00771008/16/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DEVINNEY NATHANIEL 6.0056866608/20/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
DEWITT CHRIS 6.0046020807/14/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DEWITT CRYSTAL 6.0049911205/26/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DEWITT CRYSTAL 6.0060903512/03/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DEWITT CRYSTAL 6.0061235601/22/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DEWITT MICHAEL 4.00735201/09/2004Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DEWITT STEPHANIE 6.0052466511/05/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DEWYSE SCOTT 6.0071759905/29/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DIAMOND SAVINGS & LO DIAMOND SAVINGS & L 14.352813410/28/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DIAMOND SAVINGS & LO DIAMOND SAVINGS & L 50.002829511/17/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DICK JAMES EDWARD 1.641046511/25/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DICKERHOFF TIM 300.0042919210/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DICKERSON ALBERT 6.0055076703/24/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
DICKERSON BILL 6.002539601/20/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DICKERSON KENNETH C 79.503308203/30/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DICKERSON STEPHANIE 6.0045049904/30/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DICKINSON BECTON 36.58354012/29/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DICKMAN JUDITH C 13.3542174211/29/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DICKMAN TROY 6.00608/22/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DIEDERMAN W E 3.00730106/07/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DIEGEL NICHOLE 6.0052065007/06/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
DIEGEL TRISCHENA 6.0044658808/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DIEGEL TRISHENA 6.0062828203/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DIEHL ANGIE 6.0058445801/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
DIEHL ANGIE 6.0061649311/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
DIEHL CAROL 4.92251602/12/1992Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DIEHL RAYMOND W 2.141048812/03/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DIFERD AARON 6.0054789607/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DIGLIA DONALD 10.0067718806/05/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DILLARD BRUCE 6.0031203103/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DILLARD JAMES 6.0071087504/09/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DILLARD JAMES 6.0070160701/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DILLARD JAMES E 15.0051101009/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DILLER DWIGHT 6.0066774203/18/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DILLINGHAM RONALD 45.0062904110/03/2001Allen County CSEA
DILLINGHAM RONALD 53.0062904410/01/1001Allen County CSEA
DILTZ AMBER 12.0074761802/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DILTZ AMBER 12.0074762102/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DILTZ MARY BETH 12.0074761602/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DILTZ MICHELLE 12.0074762202/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DILTZ MICHELLE 12.0074761702/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DILTZ NATHAN 3.09588903/31/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DILTZ SHELIA 12.0074761502/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DILTZ SHELIA 12.0074762402/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DIMMITT MARILYN 10.0072795503/16/1993Allen County CSEA
DINGLEDINE NANCY 0.6976340207/09/1993Allen County CSEA
DINGLEDINE STEPHANIE 6.0052091009/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DIPAOLA MARIA 5.004675409/23/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DISALLE VIRGINIA 34.0040516206/19/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DISTRICT ATTORNEY 53.9223724512/02/1987Allen County CSEA
DITTO CANDICE 2.761132307/12/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DITTO STANLEY 5.0030598410/14/1988Allen County CSEA
DITTO STANLEY 5.0030523610/12/1988Allen County CSEA
DITTO STANLEY 5.0030278709/30/1988Allen County CSEA
DITTO STANLEY 3.7329879309/14/1988Allen County CSEA
DITTO STANLEY 5.0030122709/23/1988Allen County CSEA
DITTO STANLEY 3.7330048409/21/1988Allen County CSEA
DITTO WESLEY 6.0040276905/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DIX GLEN 15.55880008/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DIXON BEVERLY 5.9489369Allen County CSEA
DIXON BEVERLY 10.008871101/29/1996Allen County CSEA
DIXON COURTNEY P 6.0042024410/28/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DIXON DOMINIQUE 6.0030152112/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DODDS CORY 6.0044907808/31/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DODDS DANIEL GEOR 3.00801711/06/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DODGE ADAM LEE 5.80134804/01/2099Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DODSON JAMES M 24.003240601/19/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DOHERTY MARIANNE 1.92102408/15/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 36.042015106/03/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DOMINION EAST OHIO DOMINION EAST OHIO 14.1333292408/19/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DOMINION RESOURCES 900.0044081406/07/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DONLEY KRISTINA 6.0051244809/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DONNAL JAMES RUSSELL 6.0035630403/10/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DONOHOE RALPH ARTHER 2.01536411/21/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DONOHUE GREGORY W. 6.65210209/29/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DONOVAN DAVID 6.6913360005/23/1996Allen County CSEA
DONOVAN JOSHUA K 1.19219710/12/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DONOVON HAROLD DAMIEN 2.00656209/29/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOOLEY WAYNE 6.0053431502/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DOSECK JEFF 30.0046835605/07/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
DOTSON DONALD DEAN 2.96977305/18/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOTSON KATHLENE 15.00423309/09/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DOTSON MICHELLE 9.993542009/07/1995Allen County CSEA
DOTSON MICHELLE 1.2162882905/23/2001Allen County CSEA
DOTSON ROBERT 70.60473502/04/2099Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DOTSON TERRY A 139.00422809/08/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DOTSON TERRY A 70.001950503/28/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DOTSON TIMOTHY 6.0032327205/27/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DOTSON TOYA 6.0064875209/22/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DOTY JANE 15.0052931212/21/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DOTY RICHARD A 41.0046673103/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DOUGHTY TERELLE 6.0031472603/19/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DOUGLAS SHAWN 6.0074337201/16/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DOUTE LAURA 6.0067347104/29/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DOVE DANIELLE SUE 10.0069851812/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DOVE ERIC 6.0065019210/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DOVE PAMELA 12.5080123011/08/1993Allen County CSEA
DOVE PAMELA 12.5080121511/08/1993Allen County CSEA
DOVE TRISTA 6.0065019110/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
DOVE TRISTA 6.0041959507/30/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNES HURST & FISHE DOWNES HURST & FISH 86.2555067307/26/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNEY ADAM 1.281040311/09/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOWNEY DAVID JR 6.0039702704/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNEY DAVID SCOTT 5.00599804/28/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOWNEY RONNIE ALAN 4.25479506/20/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOWNHOUR WARREN JOHN 15.0039241003/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNING ASHLEY 6.0054195805/11/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNING DEB 6.0051296005/05/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNING PATRICIA 20.0025158902/10/1988Allen County CSEA
DOWNING PATRICIA 20.0025158802/10/1988Allen County CSEA
DOWNING TODD CHRIS 5.311047511/30/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOWNTON LASHENA 6.0057564102/27/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWNTON ROSLYN 6.0057297602/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DOWTON OLIVIA 6.0040328303/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DOYLE BETSY 6.0041211708/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DOYLE BETSY J 15.0051431710/06/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
DOYLE DAVID PATRICK 87.69630707/19/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOYLE LINDSAY 6.0052265310/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DOYLE NORMAN NMN 2.00263307/23/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DOYLE WILLIAM SR 6.0052431311/02/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DRAKE JOHN CHIEF 6.0052871112/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DRAKE JOHN CHIEF 6.0053811603/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DRAY TERRY JAMES 1.25197309/18/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DREWYOR NICHOLE 30.0058002010/03/1991Allen County CSEA
DRIVER JAMES 6.0042562009/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DUBOIS SUSAN MARIE 15.0052830012/10/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DUCHAC NEIL II D 15.0035904404/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DUFF BEVERLY 50.0086508705/26/1994Allen County CSEA
DUFF THOMAS E 15.0045487611/01/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DUFFMAN BARBARA A 6.2644350202/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DUFFMAN DONALD 6.0057566202/27/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DUFFMAN MELISSA 6.0070147101/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DUFFMAN MELISSA 6.005131911/02/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DUGGER NATALIE 6.003588304/05/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
DUHL LISA 1.20985512/16/2009Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DUKES CLARA L 15.0063885108/21/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DUKES CLARK 6.0033573409/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DULEBOHN DIANA G 9.001925703/06/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DUMKE ELIZABETH 30.0013908306/05/1996Allen County CSEA
DUMKE ELIZABETH 30.0013908106/05/1996Allen County CSEA
DUMM ANITA 2.65721407/16/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DUMSTORFF KAREN 1.1363036605/21/2001Allen County CSEA
DUNBAR JESSIE 6.0034239011/09/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNBAR JESSIE 0.2898273005/01/1995Allen County CSEA
DUNBAR JESSIE 10.0698021704/24/1995Allen County CSEA
DUNBAR JESSIE 5.0022646210/14/1987Allen County CSEA
DUNCAN ELENA 25.0021576912/17/1996Allen County CSEA
DUNIFON DAVID 5.00373606/26/1996Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DUNIFON DAVID E 6.0058622305/21/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNIFON ISAAC 6.0066048401/17/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNIFON ISSAC 6.0074374901/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNLAP CHERYL 6.0058926803/16/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNLAP CURTIS LEE 1.46348508/08/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DUNLAP DAKOTA 0.403605901/26/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
DUNLAP JODY ANN 92.3099364806/12/1996Allen County CSEA
DUNLAP LARRY 6.0056194506/23/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNLAP TOMMIE J 3.05266601/19/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DUNLAP TOMMIE JAMES 1.05278109/11/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
DUNN CHRISTOPHER 6.0040653407/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNN LARRY 4.0644359202/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNNIGAN DEREK 6.0064013109/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNNIGAN GERALD 6.0040702104/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNSTER KARI 12.0074819702/24/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DUNSTER KARI 6.0072565208/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
DUPREE DENNIS 6.0066115501/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DURON GILBERTO (NMN) 98.68727006/03/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DURON VICKI 6.0067069704/05/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR AMIDA 20.0046593403/04/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR AMIDA 20.0049389212/02/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR BRADY 6.0040257203/17/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR CELENA 6.0031476003/19/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR JANICE 6.0055079703/24/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR JOVON 6.0030223412/09/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR KAHLALIA 6.0055244508/14/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR KRISTOPHER C C O 6.0053768504/24/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DURR ROSS 6.0059792509/06/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
DUSMAN DONNA 1.0046120401/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DUVAL BARBARA JO 60.0044616703/19/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
DWYER JOHN 54.802318205/05/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
DYER ALBERT 6.0051336206/29/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
DYER D SUSAN 6.0041470309/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DYER JANIE 6.0039136002/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DYER JANIE 6.0039524403/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
DYER JANIE 6.0045269610/11/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
DYER JANINE 6.0043119403/08/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
DYER NICOLE 6.0053570703/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
DYER SUSAN DR 6.0048163208/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
DYKE JAMES K 15.0053980805/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
DYKE SHERRY 99.0099535806/02/1995Allen County CSEA
DYSERT SHEILA 6.00370716Allen County Accounts Payable
E S EVANS 82.5064837Allen County Probate Court
EARL BENJAMIN 47.701372104/13/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EARL CHRIS 6.0061271001/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
EARL STACY 6.0030153212/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
EASLEY PATRICK 13.0934524910/21/1997Allen County CSEA
EAST COURTNAY 30.005163412/07/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EAST OHIO GAS CO 14.7671533205/09/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EATON DAVE 1.38541402/04/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
EATON JESSICA 6.0043652004/26/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
EBELING RICHARD 6.0068809609/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EBERHART ANITA 77.1043132611/10/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
EBERLE CHAD EDWARD 2.00214712/05/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EBERLE ROBERT CLARENCE 28.171091303/24/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ECCARD DEVON ETAL 4.94562201/31/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ECCARD JACQUELINE 0.8663030905/21/1001Allen County CSEA
ECKEL P CORY 23.001362904/04/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ECKERSON TIMOTHY WAY 3.50524810/20/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ED PRO INC ED PRO INC 73.4443439104/06/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
EDDIR FAITH 6.0052079609/25/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
EDDIR KAREEM 6.0072519007/30/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EDDY E RICHARD 80.0053877Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EDDY E RICHARD II 33.5059000007/10/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EDDY E RICHARD II 5.002920107/01/2009Allen County Probate Court
EDDY E RICHARD II 35.673615801/26/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
EDGE FRANKIE 6.0047239305/02/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
EDGE JOHNNIE 102.001200107/06/1995Allen County CSEA
EDGE JOHNNIE 102.002167708/01/1995Allen County CSEA
EDGINGTON BRAD ALLEN 4.12996907/14/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EDMISTER LENORA 6.0072031006/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EDMISTON NORMA 50.0091563410/21/1994Allen County CSEA
EDMONDS JUSTIN DURAN 3.84892708/04/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EDMONDS JUSTIN DURAN 35.82677611/27/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EDSALL JOHNNATHON MICHAEL 3.85919911/13/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EDUCATIONAL PROVIDERS 8.8566306202/02/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARD JOSH 6.0049643805/05/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS B J 6.0066885303/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS B J 6.0066888203/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS BONNIE 1.6236900206/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS DAN 6.0050928405/14/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS JAMES 6.0054221012/31/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS MELANIE 80.0014211206/13/1996Allen County CSEA
EDWARDS MELANIE R 70.0029015408/05/1988Allen County CSEA
EDWARDS MELANIE R 70.0029339008/19/1988Allen County CSEA
EDWARDS REBECCA 6.0067343104/29/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS REBECCA 6.0067262504/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS REBECCA 6.0067031404/02/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS RHODA 6.0047482105/30/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS SUMMER 6.0048121707/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
EDWARDS THOMAS CANTRE 3.16260601/07/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EHRNSBERGER TREVOR 6.0045700906/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
EIBEN SHIRLEY 6.0055363704/16/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
EICHOLTZ CHARLES 35.708148401/09/1996Allen County CSEA
EICHOLTZ INC EICHOLTZ INC 10.002983404/21/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EICKHOLT BOBBIE 6.0063401605/09/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
EICKHOLT CHARLES 6.0042744510/09/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
EICKHOLT REBECCA 6.0042744610/09/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
