Election Information For Allen County Ohio Voters

Resources Available To You

What’s on the ballot?

Once the ballots are ready you can click on “What’s On My Ballot?” and you will taken to a page where you can type in your last and first name. Click on the “submit” button and you will see a link for “Sample Ballot”. When you click on that link you will be taken to a PDF (portable document format) which will show your ballot. Everything you are eligible to vote on will be on that ballot.

You can also view on the front page the current election’s information on the front-page see the lists of candidates and issues filed for the election.

Where do I vote?

Not sure where you vote? The following  help you find the correct precinct and polling location for your current address.

Finding My Elected Officials

Find the elected officials by precinct or district by clicking here. A current list of elected officials in PDF format is found here. A person can also locate every elected official that represent them by going here.

Where can I get walking lists or labels?

Where can I look up my absentee information?


Where can I create absentee labels?


Are you currently registered?

If you are, is the information we have current: such as name change or address change? It is important to check so that you will not have to vote provisionally at the polls.


Complete List of All Our Enhanced Website Features

Voter Lookup: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/vtrlookup.aspx

Absentee Lookup: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/avlookup.aspx

Polling Place Search: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/pollfinder.aspx

Ballot List: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/ballotlist.aspx

Voter Reporting: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/vtrreport.aspx

Absentee Reporting: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/avreport.aspx

Precinct and Polling Locations: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/precandpoll.aspx

Street Reporting: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/streetreport.aspx

Elected Officials: http://www.voterfind.com/allenoh/cnm.aspx



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Director & Deputy Director

Kathy A. Meyer - Director
Mark C. Vernik - Deputy Director

Members of the Board:

Chairman Keith A. Cheney
Ida Kay Keller
Mona L. Willamowski
Jeffrey E. Rex

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