Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

7:30am - 4:00pm

Main Office:
3230 N. Cole St
Lima, OH 45801

RightLineWelcome to the Sanitary Engineering Department

The Allen County Sanitary Engineering Department is split into two divisions, the Wastewater Treatment Division (WWTD) and the Wastewater Collection Maintenance Division (WWCMD), with the main office of the Sanitary Engineer coordinating the day to day operations.

The WWTD is responsible for the maintenance and operations of all wastewater treatment plants and the operations of the sludge management program. The WWTD operates three major treatment plants located in Bath, Shawnee and American Townships and three smaller package treatment plants located in Bath and Richland Townships.

The WWCMD is responsible for the maintenance and operation of approximately 170 miles of sewer lines, 54 high pressure sewage lift stations and 150 low pressure lift stations located within American, Auglaize, Bath, Jackson, Monroe, Perry, Richland and Shawnee Townships.

Contact Info:
Main Office: (419) 996-4670
Fax: (419) 229-3297
After-hours Emergency: (888) 229-9645
Sewer Billing: (419) 996-4683
Accounts Payable: (419) 996-4680
Sewer Maintenance: (419) 996-4670
American/Bath WWTP: (419) 225-8048
American #2 WWTP: (419) 996-4696
Shawnee #2 WWTP: (419) 999-3941
GovDeals Inquiries: (419) 996-4678

Meet the Department

Shawnee 2 – Wastewater Treatment Plant

Mike Santaguida, Hired: May 1995. Current Position: Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, Shawnee II Wastewater Treatment Plant. My main responsibilities include process control testing, sample collection, and generating EPA reports. I also oversee daily operation, create the maintenance schedule, and assist in the maintenance on equipment. Licenses and Certifications: Bachelor of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management, Ohio EPA Class III Wastewater License, OTCO Advanced Wastewater Certificate, Ohio EPA Wastewater Class II Collection License, and a Class A CDL. Professional Organizations: Ohio Water Environment Association.
Wes HitesWes Hites, Hired: Nov. 2003. Current Position: Chief Plant Operator. My responsibilities include overseeing and performing daily operations and maintenance for Shawnee II WWTP. I also perform process control testing and prepare reports required by the Ohio EPA. Licenses and Certificates: Ohio EPA Class III Wastewater Works, Ohio EPA Class III Water Supply, OTCO Basic and Advanced Wastewater Certification, OTCO Basic Water Supply Certification, Cleveland Advanced Water Class. Ohio Licensed Paramedic and a Class A CDL.
Scott Stemen, Hired: Apr. 1995. Current Position: Wastewater Collection Operator II. My main responsibility is to perform preventative and routine maintenance on the collection systems. Licenses and Certifications: OTCO Wastewater Collection Systems Certificate, Class A CDL.