EILERMAN SGT MICHAEL 6.0039838104/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
EISEMAN SHAWN 6.0035706203/17/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ELAM BRYAN LEE 6.87229602/24/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELAND JENNIFER 40.0084447903/24/1994Allen County CSEA
ELDRIDGE DAN SPEC DEP 6.0047807306/30/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ELDRIDGE DANIEL SPEC DEP 6.0047005404/08/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
ELDRIDGE LORI 6.0031922504/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ELKINS ANNETTE 6.0034274311/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ELLERBROCK TRAVIS 17.0049644005/05/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
ELLING CHAD HAROLD 10.14817112/18/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELLIOTT EARNICO DEMA 1.63766108/02/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELLIOTT EARNIO DENAZ 10.00148204/30/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELLIOTT JAMES 6.0070152101/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
ELLIOTT JR GOERGE WILLIAM 8.56880306/30/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELLIOTT LEMUEL 6.0041178408/29/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ELLIOTT WILLIAM 1.05121402/26/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELLIS LISA M 64.004197008/22/2003Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ELLIS PHILLIP JONATHAN 5.105660901/11/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ELLIS PHILLIP JONATHAN 25.005661001/11/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ELLIS QUETILLA FLORNIQUE 6.481027810/05/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ELLIS TANISH NICOLE 22.25794510/22/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EMBARQ EMBARQ 564.9642313512/11/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
EMC MORT EMC MORT 13.78612807/13/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
EMCH JOHN BENJAMIN 7.06404910/25/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EMEHISER MICHAEL P 10.0063569005/24/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
EMERICK TARI ANN 20.001029610/09/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EMLINGER HARRY H 20.0061314110/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ENDERSBY MICHAEL JOS 3.33729504/26/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ENDERSBY MICHAEL JOS 1.75773208/21/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ENDERSBY MICHAEL JOSEPH 3.00336203/30/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ENDRES LORI L 20.0044135006/12/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
ENGLAND DARLENE 45.0046928405/15/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
ENGLE JO ELLEN 10.0068227407/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
ENGLE SHEILA 6.0058926203/16/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ENTINGHE KRISTINE 6.0033583209/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ENTINGHE KRISTINE M 6.00340242Allen County Accounts Payable
EPLEY JEFFREY LYNN 1.82289503/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EPLEY MICHAEL 6.0035336302/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
EPPERLEY SHELIA 6.0050084502/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
ERFURT EDWARD W. III 40.82134811/21/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ERICKSON L 127.39936111/07/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
ERNEST GLORIA 390.0039515310/25/1989Allen County CSEA
ERVIN JONATHAN 8.0053394001/19/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
ERVING BETH A 6.0041888211/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
ERVING PAMELA 3.6414749106/26/1996Allen County CSEA
ERWIN ROSS 6.0064328109/26/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
ESMONDE JUDY 6.0044762011/19/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
ESPINOZA BRIAN KEITH 3.11576603/06/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ESTATE OF ALVIRA I S ESTATE OF ALVIRA I 95.7932984107/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
ESTATE OF RUTH ANN S 95.9156940412/21/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
ESTELLE MARQUITA 6.0046706809/13/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
ESTES BRYAN 6.0058555105/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
ESTILL NATHANIEL 6.0074677702/11/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
ESTLE JOSEPH 6.0038846412/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ESTRADA MISAEL ORTIZ 53.58197409/18/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
EVAN ROBERT 3.503706912/18/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
EVANS BRANDON PTL 6.0054438005/28/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS CAROLYN 6.0060704008/30/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS CASEY 6.0051223404/29/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS CATHY A 200.3929237308/17/1988Allen County CSEA
EVANS CURTIS 6.0037658408/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS DAVID JR WAYNE 1.34512809/19/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS ERICH 10.00961201/28/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EVANS GREGORY 30.6046137807/02/1998Allen County CSEA
EVANS JAYDEN 6.0045268310/11/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
EVANS JUSTIN 6.0053840904/01/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS JUSTIN 6.0053126301/21/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS KIM 6.0063490007/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS KIM 6.0064565710/22/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS LAMAR 6.0054841403/03/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS LISA 25.0068935811/02/1992Allen County CSEA
EVANS MAIL SERVICE 62.3445212612/26/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS MEGAN M 6.0064056809/09/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS MICHELLE 6.0054722206/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS MICHELLE 6.0052874712/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS MICHELLE 6.0039702804/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS SHIRLEY 6.0064325108/02/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS SHIRLEY 6.0070451002/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS SHIRLEY 6.0071840806/06/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS SHIRLEY 6.0072711908/19/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS SHIRLEY 6.0037013706/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS SHIRLEY L 10.0070439902/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS TIMOTHY 6.0068940209/25/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
EVANS TRISHA 6.0073920011/25/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
EVERETT PATRICIA A 36.0333868803/03/1989Allen County CSEA
EVILSIZER SANDRA 1.254791901/21/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
EWALD RICH 7.5812674406/06/1990Allen County Payroll
EWING HARRY JR 6.0037342107/28/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
EXPERIENCE WORKS INC EXPERIENCE WORKS IN 300.0048909310/24/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
EXPRESS TITLE EXPRESS TITLE 19.64622510/04/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
EYANSON NICK 6.0053428402/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
EYANSON NICK 6.0053798603/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
F.C. FINANCIAL CORPORATION 1074.170Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FACCENDA RENIKA 6.0044717208/14/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FAGAN MIRANDA 6.0053436802/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FAGAN MIRANDA 6.0045163109/28/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FAILS CARL L 6.0056099210/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FAILS CARL LESTER 1.05707202/27/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FAIRBANKS FAIRBANKS 312.51590102/09/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FAIRCHILD DAVID EARL 12.00508109/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FAIRE TONY BROWN 28.73393609/20/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FAIRFAX CIRCUIT COURT 3.5073269210/03/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FALIN AMANDA 6.0058927803/16/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FALK AUGUST F 5.000Allen County Probate Court
FALK JAMES E 10.0073516910/28/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FALLER DENNIS P. 19.25550908/03/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FANTZ BRUCE 6.0042171604/25/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
FANZ BRUCE 6.0043276907/20/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
FARBER BRYON SA 6.0052844412/10/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FARGO JOSEPH 6.0031204703/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FARGO JOSPEH 6.0031600903/30/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FARIAS JOEL 3.25184207/22/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FARLER MICHAEL 6.0055008407/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FARLER MICHELLE 6.1970412402/07/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FARLER MICHELLE 10.5874039612/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FARLEY DEREK 6.0035128802/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FARLEY JAMES 6.0041957507/30/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FARRIS RAY A 150.0054740Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FARROW TALIA SHERRI 3.45194609/04/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FARROW TONY MARTESS 5.11262907/22/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FASSETT DAVID W 6.501098607/08/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FASTENAL CO 15.8762222202/03/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FAUROT ANTHONY R 15.102266003/12/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FAUROT JANE 4.0042400905/17/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
FAUST AARON 6.0040576804/10/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FAXTOR IRENE 6.0051468107/13/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FAY STEPHEN O JR 379.174132201/24/2011Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FAY VICKIE L 15.0061599202/14/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FB DEVELOPMENT FB DEVELOPMENT 12.7236258205/04/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FCMS REO SUB CORP FCMS REO SUB CORP 4299.77712501/04/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FEATHERS THOMAS 6.0052793812/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FEATHERS THOMAS 6.0055258810/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FEE DASVID 6.0070622802/26/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FEE JEFFREY 6.0052263510/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FEFFI PAUL 9.253687512/01/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
FELL CHERYL J 50.0035911205/26/1989Allen County CSEA
FELTNER GABE 6.0036620805/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FELTON AGNES 25.0023594712/02/1987Allen County CSEA
FELTON AGNES 68.0036400506/16/1989Allen County CSEA
FELVER JESSICA 6.0051533110/18/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FELVER LATOSHA 6.0051532810/18/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FERGUSON JAMES 30.0040147803/05/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FERGUSON KRISTINA 6.0042679310/02/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FERGUSTON KRISTINA 6.0041567210/04/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FERRELL MIKE 6.0056994401/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FERRINI TIFFINY L 276.5147973307/18/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FETT WAYNE 350.260Allen County Probate Court
FETTER MINDY 6.0052571701/19/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FETTER TIM 6.0052571601/19/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FETTER TONY 6.0040396806/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FIDELITY 16.50862603/21/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FIELDS ANTOINE LESHAWN 2.00839902/20/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FIELDS DARRELL PTL 6.0031597703/30/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FIELDS JOHN C 1.1462641603/08/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FIELDS MISTI 6.0044504607/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FIFTH THIRD BANK 61.98415707/18/1997Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FINERTY DAN 6.0050290406/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FINLEY M. 3.005408901/12/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FINN ANDREW 1.081117306/03/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FINN NORMA 6.0061656211/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FINNERTY RUTH 6.0042663201/30/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FINNERY DANIEL 6.0051503310/13/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FIRST COMMUNICATIONS 78.5459261707/19/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FIRST DEVON 2.02754507/02/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FIRST DEVON PATRICK 2.46638408/11/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FIRST FEDERAL 7.60263107/17/1992Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FIRST OHIO FIRST OHIO 6.00582601/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FIRST OHIO TITLE FIRST OHIO TITLE 42.62582201/05/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FIRST USA VISA FIRST USA VISA 294.442674406/02/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISCHER JUDY 4.9027649606/08/1988Allen County CSEA
FISCHER JUDY 100.0027821106/15/1988Allen County CSEA
FISH TONI 45.0083877803/07/1994Allen County CSEA
FISHER 164.700Allen County Probate Court
FISHER ANGELA 167.5415203107/08/1996Allen County CSEA
FISHER ANGELA 6.0068001707/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER BARBARA S 6.0034024110/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER BASIL W 300.001915802/21/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER BRIAN M 18.022183912/09/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER BRIAN M 18.022184112/09/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER BRIAN M 35.002071401/17/2001Allen County Juvenile Court
FISHER BRIAN M 55.003146209/28/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER CHARITY MARIA 1.50420512/17/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER CHARITY MARIA 2.02475706/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER CHARLIE LEE 15.0039968704/27/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER DAVID 6.0054787707/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER ERIC DUNCAN 2.21691301/05/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER FRANK 6.0058020812/10/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER HEATHER LYNN 6.0040657407/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER JAMES 3.75842302/29/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER JAMES EDWARD 26.84289110/20/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER JAMES P 28.002685706/17/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER JERRY LEE 1.40109209/05/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER JOHN H 38.001650503/21/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER MARIE 249.50612509/27/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER MARVA 6.0064698509/08/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER MARVA 6.0066707603/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER MORGAN 6.0053458102/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER MORGAN 6.0041467909/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER NATALIE LOUISE 23.22597904/26/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FISHER ROB 6.0054724006/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER TAURUS 46.703099908/10/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FISHER TONYA 6.0050082506/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER TONYA 6.0051602610/20/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER TRINA 6.0066707503/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FISHER TRISHEENA 6.0035016301/24/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FITZGERALD CECIL 6.0053535404/06/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FITZGERALD VALERIE L 15.0040967408/09/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FITZWATER CHARLES 6.0048749110/16/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
FITZWATER NANCY 6.0040329803/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FLANAGAN CARRIE 9.0037054507/07/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FLANAGAN ROBERT 6.0054216612/31/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
FLAUGHER ELIZA 6.0045168311/01/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FLEISCHMAN KATHLEEN 6.0035888204/05/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FLEISCHMAN ROBERT ED 3.19798710/31/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FLEMING JOHN 6.0066633103/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FLEMING JON 6.0064970609/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FLETCHER AMY 6.0052137009/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FLETCHER CARL KIRBY 1.40865505/12/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FLETCHER GLEN 1.2663029305/02/2001Allen County CSEA
FLETCHER KATHY 6.0037801609/07/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FLETCHER KIMBERLY 6.0040277105/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FLETCHER TOMMY 35.211031810/15/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FLETCHER TRISHA 0.0962000907/18/2001Allen County CSEA
FLETCHER TRISHA 0.1062901007/18/2001Allen County CSEA
FLETCHER TRISHA 0.1062900807/18/2001Allen County CSEA
FLETCHERR ELWOOD 6.0049326911/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FLORENCE DAUNTRIA SUE 1.42345204/27/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FLORENCE MICHAEL 6.0059318104/22/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FLORES JILL 21.4613252205/20/1996Allen County CSEA
FLORES STEVEN J 15.0050769304/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FLORIDA DEPT. OF HEALTH 37.5019136710/16/1996Allen County CSEA
FLORIDA OFFICE VITAL FLORIDA OFFICE VITA 9.0041787910/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FLORO ALLEN 6.0054440705/28/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FLORY LANCE 6.0054793007/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FLORY ROGER 34.3644233002/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
FLOWERS BONNIE 6.0061285901/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FLOWERS EMANUEL G 6.0060988112/10/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FLOWERS SHAWN 6.0073763111/14/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FLOWERS SHAWN 6.0073114409/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FLUELLEE ALBERTA 6.0058446401/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FLYNN JOHN T 3.505948408/14/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FOCHT LORA 25.0020615807/01/1987Allen County CSEA
FOGARTY DANIEL 6.0060911012/03/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLEY ROBERT 8.0053742204/20/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLK TORI 6.0050866308/22/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLLOWELL KATHIE 59.8663037105/21/2001Allen County CSEA
FOLSOM SOMERVILLE IN 50.0061192212/26/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLSOM SOMERVILLE IN FOLSOM SOMERVILLE I 50.0032036705/07/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLTZ GARY 12.0041845410/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLTZ KENNETH W 15.0047747407/17/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
FOLTZ LAURA A 9.8040152811/15/1989Allen County CSEA
FORBES CRAIG W MD 67.3640676604/17/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FORBES CRAIG W MD 357.8469230010/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FORD AMANDA 6.0033043607/28/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FORD ARLENE R 888.340Allen County Probate Court
FORD MICHAEL T 8.08836002/07/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FORDHAM LAURA JEAN 0.4523747107/17/2002Allen County Payroll
FORMAN SHAWNE 35.0083401302/22/1994Allen County CSEA
FORMAN SHAWNE 35.0089554308/26/1994Allen County CSEA
FORREST DAVE JEROME 1.50584303/23/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FORREST DAVE JEROME 1.10898908/21/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FORREST DEONTRAY Q 6.0053458502/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FORREST JACQUELIN MARIE 85.65441402/25/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FORREST JACQUELINE MARIL 15.10358406/02/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FORREST MARIE J 40.0038069109/22/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FORTE LEANDRE 5.5013043705/14/1996Allen County CSEA
FOSNAUGH KIM 6.0044308902/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
FOSSA MELYNDA 5.00840902/25/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER ALFONSO L 15.0052626111/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FOSTER CAYLE N 6.0067260204/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FOSTER CHARLES LEVER 1.13604705/12/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER EARL 24.951047912/01/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER EARL EDWARD 6.81710903/06/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER EARLENE 6.0053834912/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
FOSTER EMMANUEL B 22.0042345805/10/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
FOSTER ISAAC FRANKLIN 10.00189108/08/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER LEROY DEVONNE 2.00295511/06/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER LEROY DEVONNE 1.16492107/22/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER PAM 6.0070554902/21/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FOSTER WILLIE 27.301114105/27/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOSTER WILLIE JAMES 10.38222601/15/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOUGHT DINNIE E 134.4449586912/13/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
FOUGHT LAURA 6.0045758206/18/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
FOUNDATIONS BEHAVORA FOUNDATIONS BEHAVOR 18.9047040404/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FOUST GREG PTL 6.0054722906/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FOUST JULIE 5.7638570809/13/1989Allen County CSEA
FOUST REBECCA 6.0032769007/08/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FOUST STEVEN L 15.0039970004/27/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FOUTAIN MARK BENTLEY 7.40762707/23/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOWLER SEAN 6.0035041601/25/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FOWLER VICKIE 60.0062901907/18/2001Allen County CSEA
FOX CYNTHIA LEE 2.15731905/04/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOX KATHY 6.0046140003/14/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
FOX KATHY 6.0047022905/24/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
FOX LORETTA 6.0062578905/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FOX MATTHEW K 67.002792710/05/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FOX MATTHEW K 5.002145910/27/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FOX MICHAEL 6.0063687208/05/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FOXVOG DENNIS 6.0058816706/11/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FOXVOG DENNIS 6.0058161804/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FOXVOG DENNIS PTL 6.0053127601/21/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FOXVOG DENNIS PTL 6.0049289911/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FOXVOG DENNIS PTL 6.0053433102/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FOY SADE MARTIKA 30.00794710/22/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FOY TERRANCE L SR 4.32966704/23/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FRAIRE BARBARA LEE 1.95562902/02/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FRAME ROSS FRAME ROSS 2.20701403/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANCE RUTH A 339.4914747106/29/2007Allen County Probate Court
FRANK ABIGAIL 6.0050928705/14/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANK KATHLEEN A. 80.0023023011/04/1987Allen County CSEA
FRANK KATHLEEN A. 80.0022027309/16/1987Allen County CSEA
FRANKLIN BRIAN 6.0051083306/03/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANKLIN CO CLERK OF COUR 17.79964302/02/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FRANKLIN CO SHERIFF 1.3268466008/14/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANKS ANTHONY W 15.0052930512/21/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANKS AUTO WASH 30.0060135707/06/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANKS AUTO WASH 23.0042995206/25/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
FRANTZ JANICE 80.002647302/01/1984Allen County CSEA
FRAZIER LAVARIS LEE 1.50144702/05/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FRAZIER ROBERT THOMAS 1.24244011/29/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FREED LYDIA 6.0044388707/10/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FREELAND WENDELL S 10.0047935308/05/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
FREELS TIFFANY 6.0062891503/30/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FREEMAN BRANDON 6.0064359908/04/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FREEMAN FELICIA 6.0070160401/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FREEMAN HENRY NAPOLEO 4.00546212/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FREEMAN JOCK LAMONT 1.591062801/11/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FREEMAN JUAN RICO 11.06111509/12/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FREEMAN ROBERT BRU 101.00333303/22/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FREEMAN SAMUEL 6.0070160501/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FREEMAN SHIRLEY 6.0070160301/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FREEZE DAN 6.0073245110/03/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FRENCH BRUCE COMLY 15.001909502/11/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FRENCH DEBORAH 20.0075729906/18/1993Allen County CSEA
FRENCH DIANE W. 16.901003308/25/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FRENCH MICAH 1.46787311/23/2004Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FRENCH MICAH 6.0052323410/22/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FRENCH MICHAH 6.0040767304/24/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FRESE CHRISTINA 6.0055530Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FREUH EUGENE 6.0071767105/29/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FREY ELLEN 6.0042231311/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FREY MAXINE 56.77140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
FREYTAG BOB 6.0062813503/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
FREYTAG CRYSTAL 6.0061249010/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FREYTAG SCOTT 6.45381307/22/1996Allen County Treasurers Warrant
FRICKE DENNIS 6.0060022709/24/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
FRICKE KIMBERLY S 6.0042602309/25/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FRICKE MELISSA 6.0067524805/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FRICKE SHANNON 6.0054764Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FRICKE VERNON 12.003751406/04/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FRIEDRICH MATTHEW 6.0051535510/18/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
FRIFFITH TINA 6.0053650604/13/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
FRISBY J SGT 6.0051779708/21/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FRISBY JAMES 6.0039106502/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FRISBY SGT JAMES 6.0042606701/19/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FRITZ MRS 12.001730106/24/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
FROMER ELAINE 17.03140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
FROST WENDY RN 6.0047802506/27/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FRUEH GARY L 15.0035906704/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FRUEH RUTH 4.1346345208/06/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
FRY DENNIS 6.0046345802/08/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FRY JEFFREY NMN 21.89211911/26/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FRYE FREDRICH E 6.0046071507/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
FRYER CINDY 6.0073616311/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
FRYER GLEN 81.6513578709/01/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FRYSINGER WESLEY 6.0041144005/21/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
FUELLING DOREEN 6.0040726207/13/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FUERST JOE D 10.0059106903/30/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
FUGATT ANGELA 6.0061281001/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FUGATT ANGELA 6.0041212608/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
FUGATT APRIL ELAINE 34.28811112/05/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FUGATT CATHERINE 6.0053123201/21/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FUGATT CATHERINE 6.0052864412/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FUGATT CORY 6.0053123301/21/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FUGATT TIMOTHY 6.0053122301/21/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
FUHRER MILDRED 6.0067530005/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
FUHRER MILDRED 6.0056731508/06/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
FUHRMAN DANIEL 91.8743982809/13/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
FULLER RUSSELL LEE 129.75346708/08/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FULLER SHIRLEY 6.0043284303/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FULLER SHIRLEY 6.0048388608/29/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
FULLER STEVEN 6.0043139403/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FULLMER DAVE 6.0044716908/14/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FUNCHES SHAMICE YVONNE 3.65545312/14/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
FUNCHESS LONNIE XAVIER 1.90385708/25/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FUQUA EARL 6.0042644501/25/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
FUQUA JEROME EMMETT 2.111068501/25/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FUQUA SHALONDA 6.0032670606/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
FUQUA SHALONDA MARKIS 1.52262101/10/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FUQUA SHANE MARCUS 2.83852504/07/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FUREST MR WILLIAM 6.0050565103/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
FURR DANNY 3.08708405/22/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
FURR HOMER HOWARD 1.18137612/31/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FURR HOMER HOWARD JR 7.90187808/02/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FURR HOMER HOWARD JR 2.32190408/15/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FUSON JEREMIE 6.0056938008/25/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
FUTRELL CARL 3.3188314407/20/1994Allen County CSEA
FUTRELL CARL 2.541946107/26/1995Allen County CSEA
FYFFE DAVID 6.0052792712/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
FYFFE DAVID RAY 5.27905109/22/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
FYFFE VIRGIL NEWELL 2.09312201/08/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GABLE DATHAN WAYNE 2.00204809/07/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GADDY ANTHONY 6.0070412806/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GADDY ANTHONY DONTE 2.07857104/17/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GADDY GREGORY TYRONE 2.92833502/01/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GADDY GREGORY TYRONE 50.72181807/15/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAFFNEY TIMOTHY O 6.0070618702/26/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GAGW DERICK JAMES 5.001050012/08/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAHMAN CHRIS 6.0048852303/08/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
GALES TERRI J 22.3749550709/15/1998Allen County CSEA
GALLANT CHRIS 6.0035128702/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GALLANT GREGORY SCOTT 10.89633807/28/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GALLANT MICHELLE 2.33484002/17/1999Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GALLO VANESSA 6.0047461606/26/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
GALLOWAY CHARLES ERV 14.00664610/23/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GALVIN BESSIE LOU 4.25479206/20/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GALVIN BESSIE LOU 6.0044717708/14/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GAMBLE LINDSEY III 1.92948502/26/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAMBRELL RICARDO 6.0047992412/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GANT ANDRE PATRICK 16.16649109/12/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GANT ANDRE PATRICK 11.91787410/03/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GARABIS FRANCISCO A 590.003240301/19/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GARCIA KARINA ELIZABETH 17.77913610/22/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GARCIA SAUL NMN 47.83240604/21/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAREE BILL 6.0030891302/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GAREE BILL 6.0030430912/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GAREE CHRIS 6.0061021009/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GAREE NICHOL 6.0030431012/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GAREE NICHOL 6.0030891402/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GAREE NICK 6.0037474708/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GAREE NICOLE 6.0037474508/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GARLAND BILL 6.0043685012/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GARLAND CORINE 6.0044612003/19/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GARLAND DARIAN DEWIGH 4.05497308/04/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GARLEY MARY KATHERINE 2.001040211/06/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GARLOCK JENNA 6.0054390505/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GARLOCK TONY 6.0066391002/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GARRETT PAUL 6.0067996607/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GARZA ARNALFO 5.92222101/14/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GASPAR-DOMINQUES OSCAR 58.00588103/30/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GASS RICK 6.00570508/19/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GASTER RANDY J 10.0060854809/16/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GATCHELL JOHN 6.0032308505/26/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GAUGLER CHRISTINA 6.0074171112/17/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GAUGLER CHRISTINA 6.0052701411/24/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GAUSE AMANDA 6.0036726306/09/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GAUSE CRYSTAL 6.0055661005/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GAUSE TRAVIS LEROY 6.27678811/30/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAY JAMES 2.48721907/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GAY LEONARD 6.0049327211/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GAY LEONARD 18.0074234712/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GAYHART TAMMY 6.0051102109/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
GAYHEART JOHN GERALD 1.35298403/22/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAYHEART JR CURTIS 12.25825701/08/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAYHEART JR CURTIS 2.00828301/14/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GAYHEART TAMMY 6.0070961403/26/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GAYHEART TAMMY 1.29645902/26/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
GEARING ALEXIS N 35.7531487803/19/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GEARING CHRISTOPHER 20.8053762604/20/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GEARING CHRISTOPHER 7.1550000106/02/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
GEARING JANICE 500.00101712/18/2006Allen County Probate Court
GEBHART BLANCHE 1.00404404/08/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GEHLE TODD ALLEN 9.02383308/17/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GEHR ROBERT JR J 15.0033403508/25/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER AMY 6.0049086511/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER BEVERLY A 15.0050422403/27/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER CARLA D 40.006346712/19/1984Allen County CSEA
GEIGER CARLA D 40.006166412/05/1984Allen County CSEA
GEIGER DEP 6.0040398706/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER DON 6.0041598610/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER DONAVIN 90.0044070606/05/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER DONAVIN 6.0043413104/03/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER DONAVIN 6.0040696907/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER DONAVIN SPEC DEP 6.0046740703/19/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GEIGER RONALD E 20.0068713109/06/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GEISE LYNN X 15.0062180705/25/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GEISER BRAD 6.0066707203/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GEISER SAM 6.0059569305/13/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GELLER PAUL L 58.005709802/12/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GELO YOLANDA J 0.0212550005/23/1990Allen County Payroll
GENERAL MOTORS CORP 54.61788806/26/1995Allen County CSEA
GEORGE LESLIE B 4.0219693Allen County Juvenile Court
GEORGE MATTHEW 3.1257687611/08/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GEORGE MELISSA 10.0079699710/26/1993Allen County CSEA
GEORGE MICHAEL 6.0031815604/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GEORGE SHERRY 6.0031815704/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GERMAN CAROL 34.0017526801/14/1987Allen County CSEA
GERMAN DONNA 6.0068392408/07/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GERSTNER ELAINE 1.20960206/17/2008Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GESSEL BRUCE 6.0064925009/27/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
GESSEL CHRISTOPHER 6.0046615703/06/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GESSEL MICHAEL 6.0054723306/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GESSEL MICHAEL 6.0054107904/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GESSEL ROBERT WESLEY 8.28533411/10/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GESSELL BRUCE 35.7021170512/09/1996Allen County CSEA
GESSELL BRUCE 35.7021532812/17/1996Allen County CSEA
GIBBS JARRETT RANDALL 3.59261007/15/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIBSON CARRIE 6.0045174910/02/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GIBSON CARRIE 6.0044795808/21/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GIBSON CHRISTOPHER 6.0057556310/27/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GIBSON JEFFERY 6.0052292607/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
GIBSON JERRY CHRISTOPHER 35.06448803/21/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIBSON LANA 6.0061077512/17/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GIBSON LYNN W 10.0052033006/29/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
GIBSON PATRICK ANTHONY 5.89651209/18/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIBSON SERINA 6.004137506/27/2003Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GIBSON SHENA EBONY 1.12947702/23/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIBSON SYRENIA 6.0043857101/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GIDDEN RUDY III 6.0036211604/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GIDDENS RUDY III 6.0033829310/04/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GIEGERICH GRANT 5.00952503/13/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIERHART MICHAEL 6.0050430303/27/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GIFFIN UNITED INS AG GIFFIN UNITED INS A 10.003027205/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GILBERT CANDACE 53.0072367603/01/1993Allen County CSEA
GILBERT DANIEL 1.80550302/25/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GILBERT DEBBIE 6.0058927703/16/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBERT DEBBIE SUE 15.0059796609/06/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBERT DURANT FIONT 8.25761107/18/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GILBERT JACKIE WAYNE 1.20571102/22/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GILBERT JERRY 6.0031000702/20/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBERT JUDITH E 15.0040629806/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBERT MIKE 6.0044074906/05/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBERT MIKE 6.0043142103/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBERT NATASHA 6.0042669501/31/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GILBREATH ANDREW 5.05480502/09/1999Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GILICA MILAN D 100.006394107/22/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GILKEY JENNIFER E 3.2051127206/11/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GILLESPIE PATRICK 6.0049779801/26/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GILLETTE CHRIS A 6.0036203404/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GILLETTE LINDA 12.001467507/31/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GILLETTE WILLIAM VERNON 1.58197709/19/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GILLILAND ALICE MARIE 15.0042348409/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GILROY MELISSA D 15.003026505/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GIPSON CHARLES EDWARD 1.64270808/18/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIPSON CHRISTOPHER C 1.59814512/12/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIPSON COLBY RAY 1.101078702/22/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIPSON ROD 6.0044503307/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GIPSON RODERICKKEZ CARTER 1.141005108/05/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIPSON SHELDON EUGENE 14.62206311/01/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GIPSON TONY RAY 2.30179607/07/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GITTER HERTA 89.66618808/20/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GLADEN JAMES 6.0071836206/06/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GLADEN JAMES BENJERMI 26.55112909/18/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLADWELL CORY 6.0038084909/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GLADWELL CORY 6.0039511703/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GLADWELL PAUL ERIC 15.0041587710/05/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GLAZE JAMES DOUGLAS 7.45120710/18/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLAZE JOE OFF 6.0051083906/03/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GLAZE JOE OFFICER 6.0048315708/21/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GLAZE JOE PTL 6.0052087509/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GLAZE JOE PTL 6.0049694612/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GLAZE PTL JOE 6.0039847304/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GLAZIER MICHAEL DARI 8.25789210/09/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN ALTROVISE D 6.0056099310/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN DAMON O 10.11224110/20/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN DAMON OLANDIS 3.70269901/27/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN DAMON OLANDIS 12.95758307/10/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN DAMON OLANDIS 10.75865905/15/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN DEMETRIUS 6.0057367010/08/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN DEMETRIUS 40.0020096906/03/1987Allen County CSEA
GLENN EDDIE JR 2.441095404/06/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN LATONYA 6.0067528305/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN LATONYA 6.0069392011/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN MARILYN J 14.7138620609/15/1989Allen County CSEA
GLENN RICO 1.36252512/16/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN RONALD 3.891106905/11/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN SARAH 34.8374502701/28/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN STERLING 6.0057598810/28/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN TERRY 4.01401310/15/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLENN WANITA 6.0030373512/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GLENN YOLANDA 6.0068398808/07/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GLICK CHRISTOPHER 6.003701704/29/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GLICK DWAYNE 6.0046925203/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GLICK SHERRY 11.34992306/30/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GLOVER ANDREW 6.0064052407/06/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
GLOVER JULIA 140.3933935103/08/1989Allen County CSEA
GLOVER JULIA 140.3936943907/12/1989Allen County CSEA
GLOVER JULIA 140.3935916105/31/1989Allen County CSEA
GLOVER RICHARD 24.1562890105/30/2001Allen County CSEA
GLOVER SEAN E 6.0063518605/19/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
GLS COMPANY 100.0045701102/08/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
GOBLE TONY L 20.0050474702/27/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
GODBEY JAMES D 6.002108309/22/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GODFREY LISA M 15.0054178505/07/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GODSEY AARON DESHON 18.001060601/05/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GODSEY GAIL 64.0016368208/07/1996Allen County CSEA
GODSEY GAIL 64.0016368108/07/1996Allen County CSEA
GODSEY JAJUAN L 55.00166406/10/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GODSEY JAJUAN LEVAR 2.591004208/03/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GODSEY JUJAN LEVAR 41.00477206/10/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GODSEY KIMBERLY DAWN 1.431053612/17/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GODSEY MARTREVUS ANT 5.00570202/21/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GODSEY WILLIAM JR 3.25333306/07/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOEDDE AARON MATTHEW 14.06570802/21/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOEDDE INF STEVE 6.0058559302/04/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GOEDDE TIMOTHY R 12.0040966208/09/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GOEDDE WILLIAM JOSEPH 8.00570502/21/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOERGENS BRIAN 6.0040655907/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GOINGS CASSANDRA 6.0046489508/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GOINS JESSIE MAE 5.10664710/23/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOINS KAREN SUE 5.00149705/03/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOINS MELVIN 6.0042783102/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GOINS MELVIN 9997 20.007232007/23/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOLDEN ANDREW PTL 6.0053767903/25/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GOLDEN BOBBY GLENN 1.14291403/13/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOLDEN BOBBY GLENN 1.17662010/16/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOLDEN BRIDGE ACADEM 149.9853747303/24/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GOLDEN DAROLD S 1.05277702/15/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOLDEN DAROLD SCOTT 2.91121702/26/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOLDEN JOEY WAYNE 1.83565502/08/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOLDEN JULIA G 37.0062916605/27/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GOLDEN KEY TITLE 27.25850302/01/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GOLDEN KEY TITLE GOLDEN KEY TITLE 18.86605306/14/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GOLDEN TAMI JO 6.0047295710/26/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GOLDEN THOMAS 5.00288007/13/1993Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GOLDSBERRY MARTHA 1.80564507/11/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GOMEZ LASIL SAUL 7.86297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOMEZ MAXIMINA ALONS 84.19635608/03/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GONZALES BARCENAS M 1.21608705/23/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GONZALES BEVERLY 6.0060671908/26/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GONZALES CHAD THOMAS 30.00889107/24/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GONZALES NICHOLAS 2.00201/26/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
GONZALES SUSAN 41.6045513806/22/1998Allen County CSEA
GOOD D 6.003177110/31/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GOOD GREGORY WYNN 24.34348505/05/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPI GOOD SAMARITAN HOSP 90.0035024301/24/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODE DEVONNE 17.6045395610/24/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GOODEN IRIIN J 6.0051239906/19/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODING ANDREA 6.0062191004/01/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODING DELORES 60.0071465301/29/1993Allen County CSEA
GOODING DELORES 55.001421707/11/1995Allen County CSEA
GOODING JUEREA LASHANA 8.92247405/27/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOODING JURIA 2.0051904006/18/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODMAN GERALD SR 6.0036621505/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODMAN TIFFANY 6.0061649011/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODNIGHT MARILYN J 4.0049197711/20/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODWIN GARY 8.0054487002/03/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODWIN GARY L 99.5055134Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GOODWIN R WILLIAM 6.0050566103/10/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
GOODWIN SHARON 11.5418017509/18/1996Allen County CSEA
GOODWIN THOMAS 6.0050322803/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDEN JENNIFER 6.0067347204/29/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDEON YVONNE 6.0056186406/23/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDON ALBERT L 6.0036203704/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDON ALBERT LI 19.26297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GORDON ALLEN 6.0039723804/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDON ANGELA 1.381098004/12/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GORDON ANGELA MARIE 5.331057312/28/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GORDON COREY 6.0066768303/18/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDON CORY DURRELL 5.00450203/22/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GORDON DEMETRIUS 6.0031625104/02/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDON TYREE 6.0066768403/18/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GORDON YVONNE 0.5791787910/28/1994Allen County CSEA
GORDON YVONNE 0.5791787810/28/1994Allen County CSEA
GOSBY DWIGHT NMN 20.16304604/06/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOSSARD JOSHUA JOE 2.00167705/07/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOSSARD KAMI PTL 6.0044740503/31/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GOSSARD MATTHEW 6.0039105602/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GOSSARD ROY D 86.756252603/31/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GOSSARD TERRY 54.0084879904/07/1994Allen County CSEA
GOSSETT GLENN W 47.004479004/14/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GOSSMAN LISA M 15.0062158803/27/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GOSSRD ANDY 6.0042945310/27/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GOSTON CHERRY 0.4463021704/30/2001Allen County CSEA
GOSTON GREGORY 1.83822301/02/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GOTTFRIED DARLENE 2.55641102/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
GOTTSCHALK CRAIG A 19.003785807/16/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GOUGLER CHRISTINA 6.0046565602/28/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GOULD CASEY 6.0047229310/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GOULD ROBERT E 1.4822980009/22/1993Allen County Payroll
GOULD TERRI 40.0075421006/09/1993Allen County CSEA
GOULD TERRI 40.0075855506/23/1993Allen County CSEA
GRACE MARTIN L 5.003546611/09/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GRAESSLE LAUREN ELIZABETH 6.0044860011/27/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM DAVID LEE 2.03199808/24/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRAHAM HEIDI C 6.0065625511/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM JOHN ANDREW 1.55129211/28/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRAHAM JOHN F 77.4721943701/02/2002Allen County Payroll
GRAHAM JOHN F 140.7021818012/19/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM KIMBERLY J 12.6244350102/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM MIKE 6.0043285703/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM NATASHA 6.0055009707/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM NATASHA 6.0053634903/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM NATASHA 6.0053566103/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM SHELLY 6.0073521110/28/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM WESLEY 4.004908704/21/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GRAHAM WILLIAM 6.0033043807/28/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAHAM WILLIAM MARCEL 2.00939301/28/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRANADO JUAN ENRIQUA 1.45572802/27/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRANDO JOSE CRUZ 10.85694901/18/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRANDSTAFF ALBERT 10.64140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
GRANDSTAFF CRYSTAL M. 85.15140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
GRANDSTAFF RUTH 10.64140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
GRANT DONNADEMEA NOTOE 2.40450303/22/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRANT JENNIFER 1.12783810/13/2004Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GRANT MATT 5.1030944307/31/1997Allen County CSEA
GRANT ORRIN ETAL 64.00923811/26/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRANT ORRIN MICHA 1.95821212/28/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRANT SHELLY A 6.0055754209/26/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GRANT TAMERON 37.3055005Allen County Accounts Payable
GRANT TYRELL 6.0032308205/26/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAVES ARDIS 5.68140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
GRAVES ERIC BRIAN 2.00609205/25/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRAY ERIK 6.0047412911/04/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAY GLORIA 150.0075993506/28/1993Allen County CSEA
GRAY GLORIA 150.0075553106/14/1993Allen County CSEA
GRAY GLORIA 150.0075772806/21/1993Allen County CSEA
GRAY HEATHER L 6.0034887412/22/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GRAY JOSEPH H 300.0052582611/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GREATER LIMA DOWNTOW 2333.0043537812/11/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN AMANDA 6.0070146101/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN ASHLEY 6.0052271110/16/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN BETHANEE N 90.0053877104/06/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN CRAIG 6.0057297802/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN DAMIEN TYR 37.41297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN DAMIEN TYROA 1.10328305/24/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN DAMIEN TYRON 15.26100101/08/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN DEANNA 6.0073125309/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN DEANNA M 6.0049138303/29/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN DEANNA MICHELLE 1.61210809/20/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN DENITRAH 3.3412459204/30/1996Allen County CSEA
GREEN DENITRAH 30.0072204102/24/1993Allen County CSEA
GREEN DEWANNA 6.0040549104/08/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN JEFFERY ALAN 2.03382508/12/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN MALLARD T JR 2.81930512/16/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN MARGARET A 15.0064505810/20/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN MILLARD 6.0059176304/08/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN MILLARD TIMOTHY 1.17997707/20/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN NATHANIEL LEE 2.23490107/18/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREEN SNEARY SHANNON M 6.1450316706/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN STEPHANIE 6.0074609702/06/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN STEPHANIE 6.0041520406/24/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN STEPHANIE 6.0044075102/05/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GREEN TONY 6.004913204/26/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GREEN VIRGINIA 1.80604106/05/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
GREENAWALT JAMES 6.0040899512/27/1989Allen County Accounts Payable
GREENE CHRIS 6.0059753909/04/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
GREENO JOHN W 1.36319105/08/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GREENWALD LEONARD S. 23.60576508/26/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GREENWALT LEWIS DAVI 4.561009108/14/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRESHAM ALEX 6.0050439403/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIESDORN CAROL 6.0047594306/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFF ROBERT VAUGHN 3.81906109/23/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRIFF ROBERT VAUGHN 8.01506409/02/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRIFFIN ELIZABETH 6.0048835310/20/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFIN LISA 6.0036148504/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFIN NICHOLAS 6.0030439112/23/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFIN NICOLAS 6.0064679010/29/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFIN TOBIAS B 5.96256612/27/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRIFFITH BRNDON 6.0044694208/13/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFITH JENNIFER 6.0066695303/13/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFITH SHARON K 5.4049708812/20/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFITH TINA 6.0066357102/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFITH TINA 6.0072744608/22/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIFFITHS CHRISTOPHER 8.44752103/02/2004Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GRIGSBY DUANE LARRY 75.83386108/27/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRIME DAN 8.05660007/05/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIMM AMY C 15.0033175308/10/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GRISBY COURTNEY CHANTELL 2.67381408/09/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRISMORE TODD 6.0046408702/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GRIWE GARY 16.47723608/08/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GROH JEREMY 2.91744606/01/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRONAS MAKI 41.0017194108/29/1996Allen County CSEA
GRONAS MAKI 41.0020542511/21/1996Allen County CSEA
GROSS JULIE ET AL 3.35647208/31/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GROSS KENNETH 6.0039878704/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GROSS KENNETH 6.0039838604/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GROSS KENNETH 6.0037347507/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GROSS KENNETH 6.0037340407/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GROSS KENNETH J 6.0038844812/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
GROSS VICKY 1.00974103/09/2009Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GROTHOUSE KAREN KAY 15.0045159609/28/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
GROVER JANIS G 50.0029523406/27/1997Allen County CSEA
GROVER SANDRA 45.0062834206/02/2000Allen County CSEA
GROVES GEORGIA 58.2617175211/20/1991Allen County Payroll
GROVES JOSH 6.0039796704/18/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GRUBER BONNIE 1.0039353803/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
GRUBER SHAWN 6.0030961102/18/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GRUETZMICHER DIANE KAY 5.60317301/27/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GRUMBLIS JULIE D 10.001553811/15/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GUAGENTI PHYLLIS M. 60.0024105512/22/1987Allen County CSEA
GUAGENTI SAMUEL J 500.001521804/09/1991Allen County Juvenile Court
GUE SANDRA MC 4.75425504/27/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GUERRERO AUSTYN 6.0048507409/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
GUETERSLOH SEAN MART 11.00698001/29/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GUIDA MARIA 6.0052694311/24/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
GUINEY SHARON ESTATE OF 47.6462434504/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
GULLETT MARK 6.0074015912/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GULLEY SUZANNE M 5.003780207/10/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GULLION ROGER 65.741030110/13/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GUMM DIANE S 100.005674701/18/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GUNN ANGELA DOREEN 1.46132212/12/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GUNN JAMES EDWARD 51.44878506/24/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GUNN JEROME 6.0073249310/03/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
GUNN JEROME 6.0063095604/18/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
GUNN JEROME 1.171094704/05/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GUNN JEROME LINDELL 20.50703302/12/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GURLEY CURTIS LEE 3.00198508/23/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GURLEY SHAWN 6.0051747411/01/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
GUSTWILLER RONALD E OFF 6.0053564903/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
GUTHRIE TIFFANY ANN 4.85152605/10/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
GUTIEREZ AURIELLE 6.0034239511/09/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
GUTKOSKI BRIAN R 12.004850803/08/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
GUTMAN CHRIS 6.0056179606/23/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
GUTMAN CHRISTOPHER PTL 6.0046492108/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
GWINN BETTH 1.40991303/24/2010Allen County Treasurers Warrant
H C & R CORP OF AM 48.960Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HABERMAN DAVID 6.0054428106/12/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HACKENBERG ALAN D 13.001769408/09/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HACKETT PATRICIA A 32.502238902/18/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HACKNEY JACK D 139.15726906/03/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HACKWORTH MARK 6.0042638109/29/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HACKWORTH TRAVIS PTL 6.0046576608/27/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HADDING BRAD 6.0064245909/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HADDING GARY EUGENE 1.55234603/20/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HADDING GARY EUGENE 9.31729004/25/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HADDING HOPE 6.0048163308/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HADDING SHON DWAYNE 4.14149005/03/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAFF SADIE 79.122915Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAGEN SHELIA 6.0043987509/17/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HAGER CARLA 6.0048128008/05/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HAGER CARLA 6.0048387608/29/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HAGER DARLENE 6.0057385002/14/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HAGGARD BARB 6.0032488806/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HAGGARD JAMIE 6.0064678510/29/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HAGLER JANET 6.0046172907/23/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HAHN KEN 6.0056169Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HAINES DONNA 6.30316301/25/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HAIRSTON DOMINIQUE DAVO 25.00200110/03/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAIRSTON SHEILA 6.0037339607/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HAITHCOCK ANTELLE 8.21825607/21/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HAITHCOCK ANTELLE M 15.0063130106/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HAITHCOCK ROBERT O 125.603026205/25/2000Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HAITHCOCK SCOTT 5.151116806/03/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAITHCOCK TENNILLE S 15.0060252410/15/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HAITHMAN SALLY 5.752600302/28/2001Allen County Probate Court
HALE BETTY 6.0071913406/13/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HALE CONNIE 86.6795049101/30/1995Allen County CSEA
HALE DANIEL L 328.0042273212/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HALE LEROY 196.852632504/13/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HALE LEROY 40.152643804/28/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HALES CHARLES NMN 47.14245005/14/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALKER JOHN T 1742.580Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL 83.380Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL BRIAN 4.0051942009/15/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL BRYAN SHERELL 1.86273202/04/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL CHARLES ANTHONY 52.25217310/05/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL CHRISTOPHER 6.0052238107/17/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL EARL 6.0049436504/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL ET AL RONALD 3.36891707/31/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL GWEN 6.0056159110/30/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL JEANETTE ANN 30.0044813708/23/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL JOHNNY NMN 17.92329903/10/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL JOYCE C. 25.0019693205/13/1987Allen County CSEA
HALL KERRY LEE 20.0074229512/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL REX 6.0049642905/05/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL ROOSEVELT 3.8085626005/02/1994Allen County CSEA
HALL TERESA 6.0058251001/14/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL TERESA 6.0064015109/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL TIMOTHY JASON 7.10687412/22/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALL TINA 6.0067104404/10/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HALL TINA MARIE 1.37322502/12/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALLER PAUL 6.0056996301/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HALLIDAY RONALD A 5.17905309/22/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HALTER BARBARA 6.0066078501/19/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HALVERSON DANIEL 6.0057154709/17/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMILTON BRANDON MATHEW 8.00148002/22/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAMILTON JOSHUA ONEAL 17.12239204/14/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAMILTON TIMOTHY 6.0043271103/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMILTON YVONNE MARI 1.34551901/04/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMMAN TIMOTHY C 4.4957649203/08/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMMER BRETT 6.0068463108/14/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMMER BRETT 6.0032670006/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMMER JACKIE J 15.0041818110/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMMER JESSICA 6.0043142703/09/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMMOND KAREN 50.0086064505/13/1994Allen County CSEA
HAMMOND KIM M 93.804823502/14/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HAMMOND RICHARD ANTH 2.49746206/07/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAMP JESSICA 6.0042208411/30/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HAMPSHIRE L 1.47858903/06/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HANCOCK COUNTY CSEA 30.003986109/18/1995Allen County CSEA
HANDSHOE JOHN WILLIAM 1.51508409/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HANDSHOE JON WILLIAM 8.10438402/15/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HANDSHOE KEVIN 6.0053811503/30/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HANES RICK 6.0051453405/15/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HANEY DAVE 1.00415307/18/1997Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HANEY DAVID SR 6.0062519504/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HANEY DAVID SR 7.1061446102/05/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HANJORA JEREMY 6.0062443802/21/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HANNA SALIM 200.0053081601/15/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HANNA SALIM 700.0048190908/12/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HANNA TAMMULA 8.25834210/12/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HANNAN JEFFREY KYLE 9.33420712/17/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HANSEL SAMANTHA J 6.0032094205/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HANSON CHRISTOPHER J 29.7518046510/25/2000Allen County Payroll
HANSON KATHY 6.0045954403/04/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
HANSON SHAUN 6.0063986308/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HANSON SHAUN M 3.80216712/16/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HANZ WILLIAM J 10.0047936208/05/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS HARBOR FREIGHT TOOL 209.7351367706/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDEMAN ALAN 15.0050400207/12/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDEMAN LISA 6.0062274402/07/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDEN WILLIAM 6.0054929407/23/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDESTY ASHLEY 6.0049676405/10/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDESTY CAMILLA 6.0045342710/19/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HARDESTY DEANNA MAE 8.94384608/23/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARDESTY JOAN 22.3234741712/14/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDIN COUNTY SHERIF HARDIN COUNTY SHERI 4.122261801/20/2005Allen County Juvenile Court
HARDMAN ROBERT 348.8334544111/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDWICK TRAVIS CARL 15.0038907112/31/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDY ANTHONY 6.0073004409/16/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDY BETSY 6.0040692507/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDY BRIAN DARRELL 5.75284402/28/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARDY ERIC 6.0074608502/06/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HARDY GEORGE & CAROL D & A 80.7053824803/31/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HARKNESS NICOLE M 6.0048211001/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HARMON JOSHUA 6.0064043307/06/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HARMON JULIE 6.0039107002/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HARMON SHANE 6.0044305702/24/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HARMON SHAWN EVERETT 2.65283210/01/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARNER DEBORAH 72.0093208412/08/1994Allen County CSEA
HARNER DIANA 6.0055759609/26/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER DIANA 6.0056616212/04/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER DIANA 6.0060744211/21/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER HEATHER 6.0035519303/01/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER HEATHER E 6.0047226209/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER KENNETH E 6.0047026309/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER MATTHEW 6.0056618012/01/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER MATTHEW 6.0060744311/21/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNER STEVEN 6.0062068401/20/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HARNISHFEGER JOE 6.0059245604/15/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HARP HEATHER 6.0039126602/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HARPER CHERIE 6.0050598603/13/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HARPER SHERRY 6.0045992807/09/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRELL ANTHONY 6.0035739203/21/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRELL ANTHONY SHER 1.71507509/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARRELL JODI 6.0055042808/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRELL SETH 6.0053828403/31/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRELL TONY SHERMAN 1.30451403/25/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARRIS ANDINE 20.002873202/22/1984Allen County CSEA
HARRIS BRADLEY 42.5036937012/01/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
HARRIS BRADLEY 37.153693712/01/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
HARRIS BRENDA 6.0053827312/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS BRENDA JOYCE 1.35186007/23/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARRIS CARLA 2.0053509211/05/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS DARREN Q 15.0052626211/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS DOROTHY 6.0054800702/25/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS EARL 1.63597403/12/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS FRANKLIN 7.9120947612/03/1996Allen County CSEA
HARRIS HAROLD 6.0063788206/12/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS JASON 6.0067418305/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS JASON 6.0067417805/08/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS JEREMY 6.0044913004/16/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS KATHA 50.0040982112/20/1989Allen County CSEA
HARRIS KATHA 50.0040982012/20/1989Allen County CSEA
HARRIS LATINA 6.0045217611/04/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HARRIS LEXAVILLE 6.0052585608/14/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS RANDY TERRELL 10.41668811/01/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARRIS REBECCA 6.0071915006/13/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS SHANE D 0.135412610/17/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HARRIS SHANNON KILO 6.0050665708/11/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRIS THOMAS W SR 10.0054453602/03/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRISON DAVID PTL 6.0047715806/24/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRISON DAVID PTL 6.0047593506/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRISON EVERETT JEFF 10.15362606/16/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARRISON SHIRLEY 24.0061875412/21/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HARROD LYNN 1.0816466708/12/1996Allen County CSEA
HARROD REBECCA 4.1582039901/10/1994Allen County CSEA
HARROD RODNEY ALLEN 1.25768908/10/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARROD SUE 6.0063044606/10/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HARRUFF ROBERT 2.67351007/25/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HARRUFF SUE 6.0045265610/11/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HARSHAW ALBERT LAVARN 1.831079502/22/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARSHBARGER ERIC R 6.0030083511/26/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HART NICK 6.0074008512/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HART NICK 6.0052227712/06/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HART NICK 12.0063214206/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTER JESSICA 6.0045264510/11/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HARTER RICKEY EUGENE 1.10500208/12/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARTLEY MICHELLE LYNN 6.0054641Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HARTLEY TERRY ARTHUR JR 3.00385108/24/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARTMAN JOHN & EDITH C & I 443844 1.0044384402/25/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTMAN PTL SHANE 6.0039130502/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTMAN ROSE 17.3143607812/16/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTMAN SHANE 6.0039128102/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTMAN VICKI 32.3998138204/25/1995Allen County CSEA
HARTMAN VICKI 16.191177007/05/1995Allen County CSEA
HARTS 10.2650620203/13/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTS #121 HARTS #121 163.292579102/22/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HARTSOCK SCOTT 50.002258203/05/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HARTZOG DENNIS 6.0039300803/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HARTZOG SANDRA 6.0052520504/28/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HARVEY ANTHONY JOHN 179.00466205/10/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HARVEY SHANITA 6.0036537305/20/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HARVEY STEPHEN C 5.004310912/11/2003Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HASSELMAN SCOTT 6.0038847512/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HASTINGS JESSIE 6.0032104005/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HASTINGS RICK 6.0036730906/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HATCHER BRENT 6.0042661601/30/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HATCHER LUCY JO 30.27292210/29/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HATCHER LUCY JO 41.69544512/13/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HAUENSTEIN CHARLES 6.0033027107/26/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HAUENSTEIN JAMES J 15.0037584908/18/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HAUENSTEIN JAMES JEFFREY 107.69314301/13/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAUENSTEIN SUSAN K 10.0067222004/19/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HAUENSTEIN YVETTE 15.0067731609/21/1992Allen County CSEA
HAUENSTEIN YVETTE 15.0074701605/17/1993Allen County CSEA
HAVEN PETE 9.0030377312/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HAVER KATHERINE 1.00223702/08/1991Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HAVER LEWIS 20.4040463103/03/1998Allen County CSEA
HAVER LEWIS 20.0043771805/14/1998Allen County CSEA
HAVER LORETTA P 64.5029168708/12/1988Allen County CSEA
HAWK JEANELLA A 10.0042428912/19/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HAWK WILLIAM 6.0048121407/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HAWKINS ERICA 6.0046274501/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HAWKINS ERICA 6.0048495209/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HAWKINS ERICA 6.0050773204/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HAWKINS SANDRA 15.0090438809/19/1994Allen County CSEA
HAWKINS SANDRA 15.0090190009/12/1994Allen County CSEA
HAWKINS SHARI 6.0059978409/19/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HAWKS VALERIE 48.007540512/22/1995Allen County CSEA
HAWKS VALERIE 48.007791912/29/1995Allen County CSEA
HAWLEY ROBERT J. 20.0023990612/16/1987Allen County CSEA
HAYES BRIAN DEMARKO 9.00216710/04/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAYWOOD CHRISTINE 6.0038843912/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HAYWOOD DEMETRIEUS ANDRE 1.40331603/15/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAYWOOD DEMETRIUS 6.0064053509/09/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HAYWOOD ELMER JAMAR 30.35801411/05/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAYWOOD ELMER LAMAR 44.65454104/05/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HAYWOOD MARCUS 5.431121106/14/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HEALTH EDUCATION SERVICES 73.0070842603/14/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HEALY SCOTT 6.0052521001/16/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HEAPHY STEPHEN 6.0060491210/30/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HEARN JAMES 18.00756402/15/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HEARN JAMES F 5.85718206/01/1993Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HEARN JAMES F. 13.55671711/21/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HEARTWELL DWAYNE LEROY 1.20262307/21/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HEATH AMY 6.0036729806/09/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HEATH CINEY 6.0054690502/17/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HEATH ELBERT M JR 266.002054507/17/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HEENAN SANDRA A 27.505658510/24/1984Allen County CSEA
HEFFERNAN TERRENCE R 440.003783907/12/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HEFFLEY PATRICK W 4.2454581606/21/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFFNER MARK ALLEN 1.85381008/09/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HEFFNER STEVE 6.0049912105/26/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER BRIAN 6.0051851408/31/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER CARLYN 3.6073124109/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER CARLYN 2.4044615503/19/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER DAVID 6.0044056806/04/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER DEBORAH 25.0039218710/11/1989Allen County CSEA
HEFNER DEBORAH G. 14.7118672203/25/1987Allen County CSEA
HEFNER EMILY 6.0037343507/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER JEREMY 15.25723008/01/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER JODI 6.0051231906/19/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER RYAN SCOTT 15.0039966104/27/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER SAMANTHA 6.0033357308/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER SARA 6.0035014001/24/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HEFNER TRACY ETAL 4.19940201/30/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HEIDENSCHER ROBERT JOSE 1.65155503/29/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HEIL KAREN YVONNE 6.00278302/16/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HEIL RYAN 6.0039102002/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HEIL RYAN 6.0048851703/08/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HEIL RYAN 6.0048851203/08/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HEIMRICK LISA 6.0050135606/16/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HEIR FORCE ACADEMY 50.0044367707/06/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HEIS RYAN 6.0048316301/27/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HEIS RYAN 6.0048317001/27/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HEITMAN JOHN 6.0074383701/23/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HELMIG DAVID LEE 4.67542912/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HELMIG DENNIS 6.0030574801/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HELMIG GAVIN 6.0030574901/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HELMIG LISA 2.65708202/28/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HELMIG LISA ANN 6.44683312/12/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HELMIG LISA ANN 1.64581703/16/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HELMIG PATRICIA L 339.4914747106/29/2007Allen County Probate Court
HELMIG STEVE A 6.4254581006/21/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HELMS APRIL 45.0079584910/22/1993Allen County CSEA
HELTON DOYLE B 5.0044510310/25/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HELTON JR CURTIS 30.00863205/05/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HELTON KYLE JOSEPH 1.521028410/07/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HELTON TRISHA 6.0041524109/29/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HEMINGER TERRENCE L 15.0061599102/14/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HENDERSON BASIL 1.59765407/31/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HENDERSON CHARLES 6.0052194110/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HENDERSON JUSTIN KAR 6.53821412/31/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HENDERSON LENORE 3.005481404/08/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HENDERSON-LAIDLAW RHONDA H 15.0051372106/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HENDRICKSON AMBER 6.0033296408/19/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HENGSTELER LARRY 12.0062377902/14/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HENIGE KEVIN 6.0061646411/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HENLEY ERIC 6.0068394908/07/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HENLEY THOMAS LAMAR 2.09258207/07/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HENMAN KENNETH J 6.0056748809/22/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HENNON JENNIFER 6.0044736703/31/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HENRY ERIC 6.0047145310/12/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HENSLEY KATHLEEN 6.0055659205/12/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HENSLEY KATHY SUZETTE 40.00142801/25/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HENSLEY STEVEN 0.8588371907/22/1994Allen County CSEA
HENSLEY TONY 6.0062068301/20/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HENSLEY TONY 6.0062815703/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HENSLEY TONY 6.0062817503/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HENSLEY TRESSA 6.0069652011/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HENSLEY TRESSA 6.0048189101/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HENTON EDGAR 6.0059472108/09/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HENTY DAGAN S 15.0039444603/16/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HERBST ADRIAN 6.0055572905/05/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN ANNETTE 6.0060114507/06/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN DAVID 73.301612001/29/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HERMAN DAVID M 6.0061695311/30/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN DAVID M 6.0057888211/29/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN JOHN E. 80.70407004/12/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HERMAN MICHELE 101.5052541911/10/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN MICHELLE 6.0034625312/06/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN MICHELLE 6.0033830310/04/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN MICHELLE 6.0032102505/13/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMAN THELMA M 60.0040115511/15/1989Allen County CSEA
HERMANN ANNETTE 6.0051304809/26/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HERMANSON PHYLLIS A 68.3813086808/01/1990Allen County Payroll
HERMILLER THOMAS JOHN 7.24210909/20/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HERMON GARY R 16.611558811/20/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HERNANDEZ ADOLFO 6.0054102005/17/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HERNANDEZ IVAN 6.0049378512/01/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HERNDON TIMOTHY 6.0052516901/16/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HERRICKS TAMMY 34.6957295809/29/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HERRON ANNETTA 12.4254581106/21/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HERRON STEPHANIE 65.007958001/05/1996Allen County CSEA
HERSHBERGER ASHLEY 6.0053852505/04/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HERSHBERGER MARGARET 6.0053123601/21/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HERSHBERGER MARGARET 6.0053390002/19/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HERSHBERGER RONALD 6.0073928311/25/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HERSHEY BECKY 6.0062105603/25/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HERSHEY STEVEN D 10.0073805311/19/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HERSHMAN HOWARD B 66.50977802/15/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HERTEL JUSTIN FRANK 5.92888907/24/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HERZOG JANICE 20.0074766202/20/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HERZOG JANICE 15.0044253606/22/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HESS ROBERT JR 9.0041154708/28/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HESSELING CHRIS 6.0053591Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HESSELING RONALD W 6.0049866701/30/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HESSELING TERRY 130.0091095410/11/1994Allen County CSEA
HESSELING THOMAS 6.0050869508/22/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HESSLING LEANN 9.5441113208/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HEUERMAN MICHAEL OFFICER 6.0044603408/02/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HEUERMAN MICHAEL PTL 6.0047715706/24/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HEVERMAN STEVE 6.0043987409/17/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HEWITT CHAD 6.0053826112/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HI POINT J V S HI POINT J V S 19.1961021312/10/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HI POINT J V S HI POINT J V S 0.0247874707/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HIBBARD CANDY 30.2419289710/21/1996Allen County CSEA
HICKEY DEYONKA S 5.005093910/05/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HICKEY MICHAEL 29.3753414302/23/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKMAN JOHN 6.0048113707/31/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS BARRY 6.0065562211/22/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS BARRY 6.0064045807/06/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS BARRY 6.0064040107/06/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS DAVID 35.00497806/24/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HICKS DAWN 6.0064241509/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS JEFFREY 6.0042612409/25/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS JOSEPH A 10.0067374305/03/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS KAREN 9.0044790104/22/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HICKS LEONARD JR 20.00563802/06/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HIEGEL HEATHER M 6.0035740803/21/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HIEGEL JACKIE NICOLE 5.46857504/18/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HIEGEL JACQUELYN NIC 5.00788210/05/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HIGGINBOTHAM WILLIAM 6.0054449106/01/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HIGGINS CHESLEY 6.0054492206/07/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HIGGINS HERBERT 6.0059065303/25/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HIGGINS TAMILLA 6.0047595606/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HIGGINS TAMMY 6.0059426608/05/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HIGH TECH METAL HIGH TECH METAL 8.84700503/19/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HIGHFIELD JUSTIN 11.80702302/07/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HILE ANGELA 6.0036217804/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HILE DENNIS 6.0054003104/22/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HILE FRED 5.00340805/25/1995Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HILGERT ANGELA 6.0063687108/05/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HILGERT ANGELIA 6.0058392305/10/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HILGERT MARTHA 50.0088822308/04/1994Allen County CSEA
HILGERT MELISSA 6.0054454906/02/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HILGERT TOM 6.0046888303/26/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HILGERT TOM 6.0047803706/27/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HILL ANTHONY DARNELL 98.46133503/29/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HILL ARTHUR R III 25.002751008/20/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HILL DEBORAH 120.0063843705/07/1992Allen County CSEA
HILL DORIS G 3.002884702/29/2008Allen County Probate Court
HILL JEROME L 15.0053631403/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HILL KURT 6.003170604/12/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HILL MARGARET 45.0049167511/15/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
HILL TRACY ETAL 27.001184212/01/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HILL TRACY EUGENE 11.65724804/24/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HILL WENDY A 6.0044764911/19/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HILLARD AMBER H 6.0060490210/30/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HILLARD STEVEN ERROL 4.56119210/12/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HILLS STORE COMPANY 1404.8047276010/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HILTY MEXICA 4.1638316411/16/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HILTY MEXICA 8.2161448702/05/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HILTY RACHEL 6.0051250209/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HILTY TARA L 55.9534175409/03/1997Allen County Payroll
HILYARD DAWN 6.0052455312/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HILYARD LINDA 2.00873507/06/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HILYARD NAOMI 15.000Allen County Probate Court
HINDMAN JULES 6.0050612007/28/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HINDS ROBERT W 18.0053339410/22/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HINE TIFFANY 6.0055913910/11/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HINES YVETTE 6.0040080105/11/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HINKLE JEFFREY S 6.0056302706/30/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0635399205/05/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0635909405/26/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0636058306/02/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0636378206/14/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0636546506/21/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0636608006/23/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0636780206/30/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE KATHY L 48.0636934307/07/1989Allen County CSEA
HINKLE LISA 6.0064665509/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HINKLE MICHAEL 6.0050082406/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HINKLE MICHELLE 6.0050082306/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HINKLE MICHELLE 6.0036216604/28/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HINKLE RAY 1.30541702/04/2000Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HINKLEE MICHELLE 6.0050969208/29/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HIPPS RHONDA GAIL 5.47447303/16/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HIRE GENE 6.0051242309/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HIRE JENNIFER LYNNE 6.0044370302/25/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HIRN TED 2.46295107/23/1993Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HIRSCH KYLE MICHAEL 54.15540311/30/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HIRTHLER MAUREEN 6.0049824005/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HITTLE JOSEPH 6.0039909104/24/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HITTLE SHARON 6.0047774711/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HLEY NICOLE 6.0045919807/02/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBART INC 288.8361820003/06/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBAYN GLEN 15.0047001504/08/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBBS DAWN 6.0061875703/07/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBBS DAWN M 6.0060490510/30/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBBS ESSIE 6.0052235207/17/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBBS TOMMIE 6.0051604810/20/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBGOOD TONI M 10.0067714906/05/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HOBSON DAVID 524.2013994909/01/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOBSON HEATHER 6.0062811303/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HOCH ANDREA 6.0033355008/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOCHSTETLER TYLER 6.0039512603/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HODGES LASHAWNDA 6.0037038507/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HODGES LASHAWNDA 6.0035044701/25/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HODGES LASHAWNDA 6.0033570509/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HODGES QUINCY 6.0055015307/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HODLER JAMES 6.0038084209/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOEHN ADAM 6.0050222303/06/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HOEHN ADAM PTL 6.0049456912/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOEHN BROOK 6.0063566607/25/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOEHN SUSAN 6.0052086209/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HOEL TIFFANY 6.0064420410/10/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOERSTEN LEE 6.0051244209/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HOERSTEN LEE 6.0064850411/18/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFF RACHEL 6.0052450711/03/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFF RANDY 6.0051018204/15/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFFER CRAIG 6.0042993602/26/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFFERBERT THOMAS 2.70549012/23/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFFMAN SARAH 6.0056994501/17/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFFMAN SHARON ANN 12.43544112/12/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOFSTETTER MARY 6.0037345707/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOGAN EDWARD J 7.622250301/20/2005Allen County Juvenile Court
HOGAN FRANKIE 426.3539288702/08/1998Allen County CSEA
HOGAN LEENELL 2.751133307/15/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOGAN LEENELL JAMES 5.00210611/18/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOGAN MARKNESS J 2.65131812/07/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOGAN NANCY 148.31685102/03/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOGAN ROBERT 2.66846201/06/2006Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HOGAN STEPHEN 6.0047857607/10/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOGLE RODNEY L 1.03269501/26/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOGUE JAMY LAVAR 6.29435602/08/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOJNOSKI ROBERT W 6.004835202/24/2005Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOLBROOK RYAN LEE 21.45726604/17/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOLDBROOK JANICE 2.0044968911/30/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLIDAY INN 203.1066548102/28/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLIDAY INN HOLIDAY INN 90.8550695808/04/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAND ESTHER 1.07324609/21/1994Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HOLLAND JIMMIE L 2240.272531301/07/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOLLAR ANNETTE 5.005191810/20/1995Allen County CSEA
HOLLAR ANNETTE 5.005191710/20/1995Allen County CSEA
HOLLAR BRADLEY JOSEPH 1.701022609/22/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOLLAR BRIAN 90.265761003/21/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOLLAR CHARLES LEWIS 3.22260207/11/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOLLAR JASON 6.0040412606/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR JASON 6.0054744307/02/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR JESSICA NURSE 9.0055042408/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR JONATHAN 6.0040657507/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR JONATHAN 6.0040657707/06/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR JUSTIN 6.0054744407/02/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR LINDA A 20.0033792809/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR LINDA M 20.0058999306/24/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR LINDA M 40.0032622706/23/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR SAMANTHA 6.0030851902/11/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR SARA 28.0056334Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOLLAR SARA JEAN 10.00455204/07/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOLLAR TIFFANY 6.0046493908/20/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLAR TIFFANY 6.0037039207/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLERAN MICHAEL J 33.003897311/07/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOLLIDAY GEORGE 6.0034040510/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLIDAY GEORGE 6.0035036801/25/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLIS JAY CHIEF 6.0052072509/25/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLIS JAY CHIEF 6.0051233406/19/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLIS SGT JEFF 6.0033832010/04/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLMON JAKQUETA 6.0035037901/25/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLLON ANGELA MARIE 40.0052800112/08/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLMBERG TIMOTHY GEE 28.12148704/30/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOLMES DIANNA 6.0039130002/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLMES KIMBERLY ANN 10.0068849309/17/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLMES LESLIE 60.0088215507/18/1994Allen County CSEA
HOLMGREN BRETT 6.0046283208/03/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLTCAMP WILLIAM 6.0053828303/31/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOLTS DAVID 1.02301801/19/1994Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HOLTS DAVID 4.77441203/16/1998Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HOLTSBERRY JODI 6.0054781407/12/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOME CITY ICE CO HOME CITY ICE CO 150.0053887605/01/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HOME LOAN & INV 29.58798102/04/2005Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HOME LOAN & INVESTME HOME LOAN & INVESTM 29.5842051611/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOMESIDE LENDING HOMESIDE LENDING 307.04483902/17/2099Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HONSE ANDY 6.0044549403/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HOOK GARY 6.0037473608/15/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOOK GARY 6.0033570409/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOOK GARY 6.0058959906/20/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HOOK OFF GARY 6.0036733506/09/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOOK TINA 37.747875401/02/1996Allen County CSEA
HOOK TINA 37.747940501/04/1996Allen County CSEA
HOOKER CLIFFORD R 10.0068230907/23/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HOOKER LAWRENCE WM 1942.410Allen County Probate Court
HOOKER MICHAEL WILLIAM 2.23649209/12/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOOKS DIANE 40.4116474208/12/1996Allen County CSEA
HOOKS TERRI 90.0046898905/15/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
HOPKINS JOHN J 30.0040996108/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOPKINS JOHN J III 243.0732888604/02/1997Allen County Payroll
HOPKINS SHARON K 5.0038466711/29/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOPSON AMANDA LYNN 18.00985306/10/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HORN CHRISTOPHER 6.0051236606/19/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HORN CHRISTOPHER 6.0050944005/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HORNBERGER DUSTIN 6.0053774803/26/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HORNE LACREASHA 4.893596501/26/2009Allen County Juvenile Court
HORNIC MARK 6.0039527003/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HORNIC MARK 6.0038912902/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HORNING ROBERT 1.106421911/27/1995Allen County CSEA
HORRISON BRUCE 6.0051231006/19/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HORRISON BRUCE M 6.0052845012/11/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HORRISON JANIKA 6.0047607206/16/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HORSTMAN JASON 6.0052070209/25/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HORSTMAN MARILYN K 875.1211018711/03/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HORSTMAN TODD 5.1067991910/01/1992Allen County CSEA
HORTON AMY 6.0040270005/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HORTON DARTANIEL 4.30347108/09/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HORTON GARY 41.001670104/12/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HORTON HARRY 6.0043986709/17/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HORTON LAKESHA 6.0050941505/18/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HORTON PHIL 6.0073301810/07/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HORTON ROY D 15.0053830103/31/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOSKINS SUSAN 6.0058014104/05/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
HOUCHIN DAVID 8.4634887912/22/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HOUSTON ANTHONY MAURI 1.15228610/28/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOUSTON FORYONDA 6.0041642307/02/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HOUSTON GERALD L 15.0053541Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOUSTON GREGORY LEE 1.47309904/18/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOUSTON JAMES ANDREW 284.34580103/14/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOUSTON JOSEPH J 69.005880306/12/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOUSTON ROY LEE SR 2.61214812/05/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWARD AMBER MARIE 51.41197009/17/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWARD BILLY 6.0044076202/05/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWARD DONELL 306.0045916406/29/1998Allen County CSEA
HOWARD JAE GORDON 1.06913810/23/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWARD KIM 6.0064417710/10/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWARD LOWELL B. JR. 25.00299204/29/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOWARD MATT 6.0036146904/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWARD RANDELL 8.00872206/05/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWARD RANDELL CEIL 1.94220710/13/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWARD RICHARD 0.92191009/26/1989Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HOWARD STEPHEN 6.0051734910/30/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWARD STEPHEN 6.0052846902/08/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWARD WHITNEY C 6.0053277102/05/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWBERT MICHAEL L 70.2848624509/25/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWDEN LOREN 6.0048506909/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWDEN LORNE JR 6.0048507009/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWDEN LORNE SR 6.0048506809/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWELL DAVID W 15.0053876504/06/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWELL ERIC VINCENT 150.00143201/29/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWELL JESSIE T 15.0054171505/07/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWELL LATOYA 6.0043194411/13/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWELL LATOYA 6.0041890311/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWELL MARK 6.0039529503/23/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWER JOHN 6.0062067001/20/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HOWLAND CHERYL 5.0071893702/12/1993Allen County CSEA
HOWLAND CHERYL 5.0072162102/22/1993Allen County CSEA
HOWTON BROOKS DEVON 5.70159604/16/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOWTON OLLICE WEYDELL 9.00311901/06/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOY SUZANNE H 38.00193901/24/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HOYLE TRAVES STENTEL 14.08942102/05/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HOYLE TRAVIS SENTAIL 2.00355905/24/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUBBARD JAMES LAMONT 1.40137312/28/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUBBARD MRS FRED 10.002878711/30/2007Allen County Probate Court
HUBBELL TRINA 6.0049683305/10/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HUBER BRICE 6.0061645511/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HUBER JOSHUA 13.581106405/10/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUBER KEVIN 25.0062087003/05/1992Allen County CSEA
HUBER TERESA STAR 10.43524010/17/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HUDSON KEVIN EUGENE 3.92235511/10/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUELSKAMP GREG 6.0051296906/24/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HUERMAN MICK 6.0042606401/19/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HUFFER ALANA 6.0062877003/30/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HUFFER DAVID 6.0067029404/02/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HUFFMAN KELLY 6.0051664008/11/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
HUFFMAN LAWRENCE A 27.004454903/26/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN LAWRENCE A 100.002310404/29/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN LAWRENCE A 34.501172008/26/1994Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN LAWRENCE S. 21.66832304/24/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN MATTHEW C 150.003501509/25/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN MATTHEW C 33.506106312/17/2007Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN MATTHEW C. 7.00180212/31/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUFFMAN SHIRLEY ANN 5.0056402211/15/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
HUGHES DANA 6.0054966403/11/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
HUGHES DONALD JR 6.0039297603/07/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HUGHES DOUGLAS LEE 1.68221801/13/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUGHES JOAN 6.0040397603/25/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HUGHES KAYLEESHA 6.0042612209/25/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
HUGHES MENA 6.0035046501/25/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HUGHES PAULA 45.3896039402/27/1995Allen County CSEA
HUGHES PETER BRENT 14.30207509/13/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUGHES STEVEN 6.316278011/20/1995Allen County CSEA
HUISS ELMER III 22.0064922409/27/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HULIHAN MARK 6.0044609503/19/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HULL BARBARA 80.0070819801/07/1993Allen County CSEA
HULLINGER RAY ALLEN 6.0062946804/04/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HUMBERT TED A 350.202837911/23/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUMES KERRI L 10.0070013912/27/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HUMES TONYA 0.9362900107/18/2001Allen County CSEA
HUMMER STEPHANIE ANN 5.00533911/14/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HUMMER STEPHEN JOE 10.05646708/31/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUNT GERALD ANTUWUN 8.07612706/06/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUNT JACK 6.0033579209/16/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNT JILL 46.0021488308/19/1987Allen County CSEA
HUNT MATT 6.0068024107/10/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNT SCOTT 3.703671311/01/2008Allen County Juvenile Court
HUNT WILLIAM L. 4.95116306/17/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUNTER BRAD 6.0047595806/13/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTER BRIAN 6.0039130202/22/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTER DANNA 3.5444233202/17/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTER DEREK 6.0071707605/27/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTER DEREK 6.0048239501/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTER DEREK PTL 6.0046642809/02/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTER GREGORY WAYNE 2.60310812/31/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUNTER JOHN J JR 100.001644403/14/1996Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUNTER JULIE C 5.002835411/23/1999Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HUNTER MICHAEL 10.0074114504/29/1993Allen County CSEA
HUNTER TRALONDA FAYE 1.74186407/26/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUNTINGTON MORT. 310.47248302/07/1992Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HUNTINGTON MORTGAGE CO 510.57304002/02/1994Allen County Treasurers Warrant
HUNTINGTON NATIONAL HUNTINGTON NATIONAL 20.0047214004/30/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTINGTON NATIONAL HUNTINGTON NATIONAL 10.0047884907/11/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTINGTON NATIONAL HUNTINGTON NATIONAL 10.0048232808/14/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HUNTINGTON NATIONAL HUNTINGTON NATIONAL 10.0049139211/14/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HURD ROGER W 10.0049147011/15/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
HURLEBURT ELIZABETH 6.0061288801/24/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HURLES SARAH L 15.0047234405/01/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HURLESS PATRICIA 7.003276902/23/2001Allen County Clerk Of Courts
HURLEY DERRICK 6.0073614411/05/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
HURLEY JASON SCOTT 1.10135104/02/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HURLEY JESSE 6.0064849411/18/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HURLEY MICHAEL N 1.30539311/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HURLEY TREVOR NATHANIEL 131.55289210/20/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HURSCH TAMMIE K 96.8412284404/06/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
HURSH CARL D 5.0059118207/02/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
HURSH TAMMIE K 67.7427456009/24/2003Allen County Payroll
HURT DAWN M 24.0041236702/14/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
HURTADO JOSE LUTZ 8.05927012/05/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUSTAK THOMAS DR 6.0061651011/29/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
HUSTER SHARON 30.0032057208/26/1997Allen County CSEA
HUTCHINS JERRY DARNELL 1.29191108/05/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUTCHINS JERRY DARNELL 5.35283502/25/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HUTCHINS MACK AARON 6.0044504507/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
HUTCHINSON DEMESTRIA 6.0046564702/28/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HUTCHINSON DONALD 6.0064056807/06/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
HUTSON SHELLY 12.0047880807/31/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
HUTTON CHRISTOPHER S 6.0048490209/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
HUX ALICE J. 750.0020809007/08/1987Allen County CSEA
HYATT PHYLLIS AN 4.00297803/21/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HYDE KIMBERLY 25.11102608/15/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
HYDEN ANTHONY MICHAEL 30.00813312/11/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
IAVAGNILIO LINDA 3.55140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
ICMA ORDER DESK 42.0043678712/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
IGNERI JOHN JR MARIO 84.55703702/12/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
IGNOZZI KENNETH J 16.002378907/14/1998Allen County Clerk Of Courts
IGNOZZI KENNETH J 150.003885210/30/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
III NELTIE GRANDSTAFF 2.13140901/27/1999Allen County Probate Court
IKE'S RESTAURANT IKE'S RESTAURANT 157.403772306/28/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ILLINOIS OFFICE OF V ILLINOIS OFFICE OF 10.0042471212/20/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
INC JEAN NICOLE 9.3166014812/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
IND DIST GROUP IND DIST GROUP 3.00725808/27/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
INF 416 6.0045385901/22/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
INF 90-001-2 6.0043701108/22/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
INF 911INF457 6.0051332005/08/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
INFORMANT 1990 6.0041208002/09/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
INFORMANT 89-002-7 6.0042944706/25/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
INGALLIS ALAN 6.0060409408/03/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
INGLES JESSICA 6.0048508309/15/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
INGLIS CHARITY 5.004674209/23/2004Allen County Clerk Of Courts
INGRAM CHARLOTTE 6.0043274707/20/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
INGRAM JASON SINCLAIR 7.20170305/20/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
INGRAM REGINA G 101.0046205807/06/1998Allen County CSEA
INGRAM REMEAL DEMAR 5.001013408/27/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
INGRAM SHANNON & MARY OLGA 6.3254582906/21/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
INGRAM STEPHANIE MARI 1.12201808/30/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
INMAN GWEN 6.0039103602/21/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
INTERNATIONAL BUSINE 29.1351279909/21/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
INV GREG ROBERTS 6.0071964806/18/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
INV STEVE GOEDDE 6.0061317610/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
IRONS BRIAN KEITH 32.00621106/27/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
IRONS PATRICIA 150.0028838307/29/1988Allen County CSEA
IRONS RON 6.0041350006/09/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
IRONS RONRICO 1.921127006/29/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ISBELL SALLY 92.3090707009/27/1994Allen County CSEA
ISCO INDUSTRIAL SALE 395.0043718512/22/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
ISLAND CANTRELL 8.29547812/20/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
ISLAND CANTRELL 16.48696101/23/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ISLAND CANTRELL III 75.28261407/16/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
ISLAND III CANTRELL 6.0058621805/21/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
ISLAND TRAVIS 6.0060705508/30/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
ITT FINANCE 6.001515909/29/1995Allen County Clerk Of Courts
ITT FINANCIAL SERVICES 75.921038809/20/1989Allen County Clerk Of Courts
IVY KATHERINE 6.0050225810/10/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
J I HOLCOMB MANUFACTURING CO 79.5069273910/29/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON BEATRICE 6.0043281107/20/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON CHANEL 6.0045174610/02/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JACKSON CHRISSTINE 6.0056104710/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON CHRISTINA 7.0032556406/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON CHRISTINA 6.0054348106/01/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON CLETUS ER 12.92879006/26/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACKSON CO SHERIFF JACKSON CO SHERIFF 3.8032959507/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON CORA 6.0054266005/24/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON DAYSHINE 21.61448710/06/1992Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JACKSON DESIREE 6.0047032709/29/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON DONTE J 6.0053834312/04/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON ELAINE 4.0663027505/02/2001Allen County CSEA
JACKSON FAITH E 20.0047528006/27/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON GARY JR 6.0045578602/05/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON IVORY 184.06260511/17/1987Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JACKSON JAYMAN M 7.750Allen County Probate Court
JACKSON KENYA 6.0047881407/31/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON LARRY ALEXANDER 1.56365106/23/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACKSON LUCILLE 25.0062147707/13/1999Allen County CSEA
JACKSON LYDELL EUGENE 31.65999507/22/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACKSON MARGARETTA 0.803164108/28/1995Allen County CSEA
JACKSON PATRICK 6.0045178810/02/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JACKSON PATRICK 6.0045480010/31/2007Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JACKSON RAMON DETK 2.50734705/10/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACKSON SHELLY 6.0058809602/28/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON STEVENSON 5.00689701/03/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACKSON SUSAN 6.0052888009/11/1992Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON TIMMY WAYNE 6.002136410/17/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JACKSON TYREE WYDELL 1.51924812/01/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACKSON VICKI 6.0049394112/04/1991Allen County Accounts Payable
JACKSON WILLIE 51.0087630006/29/1994Allen County CSEA
JACKSON-BUTTRO STACEY 6.0030660301/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JACOBS JABEZ MICHAEL 2.42114909/25/2001Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACOBS JAMES 6.0056344211/15/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JACOBS JERRY JESSE 1.30717403/22/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JACOBY JEFFREY THOMAS 54.02527410/26/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
JACOMET BRAD 2.4443735905/13/1998Allen County CSEA
JACOMET JEFF 6.0058960206/20/2002Allen County Accounts Payable
JAGO HOLLIE G 195.0030306310/05/1988Allen County CSEA
JAIME-GALLEGOS GENARD 27.25662110/16/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JAMES A RHODES STATE 218.0044213806/20/2007Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES AARIB 6.0047949512/15/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES AARON 6.0048211101/19/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES ASHLEY 6.0034939212/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES DAWN 13.0066921503/22/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES GABERIEL TYONE 1.56308112/24/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JAMES JOHN 71.4062834006/01/2000Allen County CSEA
JAMES KAYLYNN 6.0040691607/10/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES LACHELLE M 10.9747221504/30/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES PATRICIA 6.0073917511/25/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES PATRICIA ANDREA 1.022999903/27/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JAMES QUANTERLYN 5.0021919812/26/1996Allen County CSEA
JAMES RAY 6.0071836306/06/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES SUZANA 6.0048297208/20/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES TERRANCE 6.0046018611/04/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES TREVOR 6.0041456909/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JAMES WADE ETAL 1.85274408/29/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JAMISON JANICE 6.0034562912/01/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JANKA ROBERT JR 6.0044614303/19/1999Allen County Accounts Payable
JANSEN PAIGE L 6.0030383012/17/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
JANSEN SHARON 6.001547106/12/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
JANSON TIMOTHY SCOTT 37.00145502/11/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JARIETT DEANNA 0.4663023704/30/2001Allen County CSEA
JARVIS CHRISTINA PTL 6.0054962607/20/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JARVIS LOREN 9.30238608/22/1991Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JARVIS SCOTT E. 35.00427104/27/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JASPER ROSS 6.26809611/30/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JAUNTINCE TRUESDALE 6.0068175807/19/1996Allen County Accounts Payable
JEANES DAMIEN S 18.84389009/07/2004Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JEANTY YONEL JAY 22.31790010/10/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JEFFERS GLORIA 1.366846912/04/1995Allen County CSEA
JEFFERSON RONNIE 6.0039913504/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JEFFERSON SHARON E. 24.5124254812/31/1987Allen County CSEA
JENKINS JAMES 6.0052089609/28/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
JENKINS JOAN 6.0041515506/24/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
JENKINS KRISTEN 6.0050436303/27/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
JENKINS PAULA 6.0065025110/05/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
JENKINS ROGER D M D 572.3312925207/04/1990Allen County Payroll
JENKINS ROGER D M D 630.3218638605/20/1992Allen County Payroll
JENKINS SHARMA 1.5862892305/30/2001Allen County CSEA
JENKINS STEVE 6.0060116207/06/1994Allen County Accounts Payable
JENKINS TRACY 1.20979507/23/2009Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JENNIFER THOMPSON THOMPSON JENNIFER 6.0052693611/24/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
JENNINGS BRITTANY ANN 1.051034410/21/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JENNINGS CRYSTAL 15.0030249112/11/2003Allen County Accounts Payable
JENNINGS JERALD ARTHUR 5.11917511/04/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JENNINGS JESSICA 6.0041470909/25/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JENNINGS KATRINA 5.001099504/16/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JENNINGS LISA 6.0052573501/19/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JENNINGS MARLANA 6.0030663201/29/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JENNINGS MILO 6.0062376502/14/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
JENNINGS RITA 156.671399807/10/1995Allen County CSEA
JENNINGS ROBIN ROCHE 12.69754106/28/2007Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JENNINGS ROBIN ROCHELLE 2.40430901/27/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JENNINGS SHEILA 7.8621883812/24/1996Allen County CSEA
JENNINGS STANLEY EDW 2.17620106/23/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JEREW ASHLEY A 6.0037057307/07/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
JEROME RONALD E 6.0065784412/12/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
JETT DAVID 6.0032552606/21/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JETT JOHN 2.90213307/24/1990Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JIMENEZ MANUEL 6.0042535012/26/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JIMENEZ-RODRIGUEZ ANTONIO 13.46878906/25/2008Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JO ANN FABRICS 30.0042488105/17/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHN GARY 4167.780Allen County Probate Court
JOHNS APRIL 6.0040577504/10/1998Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNS ASHLEY RACHELLE 1.50997107/14/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNS DANIEL 5.1083016402/09/1994Allen County CSEA
JOHNS DANIEL T. 10.00172712/26/1991Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JOHNS MARK C 10.0071900406/13/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNS MARSHA 44.0096378103/08/1995Allen County CSEA
JOHNS MICHAEL 6.0071799606/04/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNS SHANNON 6.0048296308/20/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNS SHANNON 15.0053731803/23/2010Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON AMOS KEITH 89.00650109/12/2006Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON AMY 4.0072982009/12/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON AMY 36.4051190109/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON ANDREW PTL 6.0046172501/23/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON ANTHONY PTL 6.0047327205/14/2008Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON BRENDA 6.0048190101/14/2000Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON CALVIN RAY 1.69165205/01/2002Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON CHLOE 6.0036214404/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON CLARENCE 9.0723124801/27/1997Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON DANIEL PAUL 6.10998107/20/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON DARRELL LEE 8.961018909/10/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON DARRELL LEE 31.90963304/14/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON DARREN 6.0031200003/05/2004Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON DAVID ARTHUR 18.32243805/07/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON DEBORAH LORA 85.003681204/05/2002Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JOHNSON DENETTA 0.603215808/29/1995Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON DENETTA 0.602970508/22/1995Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON DENETTA 0.602694308/15/1995Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON DENETTA 0.602258508/03/1995Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON DENNIS E 9.41283402/25/2000Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON DEVON 6.0036214204/28/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON DUWAYN L 18.0045070512/13/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON EUGENE LAMAR 1.35240811/22/1999Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON FERNANDO JAVON 22.251083703/02/2010Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON GEORGE 2.21277802/05/1993Allen County Treasurers Warrant
JOHNSON GERALD 3.2841477603/05/1990Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON HAROLD ANDREW 1.031045311/20/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON HEATHER 6.0064969409/28/1995Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON JASMINE R 49.506194302/21/2008Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JOHNSON JERRY M. 37.98543907/29/1988Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JOHNSON JILL 210.0088180607/15/1994Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON JOHN 3.002325701/09/1992Allen County Probate Court
JOHNSON JOHN FRANKLIN 2.30279409/16/2003Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON KELLY L 6.0055019107/25/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON KEVIN 6.0037074607/08/2005Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON KIM 6.0041530210/03/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON KIMBERLY 511.2142507704/17/1998Allen County CSEA
JOHNSON LEONA JUNE 5473.39716201/21/2005Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON MICHAEL LEE 3.001033010/20/2009Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON MICHELLE 6.0055885210/10/2001Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON MIKE 6.0072036906/24/1997Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON MIKE'L 6.0042400912/18/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON MIKEL 6.0051887209/02/2009Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON NATHAWN K 266.002102209/12/1997Allen County Clerk Of Courts
JOHNSON QUEEN L 88.680Allen County Sheriff's Dept
JOHNSON RENEE 6.0057973612/08/1993Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON RICHIE 6.0042401012/18/2006Allen County Accounts Payable
JOHNSON ROGER 25.0043610812/16/1998Allen County Accounts Payable